Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology

Before the introduction to the Delta Faucet Touch2O Faucet, I wuld have never put too much thought into different faucets. I guess I used to think they were all created equal – you know, water comes out. It was after reviewing the touch kitchen faucet, that I realized this was not the case. Ease, convenient, stylish and just one attention-grabbing home addition!

Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology

When I was asked to review the Delta Addison Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O.xt™ Technology, I was thrilled. In fact, before it called our bathroom home, I knew this would be a game changer in my house. Right on all accounts!

According to hubby, installation was a breeze. Actually it went more like this: he went into the main bathroom, shut the door and my job was to keep the curious kids out. A half hour later he emerged and claimed it, ‘done!’. Myself and the kids ran in like a stampede on Christmas morning. It was quite funny!

With the Touch2O.xt™ Technology, you need only touch any part of the faucet or be within 4″, to turn the water on or off. With kids, I love this for many reasons. One being that their dirty hands aren’t all over the tap. Being their bathroom, but also the main bathroom, I had constantly wiped and shined the faucet to keep it clean. By touching any part of the faucet instead of what seemed like all, it stays cleaner. Now, I don’t have to constantly pick toothpaste out of spaces.

Before, to turn off the faucet, dripping wet hands got pretty much the whole counter soaked, and usually the mirror. Yep, you can also guess that this leaves less mess as well.

The difference between the Touch20 and .xt models: both are touch-activated, yet the .xt technology bumps it up a notch with an added feature:

Or use the Hands-Free Technology option. Your entire Touch2O.xt™ Technology faucet acts as a sensor so the water starts flowing instantly and effortlessly. It senses your presence within 4” and automatically shuts off within seconds once you remove your hands. It not only helps conserve water, it’s perfect for repetitive tasks like washing your hands.

So, if the ‘cleanliness and convenience aspect’ alone doesn’t win you over, I’ll dive into my favorite aspect of the Delta Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O.xt™ Technology = SAFETY!

No matter what type of faucet, I have a HUGE fear of kids and hot water. I’m all about independence and letting the twin toddlers wash their own hands – but there’s a tremendous chance that they’ll reach for the ‘hot’ and scald themselves. Especially when there’s 2 of them in there, fighting for ‘who goes first’. Many times I have interrupted a battle, hands flailing and each one trying to claim the faucet as their own. It’s just ‘a thing’ with me, but it’s just one safety aspect that always had me on edge. So much so, that I taught them to only use the cold tap. Not a perfect solution, since it’s darn cold and chaps the skin after a while, but a temporary fix nonetheless.

Thanks to this new Delta faucet, the water is set for a comfortable temperature for all. With no need to mess with the handle, this lessens the chance of scalding. Another safety feature is that the Touch2O.xt™ Technology incorporates an automatic water flow shut-off after one minute if the water is left running. ‘Cause kids never do that, right?! Ha! The addition of this faucet to our bathroom really is peace of mind for me, and more comfort for the kids. Yet, and we can’t forget to mention that it just looks so sassy and modern, right?!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I can find mine at my Home Depot. And I really like the Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

  2. Nice to know I can shop Delta at my local Canadian Tire, at Meadowvale Towncentre in Mississauga!

  3. I learned – a toggle on a Multi-Flow™ wand increases the stream from the standard 1.5GPM to a higher flow to more quickly fill the sink as well as pots, vases, or other large containers

  4. Delta will replace, FREE OF CHARGE, during the warranty period, any part or finish that proves defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use & service
    very cool!
    tuesdayef at aol dot com

  5. My cats – who insist on drinking from the bathroom faucets – could learn how to operate these!

  6. Would love love love this in my bathroom as I have 2 very active busy dirty boys ! What a great idea

  7. As a renter, I would install this in place of what I have now, then re-install the old one to take this one with me when I leave.

  8. Wonderful invention, thanks Delta. This would be perfect in my kitchen as my hands are often full of dough or that gooey sticky mess that breading meats makes on hands.

  9. They’re available at Home Depot. I didn’t know they had so many different finishes available’

  10. really enjoyed the article, very informative! I need new faucets in my 2 bathrooms, going to check Delta out at the Home depot

  11. There are about 5 places all very nearby i can get these products at including rona and home depot

  12. Oh, how I lust after this faucet. It isn’t unusual for the little ones in our household to “forget” to turn the water OFF! This would be such a wonderful water-saving device. No more water being wasted…it would shut off automatically!

  13. I would love to try the fab looking Delta Faucet 56613-SS Three-Function Wall-Mount Hand Shower Head!

  14. I learned that you can buy them at Canadian Tire or Home depot, change the temperature and something I would just love to have in our home!

  15. Gosh, I love the ease of customizing our selections on their site. The categories are full of options like colours, style, finish, etc… very cool

  16. I like the dryden monitor 14 series shower head, Model #: T14251.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!! 🙂

  17. I can buy at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Rona and Wal Mart. I like the hands free feature on the taps!

  18. I can purchase Delta Products at Home Depot #7055 which is about 3 minutes from me

  19. I learned that I can buy these at Home Hardware in Botwood,NL,,just up the road from me,,I did not know that before.

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  20. Wow, this would definately make cleaning the bathroom easier!! Seems like I am constantly wiping the faucets (and the sink, and the counter…) as the kids, are, well, kids.

  21. I really like most of their products but the In2ition Two-in-One Shower has always been on my must have list.

  22. I learned that Touch2O® Technology incorporates an automatic water flow shut-off after four minutes if the water is left running with no activity.

  23. I love that you can touch anywhere on the spout or handle to activate the Touch 2O Technology….also the design is sleek and modern..

  24. Delta Lavatory Faucet is proven to be water-efficient. Anyway to help alleviate financial pressure in 2012, here’s one solution.

  25. I love that i can buy them at canadian tire

  26. Delta faucets have an AMAZING warranty (we have a few Delta faucets) and FANTASTIC customer service!

  27. I can buy it at Home Depot or Canadian Tire. I would love a Touch faucet. Thanks.

  28. id love to have the VeroMonitor® 14 Series Shower Trim!!! omg it would be like being under a waterfall! but they are just so expensive!:( makes me sad.

  29. I can buy it from Haney Home Hardware, Rona or Canadian Tire. All close to where I live

  30. This would be brilliant for my 2.5yo daughter who is so independant and wants to wash her own hands and control the tap and water flow herself. No scalded fingers and water control.

  31. I did not know they had complementary lighting options created specifically for three of our most popular collections.

  32. I really like the Rhythm shower head. Our shower head just stopped working, so I will definitely be on the lookout for that.

  33. I already have an automatic soap dispenser and I love it… now that I saw this faucet I want it soooo bad lol

  34. We need to update our bathroom sinks and faucets, so this will be on the top of my list when we get to that point.

  35. wow, i went tot he showering component page and there is so many different choices , smart features etc, i have seen them displayed at home depot – they are sharp looking !

  36. I learned that you can buy these amazing Delta touch faucets from Canadian Tire!

  37. I learned these are availabe at Home Depot and Canadian Tire. Love finding out product are available where I live

  38. Ok, no idea that these even existed for the home! This is absolutely brilliant for a home with small kids! Also love the look, that it comes in a coupe of different finishes AND that it has a 5 year warranty! Awesome!

  39. What I learned and actually love is that they offer ‘how to’ video for installation of any of their faucets. My husband is pretty handy but I actually watched a few of the videos and think that even ~I~ could do it myself! Great idea and so helpful for their customers!

  40. Love the on/off touch!!! Will save a lot of wasted water with a toddler using the tap 🙂 and home depot is always my favourite place to purchase because you can compare multiple items, love it!

  41. This is available at Rona. I love everything about this, in particular the Hands Free Technology.

  42. I learned the hands free feature automatically shuts off within seconds once you remove your hands.

  43. I learned more about the Touch2O.xt™ Technology. I love it for the kitchen. It’s much more sanitary and makes clean-up much easier.

  44. I learned that the water automatically shuts off within seconds once you remove your hands.

  45. My closest locations to buy are our local Home Depot and Canadian Tire. We’ve got two bathroom faucets that leak unless you position them just so… so the products that caught my eye are the Lahara and Talbott lavatory faucets!

  46. Delta Addison® Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O.xtTM Technology was tapped as a nominee for the 2012 Edison Best New Product Award.

  47. This technology is fantastic! I’d LOVE to have one in our home for a LOT of reasons…thanks SO much for the chance to win one!

  48. I like the In2ition 2-in-1 shower head – makes sense especially with babies and washing hair!

  49. Oh, my goodness! I can find it at my local Home Hardware store – just a short walk from home!

  50. I didn’t know that Delta made so many different shower accessories and a wide range of colours. I also didn’t know about the Diamond seal technology that is used in all the valves to keep the faucets working like new for a much longer period of time.

  51. I love the fact that you can set the temperature!!! we even have a home depot and canadian tire in my town

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