Déjà Vu?

Yesterday, my Feedburner sent out an email subscription from weeks ago – causing a little bit of Déjà Vu. I guess Google had a little bit of a New Year hiccup {too much champagne, maybe?}, and blasted out a old email to my subscribers. I didn’t touch any of the settings, I swear!! {you know I tend to break things, but not this time}. Ha!

I got many emails wondering what was going on – attention you pay, young padawan. *giggle* From the ‘am I seeing this correctly?’ to simply ‘what the….{bleep}’ – you guys are hilarious!



  1. Ha, Nolie!
    Yes, my hobby is to drink and toy with my Feedburner settings – you got me!!! Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

  2. Psst… Install the plugin reply-me then customize it’s settings as out of the gate it is ugly as sin. Once it is set up and looks pretty activate it so that people get e-mails when you reply to them on your blog. I had no idea you replied. I was just coming to check for the fun of it.

    Nice hobby… mine is to complain I am bored lol

  3. did you just update your Wordpress? I noticed a few people sent out old emails this week and was wondering if it might be that?

  4. Hm…That’s quite interesting and a big bizarre…
    I’ve actually seen that happen before though-Hopefully it was just a one time thing!

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