A Day in the Life with Barbie #BarbieProject

On a day last weekend I shared a series of photos on my Instagram Page, chronicling our usual chaotic life. I’d love to say that a typical Saturday for us is laying around in PJs and watching cartoons, yet I don’t even remember the last weekend when we didn’t have something on the schedule.

The photos were A Day in the Life with Barbie, capturing events and play throughout the day, tagged with #BarbieProject.

Our Saturday started with a neighbour friend coming over to play with the twins, which was a perfect since I was still getting ready myself and they kept themselves occupied with Barbies.


At lunchtime, my 3 girls and their friend sat down to an egg and cheese sandwich made by my oldest. While I was busy in the kitchen, I looked over to see that Barbie came for lunch too, stuffed inside a purse and sitting next to Katelyn.

I do have a ‘no toys at the table’ rule, yet instead said, “Hey! No cell phones at the table!“. The girls looked over at the Barbie phone and it was a mess of giggles that lasted for minutes. I got a glimpse of what life will be like in a few years, when that cell phone is real and the girls are teens. I let the Barbie phone stay where it was, I’ll save the battle for the real-deal some day.


After lunch, Katelyn had a birthday party to go to. The twins are in separate classes this year, and for the first time ever, only one of them got an invite. Since the conversations and feelings leading up to party day are plenty, I’ll just say that when the time arrived, they were both ‘fine with it’. {aka, long story}.


We dropped of Katie and went to Isabelle’s hair appointment. While waiting, Sophia got bored and moody without her twin sidekick, and didn’t play with Barbie. Instead, she sat Barbie next to her and stared at the people having their hair done.


Until I saved the day, that is, with a comb! Then, she perked up and played hairdresser with Barbie, it’s play that pretty much saved the day.

hair barbie

We got a few groceries and a movie for the evening and then dropped them off at home, going out again a short time later to get Katelyn from the party. They say absence make the heart grow fonder, and on this day – that was totally true. For the rest of the night the girls played wonderfully without incident {video}.


While it seems like an ordinary thing to chronicle A Day in the Life of Barbie, watching and taking notice of play and events throughout the day, it did make me realize a few things like how Barbie is a great friend to have when your always-partner-in-crime isn’t around. 

Yet, the biggest thing that stands out to me in these photos and watching them closely on this day, is that my kids love clothes! This includes Barbie clothes as well as their own. They just cannot get enough of fashion and dress-up. My girls do have remarkable imaginations, and the clothing is a big part of it all. 

In the past I haven’t been too nice on all the clothes switching that happens many times a day, “Do you think I need more laundry to do? Stop it!“, is something I’ve said more than once.

Now, I’m thinking – is it really that big of a deal?

Fashion, dress-up and changing clothes is a massive part of their play, their fun and a big spark in their imaginations. While it’s good that my kids are well-taught to put worn clothing in the hamper and not all over the floor – I can most certainly teach them to hang items back up, that they only wear for a short time.

It’ll take some work in reminding, but I think it’s needed. No, they need it – so I have to bend a little on this. 

This Day in the Life with Barbie – did it teach me something about myself or my kids? The answer is both, and that fact is so eye-opening and unexpected. I didn’t expect so much to stand out thanks to a simple series of photos.

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  1. I got in major trouble when I was a kid for switching my clothes. It made more laundry for my mom and we’d have to be dirty or something in order to get the ok to change.

  2. My youngest can go through 3 outfits a day. I lose it when I find myself washing doll clothes.

  3. As a mom of 3 boys I thought I had escaped the Barbie play. I was wrong, while I never discouraged my boys from playing with any toy they wanted my oldest fell in love with Barbie for her CAR. At his 4th birthday party he got his own Ken doll, a Barbie corvette for Ken to drive along with a few other vehicles. It just made it easier for him to play with his female cousins when they came over as he had toys they would like as well..

  4. I can remember sitting for hours playing Barbie when I was a little girl. Dreaming of the day Barbie would finally marry Ken, the wedding dresses she chose, the clothes for later…it was all so special. Thanks for this reminder. I love your post.

  5. What a cool way to chronicle a day with your girls. I love their names, btw. Very sweet memories for the days when the cell phone is at the table!

  6. I think it’s great that Barbie is encouraging us to look at our children’s imagination and play time with a new perspective. Barbie is so timeless, it’s great to see her adventures haven’t changed much through the years!

  7. Was wondering how Sophia would do when Katie was at the party! Barbie saves the day; yay

  8. It’s hard to remember that the small things are great for our kids when we’re the ones cleaning it up. It’s a constant struggle for me to remember that they’re mess is all a part of them growing, learning, and blossoming.

  9. My girls will always switch their outfits when they are playing dress up. Although it’s a hassle to wash, they love pretending to be all these different people, and I love watching them use their imagination with just clothes!

  10. When I read a post like this, I wish I had a girl to complete the set. I need someone to play Barbies with! =D

  11. Looks like a gret afternoon with Barbie. They seem to have a lot of accesories for Barbies now a days.

  12. Oh my goodness! I’ll be 50 yo next year and I had a Barbie Townhouse when I was younger too! It doesn’t seem that long ago! I can still remember townhouse all set up in front of the tree on Christmas morning! My daughter loved Barbie too. She had every Barbie ever made, I think…lol…

  13. I used to play with my Barbie for hours. My parents made me a house for my dolls and I still remember how excited I was as the time. One of my favourite gifts.

  14. Awe, what cuties! They bring back happy memories of me playing with Barbies when I was little.

  15. I like the huge barbie house. My daughter loved to play with Barbie dolls when she was younger. She loved the fashion side. Dressing them up in different combinations of outfits.

  16. My daughter is just now getting into Barbie. For Christmas I plan on getting her some along with accessories.

  17. My kids are young adults and they still go through a few outfits a day. That’s why I quit doing their laundry. I figure it’s time that they learn how to do it themselves and it saves me time.

  18. I bet they all had a great time – it sure looks like they did. I have all boys so we never got to do anything like this.

  19. I agree that this is fun, I love how you followed your girls around and as a parent we look into our children’s lives/playtime with a new perspective!

  20. I somehow missed out on the Barbie craze when I was a little girl. But I see my girls pretending and playing with them now and wonder how much I missed out on….

  21. My girls love, love, love Barbie… They actually have about ten of them on their holiday wish list

  22. I was a huge fan of Barbie when I was younger. I’ve been following your posts on Instagram. Love like they had a lot of fun! Brought back a ton of good memories for me. 🙂

  23. My daughter loved playing with anything Barbie related when she was little! I love this post!

  24. I remember my girls played a lot with Barbie and all the bits and pieces that went with her. Disaster struck when the cat ate one of the shoes & ended up as an emergency on the OP table!
    I’m a twin myself, we didn’t swap clothes but I didn’t like us being dressed the same, which is what happened most of the time. I think I’d let them help fold laundry – or pack theirs away that might help reduce the amount of laundry they produce.

  25. It’s so sweet that she was satisfied and content once she was beautifying her Barbie doll. Love that the girls played so nicely later that day.

  26. Nice glimpse into a all girl household. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m used to hotwheels, xbox and hockey equipment.
    -Mom of 3 boys.

  27. My girls love all their many Barbies. I don’t see why people think she is a bad role model. For me, she is empowering.

  28. My daughters are the same way. They’re a bit younger 5 and 3, but they play “family” with their barbies, and the dress them up and take them everywhere.
    The other day I heard Barbie running around the living room table and saying, “I need to get some willpower.” I think she’s been overhearing too many Jillian Michael’s workout videos.

  29. Growing up my sister and I always had the same Barbie scenario where her friend Kimmy would steal Ken from her. I don’t know why our fascination was more so about Ken then it was with the dress up aspect! It’s sweet to see this side of play though with your girls as they explore the fashionable side of Barbie and the world of dress up.

  30. A few years ago, I knitted a good supply of Barbie clothes for my nephew’s two daughters. I started doing this some years ago when I realized(1) how expensive the store bought one are and how difficult it is to dress the dolls with these clothes sometimes and (2) I realized that knit clothes are much cheaper to make and it is much easier to dress the dolls with them.
    The two sisters were overjoyed with their clothes and showed them to anyone who would look at them and that was payment enough for me. I am still knitting Barbie Clothes and have a model Barbie I use to make sure the clothes are easy to put on and take off . There are lots of beautiful knit patterns for Barbie free on the internet.

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