If there’s one thing I know – it’s bibs! With Isabelle, I had all kinds of styles and sizes of bibs. Sadly, even the ones I hated then, have been passed down to the twins. I got brave one day and threw out all the bibs I had been cursing since day 1, over 4 years ago. (I’m a bit of a ‘saver’) We all know a problematic bib when we see one. Too small to actually catch any food on there, it’s tossed. Strings at the back to tie the bib on, tossed. (This one is a personal annoyance. There’s nothing worse than trying to lean a poor babys head forward while you get your clumsy hands back there to tie or snap it somehow) Those, I tossed with confidence!

So, what’s gave me the courage to do away with the bib-nasties? Ever hear of DaBib? Well, it’s the store featuring DaHugs and DaGiggles! That never gets old to me, so much fun to say!
DaHugs comes in micro fiber terry front with a complimentary waterproof backing and comes in either a solid color or print. The DaGiggles differ in that both sides have the waterproof backing.
To me, DaBib is a genuine keeper in so many ways. The design: First is the waterproof backing. It protects the shirt from getting wet if something is spilled all over the bib. This is such a laundry saver! The scrunch neck allows the bib to come close to the neck preventing spills down the chin and beyond. I LOVE the Velcro on the side! This solves 2 of my peeves – no wresting behind the head and wasting time trying to tie and fasten. I like the size of the bib as well. Not only is the area of it big enough to last until the girls are a lot older, but the long Velcro strip allows for growth as well. The crumb catcher is going to be such a time and sanity saver for me when the girls are older! A lot less time cleaning the chair and floor. So that’s design, now how about the look? Well, see for yourself as Miss Sophia shows off DaHugs! DaBib offers solid and printed designs, and they are as cute as they are functional!

I am honest when I say, I love DaBib – it’s just astounding how much of a difference one great bib can make!!! (and make me brave enough to toss out the others) I could really use DaDozen of these!




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