There has been something that has always bugged me, and I noticed when I started having babies. There is way too much pastel colors!! (And I have said this a few times before now). Black clothing is a staple in my wardrobe, and I know I am not alone. So, why is it so hard to find black clothing for babies?

DaBaby is a hip Canadian store, coming from none other than Edmonton, AB (Woo-Hoo!) This is a Husband and Wife team, their idea for the clothing line came 15 years ago. Yet they didn’t go into business until 4 years ago (when their own DaBaby came). They were probably were just as annoyed with the pastels as I, kudos to them for acting on it! DaBaby provides hip fashions which go against the usual colors that we have been bombarded with. Black is the staple with DaBaby, and I love it! Their designs are screen printed by hand to ensure each one is perfect. They carry a complete line of clothing for infants and toddlers, and the sizes range from 3-6 months to a toddler 6. And that is generally the age where black clothing becomes a lot more readily available. So, who made that silly rule? Well, thanks goes out to DaBaby for filling that fashion gap!

I received the Rockstar Snapper, which is proudly made in Canada. What’s a Snapper you say? Well, many Countries have their own name for onesies (onesie is a trademarked name), so DaBaby calls them Snappers. See, you are learning all sorts of new things here! Not only is this snapper a perfect fit for the girls, they are so soft too. The design on the front is of excellent quality, and the white is so vibrant on the black. I have washed it quite a few times now. There is no cracking to the design, and looks as great as they were brand new. This snapper is best paired with a sassy pair of jeans or even *ahem* pastel pants. Baby clothes, but with an edge. DaBaby gives a new meaning to Rockabye Baby!

I am so very impressed with the products and service at DaBaby, I would love to have more of their items. And that’s not that hard for me to do, actually. There’s shopping on the net, which I have and will do in the future. But, there are also many DaBaby retailers across Canada, and they may be closer to home than you’d think.
If I could add one item to the DaBaby line, it would have to be Black Socks. Now there’s something that’s tremendously hard to find. I would scoop those up by the dozen!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 




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