Little Customers In Training


A person standing in front of a store

{taken with iPhone}

They are my customers in training. Isn’t it really cute to see 3 kids cruising the aisles {in ittty-bitty shopping carts} helping Mom on a shopping trip? Let’s take a closer look at this, shall we?

  • many have sore ankles from hit and runs.
  • the constant annoying echo heard throughout the store, “Be Careful”, “Stay with me”, “Don’t touch that”, Put that back”, “Over here”, “Watch where you’re going”, “Follow me, please”. {admitting to being that annoying echo}
  • Whose kids are trying to take that specific box out from the bottom of a stack of a million boxes? Yep – that’d be mine!
  • all the sorting to be done when the checkout is finally reached. Odd, most of the items weren’t put into the carts by me…

… OK, I take that back, this isn’t cute at all.

More stores really need bigger carts, especially double-seater ones. Oh, wait, that’s last years’ problem.. This year it’s the twins not wanting to stay IN the cart. And stroller seatbelts? Pfft, they had that mastered long ago. Ahhh, toddlerhood x 2, gotta love it.

I dream of the day I will be able to grocery shop alone.
That day will come, right?




  1. My son used the little carts the other day. now whenever we go to ANY store he asks for a little cart. When he finds out they do not have a little cart he tells me, let go to the store with the little carts instead. Ughhhh.

  2. Yes, I promise that day really will come and faster then you think. But although its annoying, one day you’ll look back at these photos and laugh at the memories of these trips to the grocery store 🙂

  3. Mica was a runner. When Isaak was a baby, Mica was 2 1/2. He ran from me while Isaak was in the cart. I grabbed him in the football hold, and continued to push the cart. He screamed out, “Mommy don’t spank me!” I had only spanked him once in his life; for running in the street. He got it from a little critter book. Everyone stared at me.

    Mica is much better about staying with me. Isaak is just starting to be the runner! He doesn’t want to be in the cart. He thinks it’s funny to run. Then Mica and him chase each other around the clothing racks, laughing. Oh we’ve had talks about stranger danger!

    This weekend Isaak was down one side of the isle, Mica down the other and I was in the middle. Isaak looked up, and didn’t see me; instead he saw a stranger. He had a panic look on his face. He wants to run, but wants me to be at his beck and call. Kids!

  4. I’m tempted to come visit just so you can do just that…grocery shop alone! Is there a friend you can trade grocery trips and kids with???

    It is cute….for the 5 minute photo op 😉 I don’t have twins and I feel your pain – it’s frustrating when they won’t stay in the cart…why can’t they realize how quickly the trip would go if they would just sit put!!! lol

  5. There is always hope. LOL I leave mine at home and go in the evening unless I am trying to catch a flyer deal then I’ll brave it with my 2 youngest. I dread summer and having to do it on occasion with all 5. You should see the looks of horror that gets me. LOL

  6. So far little carts are fun, but I’m just shopping with one! Once the baby is bigger I’m sure it will be something I want to avoid!

  7. Aw, how cute! I’m sure once they flash those smiles to the people they collided with, all is forgotten xD

    I remember those tiny shopping carts from my youth as well-They totally made my day when I’d help my mom!

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