Cult Of Individuality; Lets make the Men a little more stylish!

Cult of Individuality is a brand which was founded by a designer named Ron, a self proclaimed ‘surfer dude’. When he was 17 and in high school, he developed his own surf-inspired T-Shirt line. Later, a carrer in mechandising and sales for multi-million dollar companies. He never lost touch of his design ideas, and enentually went back to producing his own creations. This time, a denim line called Cult of Individuality.

“The entire concept of the brand is to give the end consumer a product that looks like it was an old pair of favorite jeans that the found in their closet from many years ago. Each pair has its own particular characteristics that create the vintage, worn distressed look. No two pairs are the same. The name was derived from the concept that jeans in and of themselves have become a cult phenomenon and they are an individual’s expression of who they are. Just the way a person wears his or her jeans or how they style them speaks very loudly as to the type of person he or she is.”
My husband received a pair of jeans from Cult of Individuality, the boot cut ‘Trysten’ (ARV: $135). I am most impressed by the details that Ron has adapted into the line. The jeans are stone washed and all of the abrasions, rips, tears etc are all done by hand. The jean patch logo is also done by hand (Ron’s love of surfing has transpired into the logo, the sun rising and setting over the water). I like how the jeans are purposely weathered – to give that comfortable, lived in feel and look.

My Husbands take on the Cult of Individuality denim-wear:
“I really like that they come in button-fly, I haven’t had button-fly since high school! They are a nice cut, and I like the distressing in certain areas – it makes it look as relaxed as they feel. Plus, they never have a stiff-denim feel, they are always comfortable”.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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