Christmas and baking go hand in hand. Part of the festivities is making and eating delicious treats and snacks for guests, your family and for yourself. Cuisipro is a brand that makes all the tools you need in order to arm yourself in the kitchen. Esthetically pleasing in design and dependable quality is key. They know that cooking can be hard job, and someone has to do it. So why not make it a pleasant experience?

Every year I do some baking before Christmas, To have at home and to share with others. Cuisipro sent me some items to make my holiday baking a little better this year. I got the Holiday Tree Cookie Cutter Set and the Fluted Cookie Cutter Set. They both come with 5 different sizes of that shape. What’s most impressive about these cutters is that they all fit inside each other and snap together for easy and compact storage. I really like that now all my cutters are in one place for when I need them, and not floating around all over the place. Saves space and some searching. When baking, you’ll appreciate the non-stick qualities which makes cutting your shapes a speedier process. Plus there is a soft grip that makes it more comfortable to use. Anyone that has cut a lot of cookies and got sore fingertips will understand the usefulness of that feature. The soft handle and the hard plastic with no sharp edges make it kid-friendly for use as well. Also important to note, is that you can use these cutters with so much more than just cookies. Add some festive shapes to cakes, brownies, biscuits and more. And, there are many more shapes available for the Cookie Cutter Sets than just the trees and fluted ones.

To decorate the delicious treats that I make with my cutters, I also got the Decorating Pen by Cuisipro. This item is such a luxury to use when compared to a piping bag! You simply fill the pen {syringe-style} with your chosen sauces which can include chocolate, honey, jam or icing. And, you can remove the tip to get a thicker line as well. Since I always decorate my desserts, I find this pen both easy to fill and use. It is just like writing with a pen {squeeze the sides a little to decorate}, giving you a steadier hand and more precise movements. And, it’s easy for my daughter to use as well {she was never able coordinate the dexterity involved with a piping bag}. So it’s wonderful to have something that she can use to decorate and write, as she loves to design cookies for others. This pen is very versatile as you can use it on pretty much anything. I always make Isabelle pancakes for her birthday every year. I already know I will be writing her a big ‘Happy Birthday’ in chocolate on her
pancakes next year.

These 2 items are my absolute favorites in my kitchen right now. Cuisipro offers so many products that are great for all kitchen. Treat yourself to some easier baking and cooking this year, or give as a gift {the Cookie Cutters and Decorating Pen would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!} Contact 1-866-306-3672 to find a
retailer near you.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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