Triple Dipper Slow Cooker


If there’s one brand I use a lot of in my kitchen during the Winter months, it’s Crock-Pot. My slow-cooker is on speed-dial, for the comforting and convenient meals it makes for my family. And yes, I give all the credit to the appliance for giving me the option of shoving food into it in the morning and by dinnertime I have a full meal ready and waiting. All hail the slow cooker!

Yet Crock-Pot makes appliances other than the typical one-pot slow cookers! If you haven’t visited the site before, I think you’ll be amazed at the diversity they have, even customizable pots!

Yet, one such product that I know I’ll love this holiday season is the Triple Dipper Slow Cooker, and it’s going to be my Christmas Eve helper this year!

You see, it’s our family tradition to have appetizers on Christmas Eve, and I have a few favorite hot dips that I cannot wait to make. Yet, that comes with a cooking dilemma since all of them are best served warm to hot. It never fails, I get everything to the table and as people are starting to dig in, they all loose their temperatures. Always.

The Triple Dipper Slow Cooker, has three 1-quart round stoneware crocks that are removable for usage, yet also provide three multi-purpose serving containers. Each have individual temperature controls and includes a travel lid to hold the lids in place for taking to parties!

As well, it has three multi-purpose serving containers aside the stoneware crocks to hold party essentials, such as toothpicks, silverware, and/or crackers. I love the idea of having the dip stay warm and have the crackers that go with them, right there. Then in the Summer months, it’ll be nice to have this outside on the deck. Or at birthday parties. The list of uses go on and on …

So, cheers to previous years, it’s been a little maddening at times. No more running back and forth to the stove to maintain heat, now everyone can sit back and enjoy the holidays {even moi}. Now that chaos is one tradition I’m happy to drop this year!

The Crockpot Triple Dipper Slow Cooker has a MSRP of $79.99 and is available at The Bay/Home Outfitters in a stainless-steel finish.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




    1. Oh, good idea Kat!
      New Year is coming up – think of all the goodies you could keep warm in this!

  1. I love it!! Just like Kat, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I wonder if it’ll keep chocolate and caramel warm enough for dipping. Was thinking of doing an apple caramel/chocolate dipping station for the kids.

  2. I so want one of these! How neat is that! Love that there are individual temp. controls.

  3. I have never saw one of these before, I can picture the perfect person to give this to as a gift! (or to recieve as a gift- ie. me, lol)

  4. what an absolutely great idea!! i’ve always avoided warm dips but with this i would start!

  5. Ive had my eyes on this! I really like it too! It would really come in handy on football Saturdays here when everyone watches football & sits around eating chips & dip! Our dip could actually stay warms!

  6. That looks so cool!! I wish we did more entertaining here. What sort of hot dip recipes do you make?

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