Creating Opportunity Through the Champions Fund for Young Women

In 2016, Kaila Gavel of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, entered herself into the Champions Fund for young women, an annual initiative by Canada’s dairy farmers which gives young female athletes a $5,000 grant to further their athletic aspirations.

In her entry, Kaila was asked this first question to which she answered with her story:


My name is Kaila. I play college volleyball and was unable to play last year due to being diagnosed with cancer. This year I am able to play again, but treatment was definitely pricey, I would use this scholarship to help pay for school, and team funds.

While there were so many incredible and deserving story entries into the Champions Fund last year, this is one of many which really stood out for me – and for reasons which I’m sure you’re feeling right now as well.

For Kaila, there was an overwhelming life-threatening obstacle which prevented her from continuing with her athletics. Yet she overcame what knocked her temporarily out of the game. Kaila had the interest, and obviously the determination and strength – so it’s disheartening that finances prevented her from re-focusing on her passions and goals.

A recent survey found that only 59% of girls aged 3-17 {and 16 per cent of adult women} in Canada participate in sport. Reasons for this are so personal and varied yet the cost seems to be a great factor for so many.

We all know how great sports and activities are for the entire well-being. For Kaila, sports was a release: “Growing up, I had a mom with mental illness and parents who fought constantly. My sister and I used sports as a way to escape from the craziness, and be with “family” that we got to choose – our teams. Sports saved my sister and I growing up, to free our minds and be normal.”

Going further, Kaila states “Being a cancer survivor, it would help show other women survivors of my age (20) that it is possible to get back into sports after something so tragic. It would help show that even if you cannot afford the costs, that there are people out there willing to help so you can play the sport you love.”

Fact is – extra funds given to young women so they can continue their athletic ambitions, could be the opportunity they need to succeed. There is the financial opportunity thanks to the Champions Fund and Fuelling Women Champions.

Applications are being collected to give {30} $5,000 grants for the 2017 Champions Fund. All female athletes, teams and organizations across Canada can apply – so cease the opportunity and apply before noon on September 20th – hurry, there’s not much time left!



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  1. Such a great idea and so helpful to young women. My daughter played hockey until she was 18 and it was one of the most positive things she could have done. It wasn’t about looks or body image but about teamwork, exercise and fun. It’s hard being a teenager and sports is such a good outlet.

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