Crazy About Color {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}

 At least a dozen times a day, this is a view of mine.
The twins love to color, LOVE!


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  1. My kids love to color too … only they have lost their marker privileges for awhile – they decided to draw on the walls, couch and floors instead of their paper πŸ™‚

    1. I heard that Faythe – my friends with boys say they won’t like to color as much either.

  2. They’re sweet Tammi! mine loves to colour too πŸ™‚ I LOVED colouring as a kid – could do it for hours.

  3. My daughter is so NOT into coloring and we have a dozen coloring books. She loves the mazes, the word searches (just figured that one out) and connect the dots. At least I know what to get her for Christmas πŸ™‚ They’re adorable, your girls!

    1. Which reminds me, Santa needs to stock up on coloring books, he needs to make a trip to the dollar store!!

  4. I think it’s so cool that kids click with things like that. Right before Easter, Isaak all the sudden decided he loved Play-Doh.

    Your twins are so cute coloring!

    1. Play-Doh is much loved in this house too – but I have a summer rule for the stuff – outdoors! lol
      I know, I’m terribly mean, right? πŸ™‚

    1. Oh my, crayons was so yesterday – it’s ALL about markers now. But, they never put the lids back on right, there’s not mant left that still work!

    1. Thanks for stopping in Yakini – it’s been forever since we chatted – hope you are well!!

    1. Ha! Shhhh, don’t tell them that they are actually {happily} sharing. We might jinx the moment! πŸ™‚

  5. So cute πŸ˜€ Mine is 2 1/2 and could draw all day, especially when markers or paint are involved.

  6. All three of my girls love to color. They are not usually sitting so close together though. They don’t want their sisters touching their paper. That is such a sweet picture.

  7. I always feel like such a good mom when my kids are busy colouring away (they both love it)…I love the silence without the tv on and love seeing their imaginations take shape! So fun πŸ™‚

  8. M has never been big on colouring. He loves to draw and craft, but colouring pages don’t grab him. I just donated a big pile of unused colouring books to charity.

    1. I’ve heard that about boys, actually. Didn’t think it was a fair generalization but almost every boy I know doesn’t like to color….

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  10. They look so sweet, and so into it! It’s great that they can entertain themselves while you work. My little one also loves to play all day while I work too. I am trying to get her to color more also, but she likes to take the markers on to the couch!

  11. That is a familiar site in my house as well.
    They look very sweet coloring together!

  12. That is too cute. Love her necklace too. My boys still love to color at 10 and 7. It’s one of the things that they do together without fighting! We print the free coloring pages for them.

  13. what sweet memories — little girls coloring! my wordless wednesday post is pictures of my holiday cactus. it’s called caribbean dancer — intense color! it would make a great crayola crayon, don’t you think?

    1. Actually, that’s usually the case. Good thing I caught this unexpected sharing on camera! πŸ™‚

  14. I am following the WW bloghop and followed you via GFC as masugr. hope you can stop by and follow me as well!

    Also thank you for hosting the linky. I joined up

  15. that a lot of cute photo. i not have a nice picture for now . next time i will share my photo too.

  16. Coloring is one of my boys favorite things to do, especially my youngest he loves coloring my walls, good thing they make washable markers πŸ™‚

  17. My kids all loved to color, once my daughter who was suppose to be napping decided to draw a mural on her bedroom wall..I laugh today but I didn’t laugh she drew a house with grass and trees and our family and our dog and the sun all over her wall. She had a very productive hour and she was so quiet which should have been a clue to me..:)

  18. Cute! This reminds me of my son, except lately he takes his coloring book and crayons and colors on the kitchen floor, haha.

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