Countdown to Summer

spring at dusk

For me, the passing of Easter weekend marks the official countdown to summer. The days are longer, and while there’s still chilly days and chances of snow – the sun is out more and slowly but surely, you know summer is around the corner. There’s really only a month and a half of school left and some of our regular activities have already come to an end.

I can feel the promise of summer!

Yet, before that comes, I need to cross off a lot of items from my to-do list.

We had record snowfall this past Winter, so we’ve been discovering all sorts of items in the yard that have been buried deep in snow for 7 months. The grass is still brown and dingy and dead bits of grass is trailed all through my house, yet it’s refreshing to be out there, tidying up for the new season.

It’s so nice to have cushions on the patio set again, and the snow that kept the BBQ hostage all this time, is gone. I’ve been replacing the snowsuits for sunscreen and trying to locate the outdoor toys from storage.


The change of season makes me want to alter our menu of comfort food and hearty meals that we’ve had all winter. I’ve been adding more salads and lighter meals, yet have also been trying new {yet not time-costly} recipes.

I don’t normally meal plan, yet I’ve been trying to plan at least 2-3 days since I’ve already faced the distracted days of getting chores done met with the 5pm wandering of the kitchen wondering what to make for dinner.

My slow cooker is still working overtime – it’s my favourite kitchen tool all year around. Yet, I must give kudos to the BBQ and simple recipes like skillets, for being my saviour right now.

I have containers of cut fruits and veggies on hand for snacks, along with lettuce and toppings washed and ready for an easy salad. I even have hard boiled eggs ready for making a quick lunch, something which my kids adore. Speaking of, I recently make a new recipe for devilled eggs, and it was a hit, so I’ll be sharing that soon.

I’ve also been keeping up on the official national days, for a change in our menu and a break from the usual. For instance, did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month?

For that reason, I recently made a delicious Jalapeño Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich! {get the recipe at the link}.


This recipe is gooey, cheesy and full of flavour. Also, it’s quick and easy to make even when paired with some tomato soup. YUM!

This countdown to summer fuels my mission to get my spring cleaning done and over with, so I can really enjoy the weather that I’ve been longing for. Meal plan is taking some getting used to, but I’m determined to make it work.

So, let me have it. What are your favourite dishes to make this time of year?
Do you have any tips when it comes to meal planning?


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  1. oooo that grilled cheese looks amazing!! oh and i know i gotta get the spring cleaning going but first i gotta get my lazy butt in gear in order to do it lol. when it comes to food STEAK!!!!!! actually hubby is making some tonight 🙂

  2. I can feel the promise of summer too! First, I have to get through my spring cleaning. Your lunch looks amazing!

  3. That grilled cheese looks fabulous, and hurrah for putting away the winter clothes!! Woot!

  4. Mother’s Day marks the start of summer for us. From Easter till Mother’s Day it’s so windy outside we can’t stand to do anything outside! I must say though that I am looking forward to summer, the boys have been cooped up for to long!

    1. The wind can put a damper on things for sure. It’s supposed to rain a bit today, but still be 16 – I’ll take it!

  5. We live in Idaho….so the weather is still pretty much….cold and bitter and wintery. SO I keep the same meals for this time of year. Once the warmer weather approaches we do a lot of light fruit and veggie filled meals; grilled foods and fruit smoothies.

  6. Ohhh, you had me at bacon, but jalapenos too! Yum! I am into salads with berries right now. Topped with goat cheese. Delish!

  7. I enjoy bbq and garden salads this time of year. I make a great pasta salad with tons of veggies and I use a lemon garlic salad dressing on it instead of mayo.

  8. Wow that grilled cheese looks so good!! I love spicy flavors and this is perfect with bacon.

    It is starting to feel like summer already here in Cali. I moved from pouring rain 230 days a year to sunshine!!! But it’s soooooo hot!

  9. yes summertime finally, put away the boots and sweaters, we use our bbq all year long but last weekend we bbq steak and potatoes and it just tasted better, must of been because it was so nice out, now for lots of salads

  10. My go to recipe is Chilli but that season will soon be over and I will need to find a replacement.

  11. That grilled cheese sandwich looks so good and with the spicy flavour , my son would love it! I haven’t started packing too much winter stuff away. It seems like if I put things away it snows again.

  12. I actually got to rake the yard yesterday. Its still wet, but the layers of wet leaves needed to come up. All the stores have their summer clothes and stores like Old Navy have these terrific sales, but who knows when or what we will need since it is two months away still. I need some fabulous recipes, winter meant the oven was on almost daily, and it is al the same old.

  13. My menu doesn’t change much throughout the year. I live in Oregon, where the climate is pretty mild year round. My husband likes to cook on the grill when it’s sunny so that’s usually the only difference.

  14. I’m truly blessed to live here in Victoria where we have green grass all year round and flowers usually start blooming in January! This time of year we cook lighter, fresher meals. Lots of salads and fish!

    Your grilled cheese looks amazing!

  15. The days are definitely dryer here in Victoria, BC. Although we don’t usually have to deal with the snow that you do, the rain can be a bit of a nuisance and today looks like a rain free day.

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