Coping with Summer Allergies

This post is sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®, yet as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


I am the type of person that embraces the summer months, fully and completely. It’s a season that literally makes me stand outside, shut out the chaos of life, and savour my surroundings with all my senses.


It might look funny, to see me randomly walk out onto the deck and simply stand there, eyes closed and taking it all in like I’m in a trance. Yet it’s something that relaxes me to the core.


This is what makes Tammi happy: The heat of the sun, birds chirping, a lawn mower in the distance, kids playing, sprinklers on, and a warm breeze right in the face. There’s truly nothing better.

Yet, let’s be realistic here since there are things that get in the way of truly enjoying everything summer offers. Why yes, I am really admitting there is a downside!

  • I’d rather hear a lawn mower than a snow blower. Yet as much as I love the smell of fresh cut grass {it’s scent #2 on my list of favourite smells, next to the Caribbean}, one whiff and I start to sneeze.
  • I’d trade snow on bare branches for lively blooms on trees any day. Yet the fluffy pollen that falls off and flies through the air – makes my eyes itch terribly and water constantly to the point where I want to poke my own eyes out. 
  • Each summer I try my hand in gardening, planting and caring for gorgeous flowers which surround my house. Yet, once again their pollen makes me sneeze.

Combine all of these with my love of sleeping with windows open, to even get that fresh air while I sleep – and I wake up so stuffy you’d think I had a seasonal cold for months.

It’s not just myself either, my kids also suffer from summer allergies and are often mistaken for having a cold. Yet, at this time of year, they want nothing more than to be outside from waking up until right before bedtime. 


The good news is that there is relief from seasonal allergies and all the not-so-pleasant things the summer throws at you and your senses.

Here’s what you can try this summer:

  • Keep your lawn cut very short so that it does not pollinate.
  • When you do mow the lawn, wear a mask or delegate the task to someone who doesn’t have allergies.
  • Take just one REACTINE® {or REACTINE® FAST MELT Junior for the kids}, and have up to 24 hours of relief from allergy symptoms. That’s a complete day of living summer to the fullest and not worrying about spending that time uncomfortable to down-right miserable.



In fact, before I step out onto that deck for my summer senses intake, I can hop onto the Pollen Forecast Indicator on the REACTINE® website to better gauge if an allergy pill is needed, even before the symptoms start. For local, daily pollen forecasts you can also follow @ReactineCA on Twitter.

Indeed REACTINE® is my summertime saviour – Get your coupon on the REACTINE® website today!

What Summer allergies affect you the most?


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  1. My sneezing actually started up yesterday. I am hoping that it is just allergies and not something worse. Thank for the details on this product!

  2. Ah, yes…those dreaded allergies. My kiddos and I seem to just take turns sneezing around here. I’ve never heard of Reactine before, we’ll have to give it a try. Good to know they have the fast melts for the kiddos.

  3. I have problems a few times a year, and even though it is rare it is annoying! Something in the air will make my eyes start watering, and they won’t stop for hours.

  4. My son’s allergies are worse this year than ever before. I think everything bloomed all at once and created a bad allergy season.

  5. The other half usually suffers with allergies because he is so unwilling to deal with taking anything. He doesn’t like the taste of liquid, and won’t do capsules. Tablets or melts would be a great option for him when brush fire season flares up.

  6. Oh gosh, my allergies are something else in the summer! It’s my favorite season by far, but I suffer so badly from the pollen and grass.. antihistamines are my saving grace 🙂

  7. I am very thankful that I don’t suffer from summer allergies. I see my son who does with his red eyes and sneezing. It’s not fun for anyone to suffer from.

  8. I have just weird seasonal problems that will pop up, plus I encounter new allergies when we travel. This sounds like an amazing allergy medicine!

  9. Oh man, I can totally tell that allergy season is well underway – my husband won’t quit snoring! I am totally going to tell him about this!

  10. It’s been a long time since something new was on the market for allergies – I will have to check this out!

  11. I totally hear you: I would rather hear a lawn mower than a snow blower. Nothing like the summer sun to feel good about it. My husband has severe allergies and he loves Reactine

  12. Hubby suffered terribly with allergies when we lived in the UK but has had no trouble since we came to Canada, I on the other hand have developed allergies since going thro the menopause 🙁

  13. I haven’t had allergies in years, but this spring I seem to be sneezing an awful lot. It’s not too bad yet, but if it gets worse I’ll keep this in mind.

  14. I get seasonal allergies every year that start in May and Reactine is the ONLY thing that works for me. Amazing product!!

  15. My sisters and I all have allergies. The tissue boxes are never full. The sneezing is an every day occurence.
    My twin sister has asthma so she really gets wheezing and choked up ,especially on windy days. The cold also affects her as does laughing. Our late father’s family had asthma on his mother’s side and he had sneezing fits,too. We always try to keep the air-conditioner on most of the time. Hope you can enjoy the summer and spring weather and be outdoors.

  16. for the last week or so, my allergies have been crazy. I have been taking Reactine and it definitely helps.

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