Yep, Still Stuffed


One applicable word to describe the holidays that passed, is ‘stuffed’. Our days were jam-packed with holiday activities and entertaining. Each room of the house seemed to be bursting with extra items {tree, presents, decorations}. Active days meant a lot more laundry, my washer and dryer and laundry piles were always overflowing. The fridge has a workout keeping up to the many items shoved into every nook and cranny. Yet we can’t forget the good food we ate throughout, so even we were stuffed thanks to cooking, eating and cooking.

When I wasn’t making everyday meals for the family, I was doing my holiday baking, some of which is still stuffing the freezer. Did I ever mention just how much I can stuff inside the Frigidaire Gallery Free-Standing Induction Range?

baking entertaining testdrivemoms

Then, on Christmas Eve we hosted our annual appetizer night of entertaining. It was remarkable, yet this was a sure-fire test for our Frigidaire Gallery Free-Standing Induction Range and if it could really handle the chaos of this household. 

For our evening of entertaining, there were many fresh foods, dips and cold-items served, yet also we had 5 hot appetizers planned. Bacon wrapped Scallops, Pizza Dip, Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Hot Wings and a Spinach and Artichoke dip – it all fit into the oven with success and cooked to delicious perfection. 

testdrivemoms stove entertaining 

Fast forward a few weeks: The New Year is here yet the ‘stuffed’ still stays. While the tree and decorations are down, replacing it are the backpacks, lunch kits, homework and papers. 

Somehow the schedule is just as crazy as always {many activities resumed}, and my family of 5 always always has so much laundry to do and food to fill the fridge. Also, I still spend my fair share of time in the kitchen with my ladies, cooking and baking.

Time-crunched days are in full swing so I’m making more bulk recipes like soups and casseroles, freezing meals for future days.

Just like the holidays, my kitchen is a feeling of comfort and a hub of activity this day and always.


I guess some things, despite the time of year, don’t change.

What have you been stuffing into your oven these days? Hit me with your recipes! 


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  1. My mouth is watering all over again. This looks so much like our New Year spread; I have flashbacks of the pain…I ate so much it hurt lol AND this makes me want to do it all over again! These look delicious Tammi!

  2. Oh my gosh I’m trying not to fantasize about appetizers right now….we ate like kings over the holidays and now is time for lighter fare here.

  3. Those tarts! Yum!

    I’ve been using our oven a lot lately too. I made a delicious chicken tortellini casserole recently and it was a hit.

  4. Your butter tarts look so good…they are my favourite. I would love an oven like this…the ability to cook all courses at the same time?? A huge time saver and more time with family and guests. Excellent post, Tammi!!! Thank you 🙂

  5. Wow, that all looks so yummy. We are vegan for the next 30 days, hope we survive. I am ready to get back to regular schedules. The holidays about did me in, especially New Years! Have a good week and thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh yum!! Look at all the fabulous treats you’re able to whip up using that beautiful Frigidaire!! It helps to have a good stove to keep up 😉

  7. Lots of chicken and fish, stirfrys that are a little lighter on the cals. We love our teriyaki chicken stir fry. Simple but flavourful and filling.

  8. I am quite jealous of your oven – I would love to have one like it in our kitchen. It really looks like it can handle a heavy load, and frequently when we cook, that’s exactly what it is. Our oven door doesn’t stay closed and we have to push a chair up against it. Yay! haha, I would really love that oven,,,, *dreams*

  9. We travel to my parents’ house and so it is nice that my oven stays tidy! We enjoyed our usual turkey dinner and some new yummy experiments this Christmas!

  10. I would love an oven like that. I did the usual rotating baking and keeping things warm wrapped in foil for the Holidays since we don’t have enough room to make it all in the oven. And I used crock pots too.

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