How to Get Twins to Sleep Through the Night

How to Get Twins to Sleep Through the Night!
As I came up to the cashier at Wal-mart, I got the usual,
“Are they twins?
I smile, “Yes, they are.”
She peeked into my infant seats, “How old?”
I told her they were 10 weeks old.
She then noticed my oldest daughter standing behind the stroller and
I Knew what comment usually came next…
Ohhh. You have your hands full. You must be tired!!”

….Yet, this time I gave her the hugest smile and said, “No, not at all!”

She looked at me wondering if I was joking, being sarcastic or just plain rude.
Yet, I was serious and proud to say that at 10 WEEKS OLD,
both my twins were sleeping through the night, an 11 hour stretch to be exact!!!

How did that happen???
My Conair Sound Therapy machine!!!!

You see, shortly after I had my twin girls, my husband had to leave for work in the next province, leaving myself with 2 newborns and a, then, 3 year old.
At first it wasn’t too bad – the twins ate every 3 hours around the clock. Typical babies, right?
But then, my daughter started preschool, gymnastics and swim classes all in the same week.
Now add that to little to no sleep, I was in over my head.

So, when my not-so sleeping beauties were 10 weeks old,
I got on the internet and researched infant sleep techniques.
I came across one that interested me,
using a sound therapy machine set to ‘white noise’
(some use ‘heartbeat’ as well).
It came highly recommended
by some multiple mommies I know,
who were taught by Sleep Consultants/RN’s.

Hmmm…I could try that. Better than running that bathroom fan! What did I have to lose? Definately not sleep!!!

So, I purchased my first Sound Therapy machine – made by Conair.

Blue and Design

Yep, the same brand that makes Curling Iron’s and Blow Dryers…I had no idea they sold items beyond haircare!!

I chose the Conair brand of Sound Therapy due to the compact size of the machine, small enough to fit in one hand – which is important to me because of all the stuff I have to fit into their nursery! Having 2 cribs takes up lots of room and everything else I have to fit in there – has to take up as little room as possible! It’s comapct, lightweight and portable!

And at only $19.95….a small price to pay for possible sleep!!!

The Conair Sound Therapy (model #SU12R) has some great features:

~ 10 different nature sounds designed to create a calming environment and mask unwanted noise

~ 3″ Speaker

~ 15/30/45/60 minute timer with automatic shut-off

~ An optional soft blue LED night light

Sleep and TherapyIt worked!
The very first night I tried Sound Therapy, the twins slept until 5:30am. I woke up at 5am, grabbed the alarm clock and shook it – thinking it was broken. Nope. Ran down the hall to see if they were alright. Yep, they were sleeping..well – like babies!!
The second night? 7:30am….I WAS AMAZED!!!

Any new parent prays for the day when they will sleep again, and I found a product to make that day come a lot sooner!

Even if you don’t have a little one that needs soothing to sleep,
experts advise adults to use sound therapy to have a better nights’ sleep.
I know when we moved from our old neighborhood (our house backed onto a main street and there were lots of dogs and kids in the area) to our new neighborhood (not one sound the whole night), I had a hard time sleeping and it took me a long time to adjust the new silence. The Conair Sound Therapy would have been some help at that time!!
Or – if you’ve had a stressful day – curl up in a big comfy chair with the sound of ocean waves calming your mind and body. So relaxing!

As for me, it’s been almost 2 months since the day Conair came into our lives – and all my girls still sleep soundly through the night.
I am well rested and ready to face each day…awake and alert!
My sanity was restored!
I am so glad I got the Conair Sound Therapy machine! I cannot rave about this product enough!! I’m even packing it in the diaper bag when we go on vacation!
Thanks Conair!




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