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Let’s take the product reviewer hat off for a moment and talk about excellent customer service. I recently sent an email to Boon Inc. customer support regarding a replacement product for a Boon product. Not only did I speak to a real-life person that very day, but they also followed up the next day with a note saying my part was being shipped, and my package arrived just a few days later.

This highly impressed me, especially since a recalled part on another product {from another brand} had me fill out a generic form, and 12 weeks later, I’m still waiting for this ‘crucial part’.

I started thinking about shopping online, or having to speak to customer service online, instead of in-store. In the digital age when emails get backlogged, people are overworked and automated responses are plentiful {right annoying Twitter DM’s?}. I’d like applaud those companies that still take the personal appraoch when it comes to dealing with their customers.

If you have had a great experience with an online company when it comes to customer support – let’s hear about it! After all, when it comes to spending our hard-earned buck and being appreciated as a consumer – it’s time to recognize those that go the extra mile to ensure that we online-shoppers have a pleasant experience!

Disclosure: This is NOT a compensated or sponsored post in any way, opinions are my own.


  1. I had a great experiance with this week. My 5 yo daughter came home from school and the handle on her lunch kit had come off, I sent them a email and received a reply within a couple hours. I expected them to ask for pictures or for me to mail the box back to them but nope, all they wanted was my last name. They then sent me a email a short while later saying a new one would be sent out by the end of the week. Excellent service to go with my daughters adroable lunch kit! Thanks Frecklebox!!

  2. I have had a few very positive experiences with I had received a product that had a small broken piece and was just calling to see if they could replace or reduce the price. They said throw the product away and we’ll reimburse you. Wow! Another time, I called them to say I had ordered something by mistake, they paid for the return shipping. Mind you, I think they did that to make up for a little screw up that had happened but it was very nice. I am a big fan of Amazon!

      1. I order from Amazon a lot and have never had to return a product to them, but did to another company shipping through Amazon. It was a hassle to return the product and took a little to long to get the shipping label. Amazon didn’t help expedite either. But it obviously doesn’t stop me from shopping from them. 🙂

  3. I do the majority of my shopping online, it’s so much easier on your arms. Yesterday afternoon I placed an order to Aeropostle. They are having a 30% off Friends & Family sale with the promotional code right on the front page. They also offer free shipping on orders over $100. and your order can be from both stores, Aeropostle & ps Aeropostle (children’s).
    Last evening I received confirmation with a tracking number!!!
    As an added bonus, any returns including returns from the children’s section can be made at any of the Aeropostle store!! This is an A+++++ rating in my book.

  4. I had a Melissa and Doug toy that was broken. I called them and gave them the product number and they offered to replace it. They no longer had that item in stock so they sent something comparable that was worth more than the broken item. I appreciated the personal approach and their willingness to make things right!

    I had *another* company years ago who wanted me to mail the item back to them which would have cost *me* (as they did not offer to reimburse me for shipping) more than buying another item! Not likely! Good customer service should be rewarded!

    1. They’re great! I ordered a M & D toy from and it was a little imperfect. Diapers wanted to send me a replacement but, because it took FOREVER to get my order from them (shipping issue), I didn’t want to go through the hassle of shipping the item back and wait for another. So, I called M & D and they sent me a new one and didn’t even want the other…suggested I donate it. So, we’re giving it to our nephew.

  5. I just had a great experience with Ben Moss Jewelers in Southgate Mall in Edmonton. TERRIBLE customer service with Parkland Mall in Red Deer, found out from Edmonton that the Parkland Mall manager was trying to scam me. She lied and sent me out of there in tears. As soon as I told Ben Moss in Southgate they were not happy at all, told me to report Parkland and took great care of me.

  6. I have been meaning to blog about my experience at Ben Moss, but haven’t found the time. I’m inspired. I’m thinking I’ll do one up now.

  7. For sure Lena!
    I have the nicest drivers. I even see them driving across town and {ahem} they still wave..Ha!

  8. I’ve only had to return an item once. It was a book from Amazon Canada. It came with a tear on the cover. All I had to do was fill out a form online, print a shipping label and mail it to them. They mailed out a replacement instantly! Very impressed! All I had to pay for was an envelope.
    Now if you asked about terrible customer service, I wouldn’t know where to start!!!

  9. This is not about a purchase made online, but it is about a very popular company so I will mention it here.

    My son had a reaction to one of the Pepperidge Farm flavoured Goldfish Crackers so I sent an email informing the company (Campbell’s). The response I received was wonderful. I first received an email asking me to call since I had not left my phone number. When I called, the recorded message was pleasant and kept me amused while I waited to a customer service rep to answer my call. It was weird, normally waiting on hold is annoying but for some reason the calm and soothing recored voice was nice to listen to (weird, I know). The woman I spoke with was very apologetic and took down detailed information from me for quality control reasons. The company was just very pleasant to deal with. They also sent me coupons which more than made up for the cost of the crackers.

  10. Another company I had a great experience was Cheeky Monkey (unique maternity, baby & toddler gear).

    A friend purchased an item for my son about a year after he was born ( We had no use for it right away, but when we did, the blow-up sleeping pad did not hold any air. Although there was a 1 month return policy, the company took my address and mailed me the replacement that week. The service was friendly and the product arrived quickly. I would definitely shop there myself –

  11. I had a great experience DHL! Missing a package always scares me because I already had a bad experience with Purolator. But DHL made me sure that they were able to get hold of me, let me know I missed their package. Left messages in both my mobile and home number. They even called me twice and confirmed with me the buzzer number i provided them and the date I asked them to re deliver. It was just a worry free experience with them! Kudos DHL!

  12. I do a lot of online buying and have to say my favorite companies with great customer service are:

    Healthy Times
    Arms Reach
    BabyMelons a.k.a.

  13. Hi Cathy,
    Alright, is my excuse because I am in Canada{?} – other than Zappos {which I believe could be US only}, I haven’t even heard of those others!!

  14. I had a great experience with I bought some things online and about an hour later received an email with a buy more save more promo code. I was kicking myself for missing out so I emailed and asked if I could still get the discount. They replied and said yes they would apply it to my order when it shipped. I’ve also bought things in the past that didn’t fit and they include a return label so it’s easy (and free) to return things.

  15. Wow, Amy!
    That is great! I haven’t bought anything online there yet, I have a store really close, so I like to browse in person – I need to watch their online sales more closely though.

  16. CSN stores! Out of two products I was sent for review – one had a faulty bolt and the other was damaged in the mail. They sent me replacement bolts and replaced the unit which arrived broken as soon as I let them know (the replacement was broken in the same place with a huge dent on the box from where the mail carriers dropped it, but I didn’t worry about letting them know the second time…)

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