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For many reasons, my next Holiday Gift Guide feature of the Coleman AeroBed is one of my favorites. It takes a practical and well-built product and solves a ‘problem’ in my home. How could you not smile over that? Really, the ‘solver’ in me is giddy right now, very thankful for it’s introduction to my home.

What is it?

The Coleman AeroBed Premier Air Bed with Memory Foam!

You see, to maximize the space in our home, long ago we had to take away our guest room. The room and thus the extra bed wasn’t used much at all, yet when it was needed – it was missed.

The girls are growing and we host more and more sleepovers. Yet especially this time of year, he holidays are the ideal time to have overnight guests and at this time you really need an extra bed in the house. Yet, we still didn’t want to devote an entire room in the house, to an area that would be used so little.

So, when our Coleman AeroBed Premier Air Bed with Memory Foam {in Queen size} arrived at my house, I was delighted. Just in time for the holidays, having that spare accommodation sure lessened the stress.

Yet this particular air bed? Oh … oh my, it’s way beyond what I was expecting. wow.

At first use I was amazed at the quality and ease of use. One of the reasons we didn’t have an air bed up until now, is because I assumed all were bulky, a pain to set up and take down {I always thought ‘foot pump’ and ‘continually patching holes’}.

Wrong. So wrong. Let me walk you through it…

Take the air bed out of the box and lay it out on the floor. Plug it in and push ‘inflate’, it has a built in AC pump.

When the bed is ~75% full, zip on the memory foam topper, a soft and cushioned addition. Then, inflate the rest of the way, to your desired fullness.

Oooo, it’s sooo comfy! <– insert drool and some Zzzz’s.

Yet, if you like beds softer or more firm, just use the remote and inflate to deflate until you are comfortable. That easy. As well, you can tell by the stitching and the thickness of the material, that it’s built to last.

To deflate, just open the ‘whoosh’ valve to let the air out, then use the remote to suck out the remaining air. It folds up so easily {really, no strain, no sweat} and store in the included bag. Same with the memory foam, it folds up and can be stored in an included vacuum sealed bag.

It fits standard queen sheets, so there’s no need to purchase additional sizing of bedding. As well, this one is a double high height bed, for more comfort and convenience in getting in and out. Plus, it’s handy to have that place to tuck the sheets in.

The queen size Coleman AeroBed Premier Air Bed with Memory Foam that we received has an arv of $279.99 and can be purchased at Sears and Costco. Yet, you can get other sizes and models to suit your needs, like single heights as well as twins and double sizes.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

One Canadian reader is going to get their own queen size Coleman AeroBed Premier Air Bed with Memory Foam, ARV $280!

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




    1. this would be great to have when my Grandsons visit & the cooler when picnicing

  1. Love Aerobeds – I’ve had one for many years but it finally developed a leak. Would love to replace it!

  2. love the road trip grill how handy that would be! would love to win the coleman air mattress ..looks comfy

  3. I would love the wheeled cooler, it would be great for picnics at the beach while trying to keep the kids near me without having to carry the cooler

  4. I love Coleman products!! We spend ALOT of time camping, and really depend on the products we already own! We would however, LOVE the Roadtrip LXX grill!

  5. Portable InstaStart™ Stove Oven, but someone mentioned the party stacker cooler, I will have to go back and look for it.

  6. I hope Santa is watching I would love to have this WEATHERMASTER™ 10 TENT WITH HINGED DOOR. 🙂

  7. love the fact that the foam topper zips to the mattress so it stays in place that is brilliant!!!

  8. My husband used to teach a winter camping course at a local college, so we’re already big fans of the Coleman camping products. I hadn’t seen the Party Dock Island 96″ before, though – we may just have to grab one of those for next summer!

  9. Colorado 2 Person Canoe would be great for daddy to take the kids on mini day trips down the river

  10. OMG! I would love this! My husband and I seem to have the worst luck with air mattress’. This one looks SO comfy and like it would last a long time!!! I want!! LOL Good luck to all!

    1. P.S…The converta cot II looks like something that I could get a lot of use out of but honestly….I would love anything from Coleman Canada….they have such great stuff!

  11. I love the Portable InstaStart Stove Oven 🙂 thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

  12. oh I was soo excited when I saw this giveaway AWESOME would love love this I have also had my eye on their

  13. I live in a 1 bedroom and den and my guests hate sleeping on my couch! With no room for a permanent bed this would be perfect!

  14. I would love to win this! We’re a family of 6 so the Coleman Instant 10 tent would be great for our camping trips.

  15. The coleman instant start stove/oven. We do alot of camping and picnics, this would be great!

  16. Would love towin this.Our air mattress got a HUGE hole in it this year camping and would love to replace it!

  17. 36 Quart Xtreme™ 5 Cooler. We already have 2 of their coolers and love them, but now need something bigger.

  18. Portable InstaStart™ Stove Oven for when I’m feeling extra gourmet whilst out camping 😉

  19. I need my java even when camping and would love to have the SIGNATURE PORTABLE INSTASTART™ COFFEEMAKER

  20. I like the INSTANT ROADTRIP® BEACH SHADE – in fact I was trying to get my hands on one recently.

  21. Oh I would love to own the Portable InstaStart™ Stove Oven What a nice handy tool . Thank you for the opportunity to win the AeroBed . Would love to have this when my out of town Family comes to visit. Thankks again.

  22. I’d love the WeatherMaster™ 10 Tent With Hinged Door . . . truely a family-sized tent!

  23. I’d love to have the ROADTRIP® LXX GRILL — it would make my LIFE when we go camping.

  24. I would love to win this! It will be great for all my family at Christmas.

    I would love one the huge inflatable lake floats for when we go camping.

  25. I would love to have a Coleman Oven. Between your barbeque and oven, you would almost have a complete kitchen outside when you’re camping. Thanks for sponsoring this awesome giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  26. I would like one of the large wheeled coolers Love them and carrying a heavy cooler is not sun

  27. Stearns Puddle jumpers- we are headed to Panama soon and these would be great for my oldest in the pool.

  28. I like the Signature Portable InstaStart™ Coffeemaker
    w/ Removable Burner & Carry Case

  29. I’d love to have the INSTANT TENT 8. We go camping every summer and are in need of a good tent.

  30. 11’x9′ 6-Person Grand Valley™ Tent
    They have awesome tents!!
    I kinda want to live in one of those lol

  31. I would like Tahiti 2 Person Kayak, it would be lots of fun when we go visit the grandparents!

  32. Definitely the Coleman Instant Tent! Now that my little girl is 4 and my baby is getting a bigger every day, we’d love to explore outdoor camping by next summer — these would be great to have!

  33. I love these aerobeds! they really are the best. My mother who is 69 comes from NC to Oregon to visit and usually stays 2 months. I love her but she is stubborn as all get out and we argue about who gets the regular bed and who gets the aerobed. i feel horrible when she wont sleep in my bed and insists on the air mattress. My only consolation is that it is an aerobed and i know that it is comfortable. BUT! an aerobed with a memory foam and a taller one! I am so excited to enter this giveaway and so thankful that you have offered it as a prize! have a beautiful holiday and thank you!!!!

  34. The Portable InstaStart Stove Oven would be awesome to have. Great to have in emergencies! Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays! 🙂

  35. the Roadtrip LXX Grill would be soo nice… we love camping and so we have a lot of Coleman gear! Unfortunately, our air mattress recently sprung a leak (it was somehow punctured) so we really need a new one.

  36. We always regret not having our own air mattress when visiting – and often when friends visit, they have to bring their own. We’d love to have this for them so it’s one less thing they have to pack!

  37. Gosh, I really missed the boat when there were Coleman hot tubs at Costco. Kicking myself for not picking one up. Anyway — from what currently is available…WeatherMaster™ 10 Tent With Hinged Door — We currently only have a 4 man tent, and now that we’re an actual family of 4 — it seems how do you say… small?

  38. the roadtrip lxx grill would be a nice upgrade from our current ittybitty hibatchi grill 🙂

  39. Sure would be comfortable with the topper it has. Awesome for my nephew to come over & actually get to have an area of his own to sleep on instead of the floor & a sleeping bag. Three bdrm apt can only hold so many ppl, no matter how teeny he is LOL

  40. Ooo I just saw the Roadtrip Grill LXE, that’d be great for camping with a big crowd!

  41. propane coffee maker !!!!! Need another bed for my company would love to win this !

  42. I’d love to get the 7’X7′ 3-PERSON GRAND VALLEY™ TENT! So when we are ready to go camping, we have it.

  43. I would love the wheeled cooler ! Would be very great thing to have at sporting events and camping !

  44. Every year, I buy something new to add to my camping gear. This year it was 2 new tents, dining tent and a regular tent.

    My next Coleman purchase is gonna be Speckled enamel dining ware.

  45. I’d love to win this for overnight guests and I’d love one of their nifty air pumps as well. Thanks

  46. Another item from Coleman Canada that I would love to have is 12×10 Screened Instant Canopy. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, myorganizedchaos.

  47. My dad absolutely loves sleeping on air mattresses for some odd reason, so I think upgrading to this would be his Christmas wish.

  48. The roadtrip LXX Grill is awesome! My husband would love that for camping!

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  50. I love Coleman,,,,grew up with it……the ROADTRIP® PRO
    STAINLESS STEEL GRIL…….I love all of Coleman’s

  51. I would love to have the Portable Instastart Oven, We do a Winter Camping trip and Summer Camping Trip. This would be great to have. Thank you!

  52. My kids would love this tent for outdoor sleep overs. They are saying please,please, please mom!

  53. 10×10 ‘instant canopy’…i could’ve used this sooooo many times. would be great to have.

  54. I would also like to have their SIGNATURE PORTABLE INSTASTART™ COFFEEMAKER W/ REMOVABLE BURNER & CARRY CASE because camping or not…I absolutely MUST have my morning coffee. 😉

  55. Portable InstaStart™ Stove Oven.
    This would be great for us. Our big kitchen range is down to one burner and no oven.We can’t afford to buy a new one yet. it would be great for camping too.

  56. Yes I have heard of Boo. He is so cute he looks like a toy. I always bought Gund for my grandchildren till my daughter said stop the room is to full of stuffed toys. I even bought some for myself.

  57. The Camp Bistro Stove. Always good to have an alternative cooking source should the power ever go out.

  58. I love the tent gear from coleman, I have a very large tent but no mattress so this would be perfect when I adventure

  59. Since the kids keep asking to go camping, I’m liking the Sundome™ 8 Tent by Coleman! Love your contests, thank you!

  60. Being an avid fisherperson- the Coleman Cooler helps store my fish in the boat until I get to shore – thats what I love to have.

  61. I’m looking at the Evanston Screened 6 Tent. I want my next camping trip to be as comfortable as possible and I love the little screened area where you can prepare yourself for entering your little tent home.

    Cheers and good luck to everyone. And happy new year!

  62. I really like the 12X10 SCREENED INSTANT CANOPY it would really come in handy in the spring and summer here!

  63. I’d love a WEATHERMASTER™ 10 TENT WITH HINGED DOOR to try roughing it with my family this summer !

  64. I think the 6 Day Xtreme cooler would be fantatic to have for when we drive across the Country

  65. I would start off with the Melamine Dishware in preparation for camping season.

  66. I definitely NEED the Instant Tent 8 – we want to start camping this year but don’t even have a tent 😉

  67. I would love this! My daughter and I just moved to our own apartment and I’ve been sleeping on a twin size air mattress that keeps losing air. Pain in the butt! 🙂

  68. I would love to have the propane coffee maker for camping. it would be a nice luxury to have when car camping.

  69. I’d love to have the INSTANT TENT 8 so I could take the family camping!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  70. I would love to have the weathermaster 10 person tent with hinged door or the comfort anywhere-raised 3 layer bed with headboard – queen

  71. Would love a Road Trip Beach Shade for the babies. We’ll be spending lots of time at the beach this upcoming year!

  72. This is fantastic, we’ve had family staying with us over the holidays and our current inflatable mattress is NOT up to par! I would also love to have one of their warm weather sleeping bags, perfect for summer camping!

  73. LOVE LOVE LOVE Coleman products! My camping gear is COLEMAN, the name has been around forever and of such high quality. I’d be happ[y to win anything made by Coleman! 🙂

  74. I would like to have their Auto-On LED Cooler Light. It would be so much better than juggling a flashlight while trying to find things in the cooler when it gets dark.

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