Winter Months, fun inside

Hi, my name is Tammi and I despise the Winter months.

It’s true that I’m not one to partake in anything ‘outdoorsy’ during the winter, I really cannot stand the cold. With temperatures here in Alberta dropping to -48°C, can you really blame me? In these extreme tempuratures, skin can freeze in a minute. Yes, a minute. So no, I don’t frolic in the Canadian snow these days. Not a chance.

Yet I have 3 very active and outgoing children, so I need to get creative when it comes to keeping them occupied and happy indoors. Or, they are like caged animals. Literally.

In my household, we don’t necessarily have ‘scheduled’ or ‘predetermined’ play. Unless we are playing a board game, going crafts or completing a fun activity – play in this house is pretty spontaneous. I have been known, while cooking dinner, to blast the music and start a dance party in the kitchen. The girls and I sing into wooden spoons, twirl around and shake while I cook. It’s really quite the sight!

Other times, we bake! My oldest helps me the most yet when tasks get too complicated for the Twin toddlers to take on – I hand them measuring spoons, bowls and spice containers and they pretend to make their own yummy delights. They can really come up with the wildest recipes that way!

And, since I have 3 princesses we are never bored of a good ‘ol spa day! Painting nails, doing hair and even putting makeup on Mommy. I can’t say no when a wee one asks to rub my feet, can I? I must brag a little here, my 7 year old gives the best neck massages too. All she asks in return is a small spritz of Mama’s perfume, I think that’s a bargain!

My days are filled with work, cleaning and all that jazz in between, but no matter what we do, we make it fun. Even if I have to call out a contest to see if the playroom can be cleaned up, at an all-time speedy record. I could pretend to start the clock, start the engines and…… GO! I have no problem dolling out a small prize and a lot of praise for my girls’ excitement, and hard work for helping with tasks. And, it’s better than the usual nagging, pleading and repeating yourself to get something done, right?

I took this question to my Facebook Fanpage, “How do you keep your children happily occupied indoors, in these cold winter months?”. Here’s what other Mom’s had to say:

Do you have any other suggestions? What works best in your home?

If you are running out of ideas, check out the Play and Learn Family Activities site at Fisher Price. It has a ton of suggestions categorized by age, I love that! See for yourself {I have it bookmarked}, these ideas may be your saving grace this season!


Disclosure: I’m a Mom on the Fisher-Price Play Panel.
I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.




  1. well living in Maine it can get pretty cold too, and winter seems to last forever… in addition to board games and reading, we play video games or make fun crafts that we find online using everyday household stuff.

    1. It’s amazing how many crafts and projects you can do with things found around the house. Which reminds me, we made a craft the other day that I need to post!
      And I agree, Winter is so drawn out!!

  2. Since I have boys, building a zoo with the stuffed animals and feeding them legos was an activity them liked when they were younger. I should have taught my oldest to give me a neck massage. Missed out on that one. I would have had to find another reward then perfum though. lol

    1. We have plenty of stuffed animals, though my girls don’t ever play zoo. The stuffies are tucked into every bed and blanket in the house – I have little mothers!

  3. I love that you keep the days spontaneous – kids will have a lifetime of structure ahead! Great tips too – makes me (almost) want to have a girl!

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