Cloud B Twilight Ladybug

Cloud b Twilight Ladybug is a product that I am sure you have heard of. CloudB centres around helping children sleep. After all, growing minds and bodies need proper sleep – and so do the big people that raise them. Their well known and highly recommended products combine style with safety and quality. When I was looking for a sound machine all those months ago, I really wish someone had introduced me to Cloud b. Emitting white noise, the Sleep Sheep is also cuddly and a very cute accessory to any nursery. Definitely better looking than the metal box I have laying on their floor.

The Sleep Sheep has a Collection of friends to completely pamper all their senses. I am lucky to have been sent the Twilight Ladybug to try with the twins. My girls listen to white noise as they fall asleep; yet the older they get, the more I see the need to provide visual stimulation to their bedtime routine as well. Some of the necessities that I include in their room (like the sound machine and a humidifier) are eyesores when compared to the rest of their decor. The Twilight Ladybug is made with a great design and excellent quality. It is the perfect size, it actually blends in nicely with the stuffed animals. Plus, it would be easy to take travelling as well.

The function of the Twilight Ladybug is what impresses me the most. It’s projects stars onto the ceiling, to help sooth and comfort babies while they fall asleep. Plus, you are able to choose 3 colors of stars that it projects – red, blue, and green. Now, I had a crib mobile that projected a picture over Katie‘s crib. The problem is that it only emits this picture over a small area over only her crib. And it wasn’t cheap, so I just have one. Sophia was constantly looking over at Katie’s crib, appearing sad and left out. The Twilight Ladybug projects stars from it’s entire shell, and it covers the entire ceiling and walls. Finally, something for both twins to enjoy without the added cost of buying 2! And, the Twilight Ladybug retails for a significantly lower price than the mobile I had (I say had, because it got the boot after I tried out the Ladybug) Another reason why I prefer the Ladybug is that it had an automatic shut-off after 45 minutes. I turn it on once and leave the room, versus the many times I had to go in and re-start the mobile.

The Twilight Ladybug will serve an additional purpose for the girls as they get older too. The stars that are projected, are actually in forms of constellations. Included is a star guide that assists in learning about constellations and how to identify them. So, like reading a book before bed – it will be exciting to lay with them and discover the stars together too. I definitely recommend the Twilight Collection to any parent with new babies or young kids. A wonderful product at a great cost, and the sleep you get because of the makes them priceless.

 **Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.