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Does your little One Need Some Sleep?

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I’ve stated before how much I’m a fan of sound machines, and how much they help babies and kids sleep. In fact, I give full credit to a sound machine {on low white noise}, in getting my 10 week old twins to sleep through the night. Plus, they’ve had full nights of sleep since. Yes, I am 100% a total fan and it’s probably my top trick learned as a parent.


The Cloud B Sleep Sheep takes this method and ups it a notch for adorable and baby-friendly. After all, if I had heard of the Cloud B Sleep Sheep back then, I would have totally opted for it versus the ordinary sound machine I found in store. 


The Cloud B Sleep Sheep features four soothing sounds from nature like a Mother’s Heartbeat, Ocean, Whale Songs and Spring Showers. Plu,s it’s a cute and cuddly sheep that goes well in any room or nursery. Sleep Sheep also has Velcro straps on his head, so you can attach it to the bars of a crib or the stroller – such an awesome idea.

GIFT IT: What I consider one of the most incredible items for baby, of all time, think of the Cloud B Sleep Sheep for those with little ones. It makes an excellent gift – the gift os sleep – what else could be better than that? 

You can get the wonderful Sleep Sheep at stores like Babies R Us, and it retails for $34.99. To get more information, please visit 



Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.





  1. Such a great idea, I wonder if the volume is adjustable? I got a hard plastic lullaby thing for the side of the crib with my oldest and the volume was so loud it kept her awake more LOL

  2. This is a really adorable idea! I think I might get one for myself when my roommates are being noisy!

  3. That bear looks so soft and cuddly. My daughter would have loved it when she was little.

  4. Cloud B makes the best things, seriously. I haven’t seen one nighttime helper that I haven’t loved and this sheep is no exception. It’s cuddly, adorable and I really like how it can be fastened to the crib.

  5. that is so sweet, my sister in law sure could use one of those. she has a night owl on her hands

  6. (Cloud b Sleep Sheep) These are so cute, would really like to have one for my grandson’s room.

  7. my oh my, what a little cutie, I love this sheep, simply adorable and I have 2 new grandchildren arriving next year… 🙂

  8. This is a great idea! Now I know what gift to get my friend for Christmas. Thanks for telling us about this.

  9. I love noise machines, we use one all the time. I find it really hard to sleep without one. This sheep would make a great shower gift, will have to keep It in mind.

  10. My youngest grandson had one of these and he loved it when he was a newborn. We attached it to his carseat/stroller, and also to the crib at night. It was so soothing and he would sleep great with it on!

  11. This little sheep is beautiful. It sure would make a nice gift, soft, cuddly, and plays cools sounds.

  12. That is just the most adorable thing ever, I must make sure I get one for my new grandbaby!

  13. I am a huge fan of sound machines (especially adorable ones)! I purchased one of these for each of my nephews and nieces before their birth; their parents thanked me profusely!

  14. This was given to us as a gift for my second son and we have always loved it. He is not the best sleeper and this has always been a great help!!

  15. I looked at this last year and believe they had it at Chapters/Indigo and for whatever reason I didn’t buy it. I had wanted more information etc. I told my sister in law about it at Christmas, and it was in the crib my next visist! She loves it.

  16. This is so cute, I would love to give this to my niece for her new baby that is due early next year.

  17. This is such a great idea! My son had one of those aquarium things but I think this is so much better!

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