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Last month I showed you how my daughters closet went from chaos to controlled thanks to the Rubbermaid Closet Helper from The Home Depot. It was the first project we took on, to transition from Summer to Fall. Yet, #ProjectCloset didn’t stop there. We had a bigger mess and job on our hands.

It was time for MY Organized Closet!

Actually, in the master bedroom, there are two closets that needed a desperate overhaul. His & Her closets were next on the list to get that special touch using a product line from The Home Depot.

The ‘before’ photos, let’s call them exhibit A, since they were literally like a crime scene.

his and her closet organization

Yet let’s take a closer look at this chaos.

HIS: My hubby’s closet … oh pictures speak a thousand words, don’t they? Where did this go wrong?

before closet organization renovation

Obviously when looking at this before picture, there’s a huge problem. There are too many clothes to fit the space and too much non-closet essentials stuffed in there when there isn’t room for them to begin with. Let’s also point out the Rock Band Products shoved in a closet … for shame!

It’s ok guys, I got this!

While hubby was at work one day, I cleaned out his closet. Taking matters into my own hands when he ‘didn’t see a big issue with it’ {?}, I sorted clothes and found homes for the items that didn’t need to be in there.

While I’m on the topic – do you have and still wear that sweatshirt from high school? I guess that’s a whole other conversation entirely! Moving on …

HERS: My closet wasn’t too bad in clutter department {I keep off season clothing in storage bins, elsewhere}. Yet, my closet space wasn’t functional at all. I did have the same organizer that we saw in the before photos of my daughters closet. Yet, over time, the tension bars drooped and lost their oomph. It was no longer holding the weight of clothes, hence, everything always fell out of my closet.

home depot closet organization products

Plus, it’s just ‘BLAH’, right? Certainly it didn’t maximize the space very well.

My plan for the His & Hers closets in our home, was to use the NEW ClosetMaid product line from The Home Depot. It was just recently introduced and is HOT. While looking at the demo display in store and the ClosetMaid materials on shelves, I had to compete for space from a contractor and other home owners.

ClosetMaid is new – why is it so popular?

Simply put, it’s the details, the quality, the ‘WOW’ look of it. While ClosetMaid is at a higher price-point than it’s competitors at The Home Depot, it’s still a reasonable cost when you compare features and quality.

In fact, I strongly believe that with some purchases, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for saving a buck. Especially when it comes to a long-term products like closet materials which will stay in your home, possibly after you’ve moved out.

With ClosetMaid, you have the basic kit, you can choose the narrow kit and the deluxe, depending on the size of your space and how wide you want the towers to be. For our His & Hers closets, we chose narrow, since they are 4ft and 5ft wide respectively. Then, you choose the add-ons, the fabulous accessories that you might need. Like drawers, shelves, extra rods and so on.

closetmaid products the home depot

So, I happily started demolished our closets, taking down the old white wire shelving {which is such a bore to me} and prepping for the new. I patched holes and painted, which didn’t take too long. Next, was the assembly of the kits.

It may look daunting, but trust me, it was simple. The instructions for the ClosetMaid set were very thorough and easy to follow. Read the instructions in entirety, make note of the helpful tips boxes and you are golden. It took me maybe 2 hours to assemble each kit, of course with the interruptions from the kids factored in there.

It goes as follows: build the towers, mark the wall where it’s going to be placed {as it needs to be screwed into to a stud for safety and stability}, and stack & attach.

Then, you add the moulding, which is probably my favourite part about the ClosetMaid organizers, since it is a classy touch that just completes the look. Also, something the competing products lack.

The last thing was putting up the closet rods. These I had to cut to fit the space, using a hack saw. Take note though, cutting these rods voids the warranty of the kit.

Want to see the after photos?
A close up of a closet
What a difference! I organized my husbands closet so that dress clothes and suits are hung on the left side, with more hanging room. The top rod holds clothes he sometimes wears. The bottom rod hold the everyday clothes, within easy reach. The shelving is for pants, his hats, shoes and as he decided, his cologne.

closet maid organization review the home depot

The same goes for My Organized Closet. Dresses and occasion clothing is hung on the left, with a couple belts and a purse. I decided my top rod should hold my everyday tees, and the bottom, not-so-often clothing. I arranged my pants on the shelves according to style and type, with my camera bag at the bottom. I do love my closet!

When my husband came home from work and seen the surprise that was his new and improved closet, his jaw dropped. That is a sign of a major improvement! For days after, every time he opened his closet he mumbled to himself, ‘Man, I LOVE this closet!’. I think his was the biggest change, and a massive change for the better.

Our His & Hers closets are beautiful, more functional, and increases the value of our home. I am absolutely so impressed by ClosetMaid and the helpful staff at The Home Depot that assisted me in choosing my materials. I’d recommend ClosetMaid to anyone looking to update their closets with an organizational piece, we love ours! #ProjectCloset success!

Now, as I said before, there are accessories to go with these kits, to customize the look and function of your space. While I WISH we had a huge walk-in so I could really get creative, as there are many ClosetMaid accessories that are available. Yet, it’s great to know that this product works with both types of closets.

I originally wanted the shelving placed just above all the rods, yet once I got my kit installed, I realized there wasn’t the room at the top. The cut into the closet was just too low. Yet, I might be adding more to our kit, most likely some drawers for our towers. You can bet if and when I do, I’ll show you the update. 

How is YOUR closet looking this Fall?



Disclosure: Home Depot Canada provided Gift cards to facilitate this renovation.
Opinions are 100% our own, as always.



  1. This looks amazing! Love how transformed each space is and the perfect way to store all of the things you need in a closet.

    1. Funny, I didn’t really realize how bad it was until I took photos .. makes you looks at things more critically I think. Perhaps I should take pictures all around the house!

  2. Looks great! We have minimal closet space, so we have to use the most out of every inch.

    1. YES! We had such wasted space before, as a standard, builders should really raise that main shelf!

  3. I absolutely love this product! Your closet was great beforehand but afterward its just spectacular! Thanks for the introduction to this product!

  4. Wow Tammi- great job!!! John’s building our master bedroom closet and I was looking for something to use for organization. The Closetmaid looks like it would work perfectly for us too.

    1. Oh yes, I think you should! Let me know if you have any questions about the products or an install if you choose this route. Good luck and Hooray for a new closet!

  5. what a difference with the wood inserts very nice. and I will confess my closet is so much worse then your hubby’s I hate opening it to look for anything i get scared.

  6. Wow! Looks great!..and custom!! We have a shallow long walk in.. Like yours you can tell which side is my husbands lol all kinds of random stuff

  7. It seems like the makeover actually made more space in your closets that you need to figure out how to use more effectively. At this point you could really add some cute baskets and hanging storage space. I love it, because it looks so much more tidy and the brown wood is awesome.

    1. I agree Elizabeth, I’m not done with this space yet, but amazed at how much just this made a difference!

  8. My closet looks worse then your before pictures LOL Our closet is only half the height of a normal closet due to sloped ceilings on our mast bedroom. Really wish I could do something with it.

    1. Oh no! Have a peek around the Home Depot site, I’m sure there’s something perfect for you!

  9. I really like the after photo. My husband’s closet is pretty organized but he could really use some shelves. Mine is a HUGE MESS right now and I really want to deep clean.

    1. Now is the time to tackle things like this, Summer seems to destroy indoor organization, we’d all much rather be outside!

  10. Thank you for sharing this. My closet is in a terrible mess, you may have given me the inspiration I needed, and the “tools” to tackle this job!

  11. My closets are just scary! They are definitely in need of some organization. Your closets look great now, I will have to make a trip to Home Depot to check out this product and maybe attack a closet this winter.

  12. The change is amazing! My closet is looking really full and messy this Fall, and is needing a transformation like yours.

  13. Now this is something I desperately need and want, thanks for the details, I’m passing this over to my husband for next weekends project! 😉

  14. I literally spit coffee on my screen at his before closet since it looks like my own husbands closet. Car wipes!! Hahahahah! Great after photos, what a great transformation!

  15. Oh my gosh I love the difference, and I love your husband’s reaction!! I always find random stuff in my partner’s closet (e.g., empty glasses, random books, etc.) so it’s nice to see I’m not alone! Also, I do wear my old high school sweatshirt *hangs head*, so you’re not alone!

  16. I think you should come over to my place & help set this up for me, LOL. I love how your space looks. I need to shop around at ClosetMaid or do a review for them or something (:

  17. That is what my husband definitely needs. His closest is worse that your hubbies. He does not like to throw anything out.

  18. My closet is looking a complete disaster this fall! We could really use a great organization system such as this one…..I’ll be showing hubby your review later today. Thanks!

  19. Very impressive change, something our closets really need. My closet is messier than my wife’s and yet I am always putting clothes in the giveaway bags. I like that I can do this in a few hours.

  20. I have been eyeing these closet organizers up for some time, but I am intimidated that they would be hard to install!

  21. I can’t believe the difference in your closets, nice job. I really have to check out the ClosetMaid next time I’m at Home Depot.

  22. I need to re-do my closet again as well. I didn’t know that Rubbermaid made this system. It is nice looking and has lots of options. I like!

  23. Do you offer the closetmaid in any other colors? We’re looking for espresso.

    Also where can we find the cost of each item offered?

  24. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this
    blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my
    end or if it’s the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  25. These are very beautiful and functional. If my closet was bigger ( it’s a postage stamp) I would be definitely be getting these.

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