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Clek. If anything, the first thing that comes to mind when this brand is mentioned is …
LATCH connectors. On. Booster. Seats.

I have to admit, when my oldest daughter first went from 5-point harness to booster seat, I didn’t know there was an option for a brand with LATCH connectors. I recall the day when I first stumbled upon the Clek website – I thought, “brilliant!”. After all, it’s the age from 6-12 where kids don’t want to sit in ‘baby seats’, yet still need as much protection.

It wasn’t until I came across Clek, that I really took notice of the booster seat we had been using, and how awkwardly she sat in it {when she shifted, it shifted too etc}. I started looking at the seats and wondering, if in a collision, could this flimsy and unsecured seat be more of a hazard than a protector?

What if Belle wasn’t in the car and we got into an accident? The non-secured booster would have become a flying weapon to everyone else in the vehicle!!

Clek Oobr review giveaway my organized chaosHonestly, it was odd that being so diligent as I was with car seats, that Clek wasn’t on my radar until recently. Yet, I’m thrilled to have a chance to introduce you to the company and the Clek products.

So, if you are a parent and aren’t aware of Clek, read on!

The Clek Oobr is the first of its class in booster seating, and it’s the Clek booster seat that we got for review last month. An award winner for safety, the Clek full back booster seat is built just like the seat in your car. That way there’s non-moving support, and not the gap between booster and seat of car, that loves to show up when kids slouch.

Oobr was engineered with front, rear and side impact protection in mind. Comprised of five structural safety elements: rigid LATCH system, energy-absorbing foam layer, structural headrest with deep side wings, magnesium back frame and belt guides, the Elemental Safety System secures and protects your child. Knowing this really puts my mind at ease, as I’m pretty sure the other seat I was using wasn’t designed like this! And, it’s just as simple as you’d imagine too, just click! Click the Clek {say that 10 times really fast}.

Clek Oobr and Olli Booster Car Seats

When Isabelle is older, the Oobr also easily converts into a backless booster seat. Using Oobr backless might come sooner than I would have thought though, as the headrest is currently raised as far as it’ll go {she’s a tall girl!}. The Clek Oobr is for kis 40-100lbs {40-57″ tall}, with or without the detachable back portion.

And that ‘I’m not a baby’ comment I mentioned earlier? Well, Isabelle thinks her Oobr is pretty cool, especially the faux-hawk julius print we chose. Yes, it’s a pretty cool print that had all her friends commenting! It also comes with a convenient detachable cup holder, which can be placed on either side of the seat {and is dishwasher safe}.

Clek makes some of the most innovative, safe and sleek booster seats on the market today. Born out of one of the world’s largest, most diversified automotive suppliers, it comes with the same design and engineering principles that world class manufacturing processes and premium material selection found in luxury automotive seating today.

Founder and parent, Chris Lumley made Clek products his mission after the discovery of low booster seat usage rates in Canada. Clek products are the result of parental concerns over safety, comfort, ease of installation and style.

I have overheard many parents say that they transition their kids too early into booster seats due to their discomfort, the fact that they aren’t ‘babies’ anymore, and for parental convenience {booster seats are easier to transfer and transport, right?}. So, to meet both the needs of the parents, and keeping kids in mind too – Clek! And, for all those eco-savvies out there, Clek uses Crypton® Super Fabrics which are toxic-free {actually, Clek products are 100% recyclable too!}.

So, if you are reading this and your child is older and doesn’t really need the backrest of the Oobr – what about the Clek Olli Booster?!

clek olli review giveaway my organized chaos

The Olli is also an award-winning belt-positioning backless booster. For ages 6-12 {or 40-120 lbs}, it ensures safety by boosting your child’s height so that the vehicle’s seat belt fits them just right.

An additional layer of padding eliminates numb-bum syndrome too. Easily transportable from vehicle to vehicle and especially handy while traveling!

Safety, Design, and for everything mentioned above: Without a doubt, when it’s time for a booster seat, look to Clek. All Clek products meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. To purchase these or other Clek products {a new one will be announced very soon!}, locate a Clek retailer in Canada and in the US! For me, it’s as easy as heading to Canadian Tire!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I love the Olli in STORM! But I also love the Paul Frank design too. I don’t own one currently but would love to!

  2. I like the clek oobr in drift or Paul frank heart shades. Olli would also be fine for us

  3. olli in Paul Frank® julius hearts me. no I dont curently own an olli product 🙁

  4. I’ve never heard of this company before, but their Oobr saddle looks soooo good and of a high quality – I would love to win one!

  5. I like the Oobr in drift or Paul Frank Heart Shades. Don’t own a Clek yet. Would love to win one!

  6. I don’t have any Clek car seats but it looks awesome! I like the standard julius orange and the Paul Frank® faux-hawk julius

  7. My favourite is the Olli booster in the Paul Frank julius orange style. We do not have a clek car seat. This is my first introduction to the brand.

  8. I love this, thanks for sharing this great company, I had never heard of them so don’t have one. I would just love the Clek Oobr in Paul Frank heart shades fabric – my daughter would LOVE it!

  9. I like: Clek OOBR Booster Seat – Paul Frank Faux-Hawk Julius. It comes in red, which I love! I do not have a Clek Car Seat. I do need a new car seat. Isaak’s ready to move on up!

  10. I like the Clek Oobr Booster Paul Frank! Very cute! No, we do not have a Clerk car seat

  11. I like the Clek Oobr the most and i love the drift fabric most..
    I do not own a Clek car seat but i wish i did.

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  15. I LOVE the Oobr with the Paul Frank Heart! I don’t own a Clek, but would be so happy to get one!

  16. I had not heard of Clek before reading your site Tammi, they seem like great boosters. I would choose the Oobr Paul Frank® faux-hawk julius.

  17. I am in love with these! I need to get one!!!! My favourite is the Oobr, in saddle or Paul Frank…oh my so many to choose from I actually love them all!

  18. I like the Olli booster and Julius hearts me design 🙂
    I’ve never owned a clek before!

    justasmalltownmommy at gmail dot com

  19. LOVE the oobr, and being that we have 3 girls I would likely choose snowberry as my favourite.

  20. I would choose the oobr Paul Frank Faux Hawk. Makes me need to get a newer vehicle though with the UAS clips. Can you give away a vehicle to go with this? 🙂 Thanks!

  21. I like the Oobr in Dragonfly color the best. I have never heard of these before but they are really nice looking.

  22. Okay, I’ve never heard of this brand – where have they been? Love it! I’d choose the Oobr for it’s versatility, in the faux-hawk.

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  25. Ooooh, I’d love that Oobr in Saddle! We have an Ozzi (for travel) but would really like an Oobr.

  26. Love the 5 pnt harness. We’re almost up to the booster stage, and I don’t want booster to mean a lack of safety! This is great

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  32. Visited their site and really like the Oobr the most in the Paul Frank® faux-hawk julius print

  33. i love the olli in julius hearts me, thanks for sharing this site with me! I’ve never heard of them!
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  34. Love the Paul Frank Faux Hawk Julius! Don’t currently own one but would LOVE too!

  35. Awesome giveaway! Very timely for our family…my 3 year old has outgrown his current car seat and we need to make the switch to a booster.

    I LOVE the Oobr Paul Frank® faux-hawk Julius

    Thanks, Lisa

  36. i don’t have a Clek carseat, but I would choose the Clek’s fullback booster seat with the Oobr Paul Frank® heart shades

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  38. Sorry , if this is a duplicate – trouble with the internet on my end. Love the Clek Oobr in Saddle and already have an Olli with Paul Frank fabric.

  39. I like the Clek’s Oobr fullback booster. I like the Paul Frank® faux-hawk julius design. I don’t have a Clek car seat but I would sure like one.

  40. I do not own a Clek product, but I like:
    The Olli with fabric: Paul Frank standard orange
    amy rouse

    dropastitch at yahoo dot com

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    amy rouse

    dropastitch at yahoo dot com

  42. I love the standard julius orange, my daughter would love this..we have the ones from Walmart with the akward cup holder that i have to position it right for the back door to close.

  43. The oobr in leather looks really nice we have the olli and really like it and can use an oobr for my soon to be 4yo

  44. I like the Oobr Paul Frank® faux-hawk julius. This would be awesome to be able to have a cup holder on either side of the seat. As our current one we can’t put it on as it only fits onto one side and then the door won’t close… 🙂

  45. I don’t have a Clek carseat. I like the Oobr seat in Dragonfly.

  46. I’m a facebook fan of clek under username Jennie Tilson.

  47. I’m a facebook fan of My Organized Chaos under username Jennie Tilson.

  48. I do not have a clek car seat but would love to have one. Big Brother will be going from 5 point harness to booster as soon as I let daddy win. He currently weighs 42 pounds but the harness is good to 65. I love the idea that the clek uses the latch system to install in the car. Sorry long comment but I just got totally in want of this seat. Pattern choice I will go simple with drift.

  49. I Like the clek oobr in black or blue. Its a really nice car seat, i can’t afford.

  50. I don’t have a Clek carseat but would sure LOVE one!! and to win one would be awesome! I really like the Oobr Paul Frank faux-hawk julius design with the red fabric 🙂

  51. I love the Olli in storm! But I also love the Paul Frank design too. I don’t own one currently but would love to

  52. I’d love the Oobr in Dragonfly (green being my son’s favourite colour) We don’t have a Clek seat but I think I will into them now!

  53. I like the Oobr Paul Frank® heart shades. We don’t have a Clek car seat but a friend does and they love theirs

  54. I currently don’t own a Clek Oobr car seat but I’m totally loving the Oobr in Paul Brown in faux-hawk julius so fun and I know the little one would just love it as much as I do 🙂

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  56. My favourite has got to be the oobr with the Paul Frank faux-hawk julius fabric. I didn’t even know these exsisted until this contest! Great product with fun fabric choices to select from which is definitely a bonus!

  57. I don’t own a Clek car seat. I didn’t even know that this company even exsisted! and I must say that I am impressed with the design and construction of their products. I love the Clek Oobr in the Paul Frank faux-hawk julius fabric so funky! and trendy! 🙂 I love it!!!

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