Parenting Twins : Cinderelly, Cinderelly


Sharing sweet Parenting Twins moments.

If there’s one characteristic to know about my little Katie, it’s that she loves doing laundry. I recall the early days {with much foggy haze, mind you}, when Katie was just able to sit up herself. While her twin was ferociously messing up the piles I just made – little Katie tried over and over to put them all back.

This girl loves her laundry – always helping put items into the washer, helping switch it to the dryer. And then there’s her favorite, folding.

Not wanting to one day forget this characteristic, I captured this time we shared together the other night. It went a little something like this…

Sorting the clothes

The laundry basket fell over, OMG – the horror!

I’ll get it Mom, this is a disaster!

No, it’s ok – I got it. You just keep taking photos.

Git ‘er done!

Distracted with taking photos, I didn’t notice until Katie pointed out that all the clothes had white fluff all over them. Crap … another pull-up went through the wash! #DriveMeInsane

Should I re-wash? Meh, a little fluff won’t hurt – I don’t love laundry as much as Katie, obviously.

Katie, madly folding laundry on one side of the room – while the sister is on the other side of the room, trying on heels? … Cinderelly, Cinderelly …

Cinderella sister

Laundry with white fluff all put away, thanks to my little Katie once again. FYI, if you see photos in posts this week and Sophia’s clothing has white blobs all over them – just look away. Pretend you don’t notice. It’ll be easy to spot Sophia I guess, Katie wouldn’t dare wear clothing that has ‘spots’.

wait… wonder if Miss Katie also loves vacuuming as much as laundry….



  1. Well my youngest did like sorting the socks but he loved playing with the basket. Always asking if he could borrow it. It became a jail, house, car you name it.

    1. Ha, we went through that too Josee, so cute!
      But, not that they twins can’t fit into ‘the boat’ together, the novelty died down. lol

    1. When I was little, I think it was dusting. My Mom had the best little knick-nacks that I couldn’t touch ever – unless if I dusted them.
      …my Mom was pretty smart! lol

    1. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that you end up wishing you had photos of Doris. So, I try to do it as often as I can…. try to, lol

  2. SO sweet, can you ask Katie to come over and teach Max how to fold laundry please? 😛

  3. My daughter loves laundry too. So,etimes it’s just painful letting her help…….but you have to let them help while they still like to do it!

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