Childproofing Tips for the Modern Home – An Updated Safety Checklist

There are so many duties that fall under the ‘parent’ umbrella of jobs, but a top one is to keep our kids safe. Any parent will agree that it’s important it is to safeguard their homes, to protect little ones from any possible hazards.

Childproofing the home when you have young ones looks a lot different when compared through the years. Safety measures taken when I was a child versus when I had my first daughter have differences, and the precautions taken only a few years later when I had my twins girls aren’t similar in some ways as well.

It’s more than just a standard gate and plugs, the modern home isn’t what you grew up with – there’s updated layouts and designs which alter what it means to childproof.

For instance, today’s home now regularly includes items like USB outlets which are increasingly replacing classic three prong outlets, shattered smartphone screens that can be tempting to touch.

Laundry rooms and offices were oftentimes hidden in past home designs, purposely placed in remote areas of the home. Now, homes are designed with these rooms front and center for convenience, making them commonly-used areas in the home. In fact, 1 in 3 parents say their laundry room is located near where family members spend most of their time, like the living room or kitchen, and less than 5% list the home office as a childproofing priority.

Parents need an approach to safety that includes new technology and products in the modern household. That’s why Tide has partnered with BabyCenter to talk to parents about home safety and update the safety checklist.

For today’s modern home, here is a current safety checklist including childproofing tips to ensure your little one is safe around new technology and products found in our modern homes.

  • Use safety plugs for your outlets, including USB outlets.
  • Secure your TV and other large electronics to the wall to avoid tipping.
  • Secure any tippable furniture to the wall for safety, even shorter ones.
  • Cook using the back burners whenever possible, turning handles away. Don’t leave the area unattended when burners are hot.
  • Safely store scissors, knives and other sharp objects out of reach.
  • Use safety gates not only at the top and bottom of the stairs in the home, yet don’t forget outdoor stairs as well – summer is coming!
  • Use safety door clips for not only the bottom cabinets but also drawers and taller cabinets {kids climb!}. Ensure all items such as poisons and medications are in these locked areas.
  • Make sure blind and drape cords are safely stored higher up, out of reach.
  • Make sure broken odds and ends are immediately fixed around the home. Even the safest item becomes a hazard if broken with sharp edges.
  • Don’t lose track of tech accessories: Wireless headphones, adapters and other dongles can pose a choking hazard
  • Store liquid laundry pacs out of kids reach and sight. As an extra precaution, use Tide PODS® with the new Child-Guard zipper.

Childproofing Tips for the Modern Home

Millions of families have safely integrated laundry pacs into their routine as an easy and effective detergent option. Tide PODS® created the first-ever child-resistant design with a Child-guard™ zipper. Such a great precaution for the modern home!

Childproofing Tips for the Modern Home

Even with the sealable bag, it’s important to keep laundry packets up and keep them closed, so you can keep little ones safe.

Have any other childproofing tips for the modern home?


Childproofing Tips for the Modern Home


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