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It was one really rainy and cold day when my family and I were going out the door to attend a burial. (Cheerful, I know – bear with me though) As I tossed items out of the coat closet I realized that my daughter has six cute umbrellas and only one for hubby and I. And, it was bent and broken. Flash forward, past dry daughters and 2 soaked parents, I realized that I hadn’t really came across any umbrellas for adults that were worthy enough to talk very positively about. Until now…

Jen Zurowski founded Cheeky Umbrella when she moved to the rainy city of Vancouver, BC., and couldn’t find a durable umbrella that also reflected her style and personality. Her line of umbrellas celebrate the rain and lighten the otherwise dreary day. But, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops like my daughters’ umbrellas. Instead, her designs are ones that style-savvy parents will appreciate and enjoy.

What you’ll see at Cheeky Umbrella is the standard black color, that we all love in any accessory. And, dashes of color and spirit, creatively jump out. For example, I got the Cocktails Umbrella – where gorgeous blue bubbles are floating in the black background. (Don’t we all wish for a tropical locale when it’s gloomy, complete with drinks with umbrellas! Surely that’s not just me!) Inside the umbrella, the color is blue with the sentence, ““I prefer umbrellas in my cocktails” written in white. How cheeky!

Yet, That’s not all. These umbrellas are more than a happy face, as they are of fantastic quality:

  • Strong, light weight frame
  • Fiberglass, wind-resistant ribs
  • Durable, quick-drying pongee fabric
  • Slip-resistant hook handle
  • Chic silver push button for automatic opening
  • Matching silver snap on closure strap
  • 24″ ribs, diameter is approximately 40″ when open
  • Comes with Cheeky Umbrella Lifetime Warranty

The feel of the fabric – it’s not nylon or something that easily tears or gets soaked and drips from itself. The Cheeky Umbrella has a waterproof fabric that dispels the rain. You can tell when you hold, open and shut it – that this umbrella is made to last all kinds of weather that the über-cheeky Mother Nature throws at you! Even the handle has a generous grip, to bravely tackle the wind (and succeed).
Other great designs are ‘Raining Men Umbrella’ which says on the inside,
“When does it start raining men?”
(I almost chose this one, but my passion for beverages with umbrellas got the better of me),
‘Shopping Weather Umbrella’ and more.
All of them are really clever, and very appealing too.

I know what you are thinking…
‘What would the cost be to ship an awkward shape like an Umbrella!?”
Well, you can relax because flat rate shipping to both Canada and the US is only $5!
And, It doesn’t matter if you buy one umbrella or five – shipping will be $5.
I was also happy that I also didn’t have to wait long for my Cheeky Umbrella either, they arrive in 5-10 business days.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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