Channel your Inner Optimist

This time of year comes with a lot of pressure and stress. Don’t worry; I feel it too. Some days, the stress starts as soon as I wake, with the first realization of my to-do list for the day.

We all know those days that don’t go exactly as planned, when you slap on that ‘bad day’ sticker of warning. Thing is, your reaction and mood sets the tone for the day, which can snowball into bigger problems and more struggles.

Instead, this is the time to channel your inner optimist and try to be positive about your life and your situation, despite how difficult it may seem.


Just last month I faced one of these ‘bad days’. After a long day of travelling, my flights were delayed. This caused me to miss an appointment and almost miss an important activity with my kids. I was incredibly tired and longed more than anything to click my heels and transport home to the comfort of my own bed. I sat warily at the terminal gate, somber and pretty much hating the world.

A lady sat down beside me and we started chatting about the delays, weather, our trips and then she asked how the delay affected me. So, I started talking about the inconvenience of it all then reversed the conversation with a, ‘how about you?‘.

Turns out, she was flying to another city where her son was in the hospital. Without going into details about his situation, I’ll just say it was really grim. Of course in telling me the story, the lady became emotional and I could see just how distraught she was over the delay while also being so anxious about getting to him.

There it is.

Reality check.

This might be an extreme example of an embarrassing foot-in-mouth disease, yet it only goes to prove how being positive could have totally changed MY viewpoint.

Someone I loved wasn’t ill, myself nor anyone else was in danger. My situation actually wasn’t as bad as I perceived it to be. Looking back, it was really so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, yet I let it take me over and ruin my mood and cause me more stress (and complain to others needlessly). The shame!

Fact: Stress comes in many forms. You forget to sign that permission slip, misplaced items, an unexpected bill in the mail, running late etc etc.

What I learned and my tip to you:

The next time you are stressed, step back and re-evaluate the situation before it consumes you. Take a deep breath. Accept that moment for what it is, know that this too shall pass (it’s such a powerful statement), and think of all that you have and are grateful for.

I’m glad I had a flight home, delayed or not. I may miss my kids’ performance, but I can get a video from someone. I have healthy kids. This house is a disaster but I have a home. I met a very nice lady on that flight, due to the delay, and I’ll never forget her.

As soon as you channel your inner optimist and think positively with much gratitude in your heart, stress will decrease. If you don’t like something, take some steps to change it. Simply the act of wanting to make things better, makes you feel happier. Again, it’s that power of positive thinking.

You’ll still have bad days and life will always throw curveballs, which are aimed right at your head. It’s all in your reaction. Duck, or put some ice on the bruise and move on. Your attitude and reaction is what counts, try taking that positive approach.


  1. I’ve had situations like that as well. It’s hard to not let the bad get you down, but the faster you get your emotions in check and move forward the better. great post!

  2. Great advice! I saw a quote the other day on Instagram that reminded me of your message here. It went something like this…β€œIt’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand.”

  3. This is wonderful! I’ve been doing that with being optimistic even in awful situations. If you allow everything around you to affect your output, you’ll always been miserable and ill-content. You have to hold a balance.

    I’m so glad you got to see this in a period of time when you had to wait and without anyone telling you. Those are the best things, when our hearts learn, without being told.

    Aloha πŸ™‚

  4. Very good advice! I’m bad about automatically jumping to the “panic” or “stress” mode and about seeing the “glass half empty”. It’s definitely true that it’s good to re-evaluate and take a look at all that is good in your life.

  5. It’s all about perspective – we all get stressed about our lives, but how big of a deal is it. Each of us think our problems are the biggest of the world, sometimes it takes chatting with another person to know we really have nothing to be stressed about!

  6. very good advice; sometimes hard to do; but; in the long run; happiness is what we all strive for. Great Post Tammi

  7. This is all so true, my mom has always told me “this, too, shall pass” and I try to remember that on the “bad days” πŸ™‚

  8. I like your post, now I just need to remember it when I need to and not stress out.

  9. A positive attitude is everything! I recently read a quote that made a strong impression: Human Behavior expert John Demartini said that” you must plant flowers in the garden of your mind or you will be forever pulling weeds.” I love this image! You must fill your life and your mind with what is important to you, and what you are passionate about doing/experiencing/exploring, or distractions and annoyances will end up filling your mind and your life. Be grateful and passionate! πŸ˜€

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