Cellumis – Age Defying Skincare

Aging and wrinkles weren’t ever a top worry of mine. I decided I was a person that would accept it gracefully and be proud to have lived enough to show that it shows on my face. Grey hair and all.

Plus, I thought thanks to genetics, I always thought I had it beat. After all, someone just came to my door just last week and asked if my parents were home! 

But then I noticed a line. One clear across my forehead. Whether it’s evidence that I smile and laugh a lot, or it’s there from frowning – I haven’t decided yet.

It was this discovery that I questioned my whole belief system on aging and wrinkles. Accept it and move on? Ok, maybe I have to fight for what’s mine after all.

Cellumis Age Defying Skincare

I recently tried Cellumis, a new age-defying skincare system to help skin look more radiant and supple. Their system features two steps to help skin look more radiant and supple. This system includes an Age Defying Serum and an Advanced Eye Gel.

The Cellumis Age-Defying skin serum delivers results similar to botulinum toxin {Botox} injections. Yet, unlike painful and expensive injections, Cellumis is a liquid that is applied in a circular motion onto the face and neck and works to release facial tension and nourish the skin all the while helping to relax fine lines.

The science behind it is extensive, as is the research and findings. You can read all about it here, so I’d just like to focus on my testing since it’s most likely this part of the product that you’d like to hear most about. 

Cellumis Age Defying Skincare review

The Cellumis Age-Defying skin serum comes in an easy to use pump and the scent is light, to even unnoticeable. It works to tighten enlarged pores, reduce wrinkle depth, reduce fine-line visibility, brighten dark circles, and improves skin texture. 

I’m not sure if it’s the coolness of my house and thus, the cream; yet, it’s always so refreshing to apply to my face. My skin instantly feels better after application.

The second product in the Cellumis system is their Cellumis Advanced Eye Gel. This is a serum that dramatically reduces the signs of aging around the eyes, and this is one place where I need some help.

Cellumis Advanced Eye Gel

The Cellumis Advanced Eye Gel can prevent puffiness and bags under the eyes, boost skin regeneration and reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

When used together, Cellumis Age-Defying skin serum and Advanced eye gel provide both instant and long-term benefits that result in smoother, brighter and firmer looking skin.

Cellumis Advanced Eye Gel

Thanks to a cold that has lingered for a couple weeks now, it was the perfect time for me to try the Cellumis system, as my face is definitely showing not only the signs of age but of my cold. I’ve suffered from lack of sleep and an overall blotchiness to the skin. Sometimes dry, sometimes flushed – my skin hasn’t been it’s best lately at all.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed an improvement to my skin, even despite my having a cold. My face has a softness to it now, along with more brightness. The skin around my eyes feels different, not so haggard and exhausted. While others might not notice yet, I certainly do, especially when I put on eye makeup. My skin tone is more even, and just more of an overall refreshed-feeling. 

While I’ve never worried about my age shouting itself from my skin, it’s something that is creeping up on me at a faster rate than I’d like. Since I want my face to be at it’s best now and years from now, why not fight wrinkles at the same time?

Perhaps one day when my friends are trying to reverse the signs of aging so late in the game, I’ll be thankful that I got this head start with the Cellumis system. 

Ready to try it out yourself for yourself? There’s even a sweet Cellumis special offer for you!




  1. I’ll have to give Cellumis a try. I have a few problem areas on my face that I am not at all happy with.

  2. I agree that it is much better to be proactive with aging! If you use anti aging creams when your skin is youthful it is much better than waiting until the wrinkles are so bad that you decide you need something.

  3. I am ugh at that age where I need to start being a little more serious. I definitely will check this out. I am not into painful injections. So this might be the one 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. This sounds like a great product I need to try. Could definitely go for brighter more even looking skin.

  5. I need to get into a new skin care regimen, my skin has been better. This looks like it would be great for me, giving me a smoother younger look,.

  6. It’s always nice to hear what other people are using. I can be so hard to decide what to use with so many options out there! Thanks for sharing about the scent, that makes a huge difference in whether or not I like a product!

  7. Oh, that sounds like a fabulous regimen. I haven’t tried either of those products yet, but I could see how they’d be beneficial.

  8. This is really interesting. I’m 26, but my forehead looks like a road map with all the lines spreading across. This sounds like a great option for me!

  9. I love eye gels. The cooling effect of that type of eye cream is just right. I have never been the one to embrace aging. I dye my hair and will keep on doing that until I suddenly stop. I don’t like grey hair on me. I hate wrinkles even more. Lately my eyes are so tired and dry and in need of a boost. I will have to remember this one for sure.

  10. I haven’t heard of Cellumis before, but I have been wanting to start a good skin/face routine. I will check these out!!

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