Gluten Free Cakes

Last month I took a series of cake decorating classes. It was something that I had wanted to do for years, and finally just signed up already. I really enjoyed this me time, and had so much fun. I learned a lot about baking cakes for success {it really is all in the tools!} and how to make them beautifully decorated. Yet, that’s not the only aspect, right? They should taste good too!

If I can take a moment to pat myself on the back for a minute – I get so many compliments on the taste of my cakes. Each and every time, everyone remarks on how delicious and moist my cakes turn out. Of course I smile and soak in the compliments happily. Yet, I’m going to tell you a secret, can you keep a secret?

I use Betty Crocker Cake Mixes!! Ha! I really do, and everyone thinks I slaved for hours with a secret recipe. *giggle* I know, my secret is safe with you, right?

To practice my decorating skills, I decided to make a cake to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Since he loves chocolate, and I wanted to try the new Gluten Free Cake Mixes by Betty Crocker – I thought this was the perfect excuse to bake with this new mix.

Indeed the GF Devils’ Food mix was delicious and received just as many compliments as always. So, for those that are looking for an easy Gluten Free cake mix, this one’s for you! And, it doesn’t taste any different than the other Betty Crocker cake mixes, so no worries on it tasting like a ‘special cake’. I have also gotten a lot of reader response saying that they’d love to see a GF frosting to pair with the mixes. So, I too hope this is in the works!

Yes, you can have a {beautiful} great tasting cake – and have it be Gluten Free too!!

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  1. Personally, I don’t care if the cake is the most beautifully creative cake the whole world has ever seen, if it doesn’t taste good than I don’t want it! So Kudos to you for making nice looking yummy cakes! My mom makes cakes and always gets compliments on the taste as well and she also uses betty crocker lol! :0)

    1. I agree, Becky! I have tried many cake recipes in the past, but always fall back onto Betty Crocker. It’s just that guarantee that it’ll turn out well!

  2. How did the cake taste? My Mom has celiac and she used to like baking but things just don’t agree anymore. I know some of the gluten-free breads taste different, was wondering how the cake was. Thanks.. 🙂

    1. It was awesome – just like the regular Betty Crocker cakes I regularly make….so surprised, actually!

  3. Can you buy these at Canadian grocery stores yet? I haven’t seen them 🙁 I love cake mixes, and since going gluten-free, they are hard to find!

  4. I am the birthday cupcake lady at work, and I have been doing this for over 5 years. Just recently someone again commented on how good there were, they always looked so shocked to tell them they are a mix!! Will have to try the gluten-free when I see them!

  5. I have celiac disease, so I have to eat gluten-free and I think the Betty Crocker mixes are delicious! My birthday was last week, so I had the devils food and it was just like any other cake! Yummy!

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