Celebrating the Everyday Superhero #BeSuper

Have you seen the new Barbie Princess Power masked dolls yet? It’s the latest line in the vast and iconic Barbie doll collection, and it’s all about how every one of us is a superhero. Termed Be Super, it’s the recognition and celebration of the everyday superhero that lives within us all.

As the mom of three girls, I applaud each initiative out there, that supports individuality and encourages the positive self-esteem in children. I’ve seen first-hand how a negative self-esteem damages all facets of a young life, and it’s so disheartening and horrible. Kids desperately need to hear and understand that they as individuals are important and their differences, talents, and qualities – should be put on a pedestal as something fantastic.

So, for full disclosure {as always}, I was asked if I’d like to take part in the Barbie #BeSuper campaign with my twin girls. After looking into the campaign and the message behind it – you couldn’t stop me. ‘Be Super’ gives me hope that the message will make a true impact on kids who need that encouragement in believing they are unique. Special, one of a kind, and deserving of being celebrated.

So, without further delay – here are my own Super-Girls and their awesome powers.

The twins and I set out to discover their own unique superpowers, yet first I wanted to get their opinion on the matter. Not surprisingly, when asked what their superpowers were – my girls rebutted with arguments like, ‘we can’t fly, Mom‘ and ‘we aren’t superheroes‘. This made me sad, quite honestly. I mean, who says you can’t be a superhero in your own way? 

I urged the twins to not think of typical super powers from movie characters. The girls eyes brightened and widened when I told them that everyone has superpowers, and that each of us has an ability or characteristic which sets us apart as being incredible.

Then, it all ‘clicked’ for the girls, and I immediately saw the ‘wow’ in their eyes, the love at the thought that they had a power all of their own.

We aimed to celebrate their own unique powers. But … what were they?

barbie be super kids making capes superpower

In thought, I stared at Sophia and pondered her unique power. In response to my stare, Sophia gave me her signature smile back. That huge grin that is distinctly hers. As a baby, she quickly got the nickname of ‘Smiling Sophia’, one which she still to this day.

Indeed, she was the happiest baby there ever was. Always smiling, yet not just in the mouth, her smile beamed right out of her eyes from her heart. Even her whole body displayed warmness and comfort when she smiled.

sophia super smile #besuper

And there it is. With the ability to drastically change anothers mood in just one look, and for the love she’s given to so many with just one upward turn of the mouth – I introduce – Sophia, ‘Super Smile’.

Now for Miss Katelyn, my quiet thinker of a child. She twirled around the room with many suggestions of being ‘dancer-girl’ and a ‘singing-master’. Truth is, she could ‘be’ all the ideas she had – and it would be totally true. She just couldn’t decide which one title, to be.

While making dinner one night, I felt little hands pull down the back hem of my shirt. I immediately knew those tiny hands were Katelyn’s. She is known to fix my clothing when it’s crooked or not hanging right. She’s done it about three times a week since she grew tall enough to reach my shirt.

I thought back to her as a baby, crawling around and picking up things on the floor, all in the name of helping. It always shocked and amused guests when they discovered that my one twinlin would be ripping paper or putting anything left on the floor into the mouth – while Katie crawled around taking appropriate items to the garbage or bringing it to an adult.

As Katie grew, she was often found running for a cloth when she spotted even a drop on the floor. She kept her toys tidy and her collections organized. She was always helping fold laundry or was right there to assist with anything I was doing.


Katie has always been the first to console an upset friend, or play with the one child not included in a group. Katie would drop everything she was doing to run for the lotion if she felt your hand was dry. She’s always been my child, that has all the feelings in the world.

Thank you Katie, you’re such a kind soul“, I said after she finished smoothing my shirt just right.

Mom, can I be Katie the Kind?“,  she said?

Sweetie, you already are

… And this is how she decided on her power of ‘Katie the Kind’. For thinking of others at all times, and doing what she can to help anyone.

The girls, so excited about their new superhero names, set to work on creating their special capes, masks and wrist cuffs. They wanted them to compliment their power to perfection.

sophia super smile besuper barbie 

katie the kind besuper barbie

They chattered while they worked, deciding between them what details their costumes needed. Sophia concentrated on smiley faces galore while Katie let hers burst with hearts, triple hearts and love.

barbie be super princess power dolls kids super powers 

barbie besuper kids super power princess power dolls

With their powers in mind and with great precision, they completed their work. It was then that they were dressed to match their names as ‘Super Smile’ and “Katie the Kind’, a duo whom make this world a better place for so many.

katie the kind be super barbie 

kind katie barbie princess power superhero 

super smile sophia besuper barbie princess power

I must admit Sophia has smiled more since her Be Super recognition {didn’t think that was possible}, and Katelyn has since introduced herself to others in according fashion, “Hello, I’m Katie the Kind“.

When before I don’t think they fully recognized their powers, they do now. PLUS, they have that pride in having celebrated them.

super power barbie besuper princess power dolls

‘Be Super’ is an initiative that is way more than simply masked dolls that kids fly through the air in play.

It’s a message that you don’t need stereotypical superpowers to be a hero, and that each one of us is a hero already. All you have to do is imagine, break barriers, inspire yourself to dream big and be bold. Let 2015 be the year to be super!

What is your child{s} super power? What about your own power? {still thinking on mine}

Barbie Be Super Campaign


I have partnered with Barbie for their ‘Be Super’ campaign and I receive special perks as part of my
affiliation. Yet as always, the opinions stated are my own. . .




  1. My super power is the ability to find anything that has gone missing in our house. Very few times have I not found what the kids or hubby has lost.

  2. My daughter can light up a room with her personality and her smile. Those are her super powers. I think my greatest super power is that I helped make her a part of this world!

  3. My kids are three fur babies, so their super powers are showering my husband and me with love at all times. MY super power is putting up with them destroying the house! =D

  4. You girls are such little dolls! I love that they love Barbie as much as my two girls do!

  5. I would say that all of my kids have the same, epic super power. They get along! When there are three kid of varying ages in the house, that’s the best super power around!

  6. This is such an important message, for boys as well as girls. Its good to see Barbie, who was for so long a messenger of all that was wrong, start fighting for the right cause.

  7. These are just amazing. I love the Super Hero names. I never thought of coming up with some for my kids but think it will be so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That is too cute. I love how their super hero outfits turned out. As for my son’s super power – he thinks that it is “using his cuteness”. I try to reward being cute and sweet rather than tantrums, but it’s turned into this thing that he considered it a super power. lol.

  9. That super hero costume is the best! There is nothing like a little super hero with her dog. 🙂

  10. I love the message this campaign is pushing! Each child is a superhero and has their own super power! I believe that children need to be told how unique and special they are every day!

  11. The video is so cute, Tammi 🙂 I agree with Jennifer- love the superhero idea. My daughter would like it too- she’s been really into superheros and comic books lately (but still loves really girly things too 😉

    1. Thanks Heather! Mine are as well, yet didn’t care much for the traditional superhero action figures. These are perfect!

  12. So cute. Super powers indeed! Your girls are beautiful and they will remember doing this forever!

  13. Love this new Barbie. My kids are very intuitive to others and their surroundings. They get along most of the time, and they are very generous and kind. Love that!

  14. These are so cute and fun for the kids to make. My daughters super power would have to be super kindness. She has always had a passion for helping people and animals.

  15. OMG they are absolutely precious! My youngest is named Sofia and she is the exactly same way always smiling from ear to ear and always laughing 🙂 I would say my oldest daughters power is that she is a perfectionist and as for I .. I am very organized … i take that as a super power 🙂

  16. Katelyn and Sophia are beautiful. They are super young ladies as is big sister Isabelle.

  17. My super power is generosity, my husband’s is kindness, my youngest’s is determination and my eldest’s is independence!

  18. I love Barbie and this campaign with two simple words is simply…fantastic! My daughter, Sara was the perfect baby for a single parent…always happy and content. Reading about your girls and their qualities made me think how similar they are to Sara’s qualities. As an adult, Sara is truly an amazing and inspiring woman that I am immensely proud of! Your girls are wonderful ‘Super Heroes’ in my opinion!!

  19. I really enjoyed reading this, such great little girls you have there with their marvellous super powers.

  20. Aww, I love this post. Isn’t it wonderful to see your children growing.
    My super power is feeding everyone.

  21. My hubby has a super power …he always knows when I need his support most during my illness

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  23. My daughter would love to have the superpower of flight!! She always dreams of flying among the fairies and spreading magical dust on all to make happy thoughts

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