Celebrating Canada with Maplelea

Canada Day is a pretty big deal around here. BIG DEAL.

It’s one of my favourite days of the year, and we always do something super fun to celebrate. I’m very patriotic, so each year we take in fun activities around town {or wherever we might be at the time}, complete with stick on tattoos, fireworks, and more.The whole day makes me giddy and I cannot wait for Canada Day 2015!

Know who else makes Canada Day a big deal? Maplelea, the makers of Canadian dolls which are “an inspiration to and a reflection of, Canadian girls from coast to coast.

Not only do my daughters love their Maplelea dolls, but they also love what they stand for – each one comes from a different area of Canada, unique with their own personalities and looks – just like our own real Canadian girls. My oldests Maplelea doll, Taryn, is from Banff – our neck of the woods. 

Just in time for Canada Day, Maplelea has some great themed items for their line of dolls AND your own child as well. My twins are each wearing the Canada T-shirt for Girls, which compliment their new doll outfits {though dolls in the photos with the twins are not Maplelea dolls}.

One doll outfit is the Strong and Free outfit for dolls and the other, the Canada Day outfit for dolls. 

celebrating canada day with Maplelea

The doll outfits are so cute and patriotic as is the shirts my girls are wearing. Made with the same great quality I’d expect from Maplelea, they cannot wait to celebrate this Canada Day with their friends – all dressed up for the occasion. Of course since we celebrate in a big way each year, I’m loving it! 

canada day dolla maplelea


maplelea canada day doll outfits clothing

As well, with every Maplelea doll outfit, comes new journal pages too. The journal comes with the dolls, and they are still worked on often by my daughter. So they were happy to have gotten new journal pages as well. 

canada day dolls outfits

My oldest daughter also got a little something for her Maplelea doll, Taryn. A Pom Pom Power outfit! As you know, Isabelle is a competitive cheerleader and has asked a few times in the past for a cheer outfit for Taryn. So, when one arrived for Taryn, screams literally resulted.

pom pom power cheerleader doll outfit

She adores this outfit like no other. It’s even red and white just like her own cheerleading uniform! Twinsies!

cheerleader doll outfit maplelea canada

Maplelea’s mission is to “make a difference in the lives of Canadian girls by providing age-appropriate dolls and activity products that promote creative play, healthy active lifestyles, while fostering a love and interest in Canadian culture and heritage

maplelea dolls canada outfits accessories

There are so many options to pair outfits and accessories to suit each and every child and their personalities and interests. Each one is a celebration of Canada and our precious kids within it. From Canada Day to an ordinary day {to a cheer competition day}, Maplelea offers great Canadian doll products for Canadian kids! 


I received product to facilitate this post, Opinions are always my own



  1. I love the Quilted Comfort Bed Linens. It’s a pretty close match to my oldest daughter’s quilt.

  2. The Showtime and the Pirouettes and Pliés caught my eye. My granddaughters all dance so I think they would love these.

  3. Your girls are just as pretty as the dolls. Great story. My twin sister and I collect dolls,despite being adults. Marie Osmond was our inspiration concerning saving our dolls. I love seeing young ladies playing with dolls. So many girls feel it is too prissy to have dolls. Thanks for this interesting story concerning the dolls and Canada’s traditions.

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  5. Love the Maplelea backpack! Great idea to bring your dolly friend everywhere you do!

  6. the hockey outfit for sure, granddaughter just started hockey, know she would love this for her doll!

  7. I love the Maplelea Friend with short curly black-brown hair, medium-dark skin, brown eyes

  8. both my girls have Maple Lea dolls & love them. I love the sports related outfits – my youngest says they need a football one!!

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