Celebrate our Cold Weather Heroes

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Somewhere in my mid-teens I went from enjoying our Canadian winters, to downright detesting them.

We Canadians are surrounded by the white blanket abyss, much hours of darkness, and frigid to downright nasty temperatures – from November right through to April or May. It’s torturous and I’m so done with winter!

Yet, I can’t complain too much, I work indoors and don’t have to be exposed to the elements that often. I’m reminded of this when running out to take out the garbage, or when sprinting from parking lots into stores. I’m definitely not the type of person that could be outside for any length of time in the winter months, I literally shiver at the thought.

So, let’s be thankful and take the time to celebrate those people that work out in the bitter cold, day in and day out. For example, my father in law worked for electrical light and power, dealing with many years of winter square in the face, so everyone in the city could snuggle up in their brightly lit and heated houses.

Albertans such as myself have many friends and family members that work in the oilfield, another example of people that endure freezing temperatures at work. When it’s unbearable to even stand outside for a few minutes to put gas into the car, there’s others that had to work in this weather {and colder, and for longer}, to give us that fuel.

ablertans working outdoors

There’s so many Cold Weather Heroes that brave our Canadian winters – all in the name of making our lives better in general.

To those people, I celebrate you!

Thanks to Tide, I was able to give someone in my community a little token of appreciation for being a #TideColdHero. I chose someone that I drive by and wave to – day in and day out. One that bears the cold each day so that mine and all kids at school, are safe.

She’s our schools crossing guard, and no matter how frosty it is, she always brings her face out from behind the warmth of a scarf, to give you a smile.

cold weather heroes canada

I can bet you come across many Cold Weather Heroes in your day to day life. They are the people directing traffic to the people bringing carts from the corral into the stores. The hotel valet to the commissionaire – these heroes are indeed everywhere.

This winter Tide travelled and met with Cold Weather Heroes all across Canada, to document their stories of everyday heroism, which you can view at heweathernetwork.com.

There you’ll be introduced to a Zamboni driver, search and rescue team, fisherman and more Canadians that do what they do – all the while outside, in temps that keep most indoors.


Canadians! Who is YOUR Cold Weather Hero?

Tell me in the comments below and I’ll randomly select 10 commenters {on March 9th, 2015} who will then receive a #TideColdHero package to give to their hero.

tide cold weather heroes


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  1. my cold weather hero is my husband who not only works outside all day in the extreme cold but here comes home and makes sure our driveway and steps are cleared. He never complains

    1. My dog walker is my cold weather hero because even in this freezing snowy weather she comes and walks my Maggie everyday

  2. Our School crossing guard, no fail, every day she is there with a smile, no matter how cold it is. She rocks

  3. My cold weather heroes are the garbage men and women who come out every day in this bitter cold. Who drive a truck with the door open so they can hop out and grab our bags. Who have to haul bags that have sat overnight in freezing temps and covered in frost and ice. Who have to maneuver narrow streets and cars parked on the street because of snow and windrows.

  4. My cold weather hero is my neighbour, Fred. He shovels the sidewalks and walkways of so many people in our neighbourhood. He says he was inspired by his mother’s neighbours who shovel for her.

  5. My cold weather hero are the snowblower guys and salt truck drivers who are out the minute the snow starts flying to try and keep the roads clear and safe for use all!

  6. My winter heroes are my fellow crossing guards 🙂 No matter the weather we are out there, some of my co-workers walk a half hour or longer to get to their crossing, it takes a lot to do it in -35 and they always do it with a smile.

  7. My cold weather hero is our postal carrier. Regardless of how cold or hot it is he always has a smile and a good morning for me.

  8. My cold weather hero is my son. He will go and do all the outside work not only for us but the elderly neighbors. He even went on christmas day one year and shovelled their driveway early in the morning for them!

  9. My cold weather hero is also my everyday hero, but it`s not just one person, but our local Volunteer Firemen. They don`t risk things for the money, but to help the community in all types of weather, they spend holidays away from home because someone may need them, these guys and gals are my cold weather heroes.

  10. I nominate my neighbour, Lou, who frequently brings his snowblower around to save me from shovelling our very long driveway. He’s retired and he’s far more active than I am! He loves meeting his friends for their weekly hockey games.

    As a second nomination, I’d like to give a shout out to my letter carrier. Postal workers are definitely cold weather heroes.

  11. My cold weather HERO is my dad who is a farmer and has to brave these cold temperatures day after day to keep the animals feed and watered!

  12. My Cold Weather Hero is my courier. He delivers all my packages right to my door, and is always so careful with the boxes. Couriers don’t get enough credit for what they do.

  13. my husband is my hero, he has been going thru cancer treatment for the 6 months, he still works in construction and he comes home and shovels our sidewalk and our neighbors

  14. My cold weather hero is my dad. He is always out in any weather shoveling snow for businesses and his neighbors houses. He gets up very early to make sure the pathways and driveways are clear for when people are going to work!

  15. I would definitely have to pick our Post Woman! It would be nice to leave her a little surprise!

  16. My Dad. He works for the City in the public works department. He gets called into work very often at 3 am in the middle of a snowstorm to sand and plow the roads so they are the safest they can be for the weather conditions so people can get around. Now as a mother, I truly feel the extra importance of his job, keeping the roads safe for my little one. I sure couldn’t/wouldn’t do his job and id love to pass along this as a small token of appreciation of the work he does.

  17. My cold weather hero is my hubby! He is outside whether it’s +30, or -50 because of his job.

  18. My dad is my cold weather hero. He has worked 35 years as maintenance for our local college, which meant a lot of time out in the cold fixing things or shoveling.

  19. my neighbour is my cold weather hero is up at the crack of dawn (even before baby wakes me) and he’s shoveling the walks and the driveway of our elderly neighbour that lives alone;)

  20. My father in law he is out plowing and shoveling through the night during every dump of snow we have had this year never heard a complaint out of him!

  21. My Dad! He’s 69 and still spends HOURS shoveling out and salting his parking space. He also does the lady’s downstairs.

  22. My cold weather hero would have to be my step-dad, Gerry. He is always out in the cold & helping others during the winter!

  23. My cold weather hero is my hubby who does the shovelling all winter, checks my car’s fluids and tires when it’s so cold and walks the dog so I don’t have to go out in the cold.

  24. My husband of course – he always shovels the driveway, warms up the car, takes out the garbage and all of the “fun” things that no one wants to do in the cold! #TideColdHero

  25. Mine truly is my mailman, who brings me my awesome packages of happiness, is always pleasant and as to bear unbearable temperatures and conditions, plus he lives under the constant threat of his job being eliminated for those awful super boxes.

  26. my cold hero is my neighbour, P. He is very friendly and every so helpful. Whenever it starts snowing, he’s the first one in the neighbourhood to start shoveling and when he’s done, he starts shoveling other people’s driveways and sidewalks, especially those who have a little difficulty. He does this day in and day out, sometimes more than 5 times a day!

  27. Paul was thrilled he was mentioned in your post. He said u must have known he is making Canneloni for u guys today!! lol

  28. My Cold Weather Hero is my hubby,who goes away to Alberta to work in the freezing temperatures to provide for his famiiy.

  29. My Cold Weather Hero is the principal at my son’s school. Regardless of weather, she is out every single morning making her rounds to greet the parents and kids. She also makes sure everyone gets to school safely and she would scold any drivers that do illegal drop offs.

  30. My cold weather hero is my husband who is always out there clearing the snow. i use to be able to help, but now he does it all by himself. He is always putting ice melt down so that I don’t fall. We have had so much snow and freezing rain that it has kept him very busy and he never complains.

  31. Our school crossing guard is my Tide Cold Weather Hero! She’s amazing! Every day she comes to work, always happy to see the kids! She never complains!

  32. My UPS guy. He is always bringing packages to the house and always with a smile on his face and he never complains.

  33. So many workers brave the cold to serve us. I thank them all. My special cold weather hero is my son who shovels snow and helps carry in groceries for me.

  34. My #TideColdHero is my husband who keeps my parents driveways both cleared all winter! It’s been a bad one, lots of moving snow.

  35. The fella who uses his snowblower to keep my driveway clear of snow all winter is my cold weather hero.

  36. I’d nominate the crossing guard in my neighborhood, she’s always out there no matter how bad the weather gets to make sure nothing happens

  37. my cold weather hero is my mailman who delivers my ebay goodies without fail no matter how cold

  38. My cold weather hero is my mail carrier who is so friendly even when it’s so cold and icy out. I don’t know how he does it.

  39. My Canadian Cold Weather Hero is the bunch of guys that push me car to get me out of the snow and on the road again…..thanks guys !!! 🙂

  40. My cold weather hero is me. I always end up shovelling the sidewalk and driveway. Even though I have been retired for a few years, enjoy getting out and doing the physical work. Who says retired women can’t do physical work.

  41. my ColdWeather Hero is always our awesome postman Kieth! Sure going to be missed when we lose his fine Service!

  42. My landlord…he always has the area around the building shoveled right to the pavement.

  43. my #tidecoldhero is my husband. He snowblows the driveways all the time. Not only ours, our neighbours, and family. Our poor snowblower is taking a beating. I also had to buy heating pads to put in my DH boots and mitts.

  44. My neighbour that clears the snow from my driveway. He is so reliable. It is this one little thing that makes my day so much easier knowing that I don’t have to worry about it.

  45. My cold hero is my uncle he’s over 80 years old and snow blows all of his neighbour sidewalks and driveways, he’s out there all day long.

  46. My fiancé who gets called out to go fix trucks on the side of the road that have broken down … he never complains about the cold.

  47. Mine is my brother who works in a freezer in a warehouse all year round. Brrr

  48. My cold weather heros are all of those people who have to be out there, crossing guards, road construction people, flag men, postmen, bundled up kids waiting for buses. You get the picture.

  49. My husband, regardless of how cold it is he is always out there shoveling and salting the driveway and clearing away any of the ice that may cause a hazard so his loved ones inside can stay safe when we do venture outside 🙂

  50. My hero would be my husband who heads out and snow blows for four hours. Lots of snow here this year making lots of heroes.

  51. My boyfriend is my cold weather hero, he works outside in the freezing cold weather!

  52. My cold weather hero is my husband. He works and drives out in the cold all day long delivering car parts. And after he comes home a shovels out the driveway for us. The man never complains and is such a great guy and if thats no enough he even at times does the laundry. How can ya beat that? He’s my hero every single day I live and breath……..for sure.!!

  53. My cold weather heroes are the members of the Search and Rescue Teams that work in the mountains in our area.

  54. My cold weather heroes are the sidewalk plow people. I walk or take transit everywhere so I really appreciate seeing those little tractor plows go by clearing the way for my feet. Clear sidewalks are much nicer than snow soaked pant legs and wet boots! So thanks to them for braving the cold during their long work days!

  55. My cold weather hero is a lady named Mary in our small town who rescues homeless cats/kitten and with the help of a few more ladies they raise funds a dollar at a time to Spay or Neuter and then to find them forever homes.Hail,rain snow nothing will stop her if a animal is in need.She is my HERO

  56. My hubby is.. He works long, hard COLD hours outside for our family and is my HERO for sure <3

  57. My cold weather hero are my kids who get up and catch the bus and go to university every day even when the weather hits minus 40 outside

  58. My cold weather hero’s are all the health care workers who get up an hour early to clear their drives so they will never keep their patients waiting no matter how much snow we get!! Many would not do this and simply get in late

  59. My parents who stand out in the cold schoolyard to pick up my kids when I am stuck at work

  60. My Mother-in-Law who takes my kids to school every day and brings me a Tim’s to boot!

  61. My cold weather heroes are all the people who work outside in general. The weather has been so cold that I think they all deserve some recognition.

  62. My cold weather hero is my husband-He always clears the driveway and van of snow-I really am lucky.

  63. My cold weather hero is the guy in our town that picks up the garbage, the recycling and also keeps are streets clear of snow. He is very busy no matter what the temperature he is always out their.

  64. My Grandma is my cold weather hero, she’s approaching 90 and has lived though Alberta winters her whole life!

  65. My cold weather hero is my hubby. He snow blows at least 6 houses, and asks for nothing in return. He is the hero of the neighbourhood.

  66. My neighbours who always phone to see if I need anything every time they go out so I don’t have to brave the weather.

  67. My neighbor is definitely my cold weather hero, he has snowblowed the sidewalks and my driveway all winter!

  68. My Cold Weather Hero is a single mom I know without a car who is always walking her children to school, appointments, etc.

  69. My cold weather hero is my daughter’s bus driver. Each morning and afternoon she has to come out and open the wheelchair lift to get her on the bus in the bitter cold. That bus must never get a chance to get warm. In and out of the cold isn’t an easy job.

  70. My mailman is. He comes out in all weather, and he’s so cheerful about it all.

  71. my dad even at the age of 70 he stills goes out in the freezing cold to deliver flyers hes been doing it for 20 years

  72. my cold weather hero is my neighbor who helps shovel our driveway/sidewalk sometimes.

  73. My Husband is my Cold Weather Hero! He braves the elements to snow blow and salt family and friends driveways each and every snow fall so that we can all be kept safe. Between you and me I think he rather enjoys it. He looks like a kid on Christmas when there’s a fresh snow fall! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  74. My cold weather hero is my son. I feel terrible for him because he has a 30 minute walk each way to school and he does it; albeit with some complaint.

  75. My cold weather hero has to be our postman. With all the snow and freezing temperatures that we have had this winter, we have not gone one day without our mail. I don’t know how the post delivery people do it as I couldn’t! And ours always does his work with a smile and a chuckle!

  76. #TideColdHero My husband use to be, he work on the rigs, He even went and work on the rig in Alaska one winter @ -40C.

  77. The School Principal. No matter how cold it is, he’s always outside at the drop off to open the doors for the kids, so they’re safely exiting the cars.

  78. my cold weather hero’s are the snow plow operators that keep our roads safe and work very long hours in this very very bone chilling cold winter we have! ty 🙂

  79. My cold weather hero is my husband for moving all that snow while insisting I stay in and not help

  80. The local crossing guard, who always smiles and waves regardless of how ridiculously early or cold or wet it is!

  81. My cold weather hero is my mailman, obviously it’s his job to brave the cold weather and deliver our mail but he does so with a smile and always a friendly wave!

  82. My Cold-Weather Hero is our postman! We have had a terrible winter but, despite all the snow and freezing temperatures, he has been out there delivering the mail with a smile.

  83. My hero is my Grandma.She lives in Lethbridge and at 86 still does her washing with a wringer washer and hangs the clothes out to to dry(freeze dry)Last year she had a bad fall off the line platform,but that didn’t deter her!

  84. My husband, who is a prospector, recently spent the month of February doing outdoor exploration work 7 days a week in -15 to -22 C weather. He was out in a very open untreed area so felt the wind chills to the maximum! He is my hero.

  85. My guy, Jason, is my cold weather hero. As a sprinkler fitter, he works in outdoor or unheated environments most days. Then, at night, he’s a volunteer fire fighter with two fire stations in our area. He’s my hero, for those reasons, and more!

  86. My cold weather hero is my next door neighbour Brent Svekla who kindly shovels my walks every time it snows and sprinkles them when things ice up. I am blessed as I am now disabled and can no longer do this for myself!

  87. My next door neighbour who helps with shovelling because my husband and i are disabled

  88. My hubby, not as much as others… but he’s been shovelling for me all winter. 😀

  89. My cold weather hero is my cousin,who maintains an outdoor rink for his neighbourhood.
    It is a gigantic task that requires a huge time commitment,but he does it every year!

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