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Did you know that 25% of kids suffer from poor vision that is serious enough to impede learning, and sometimes a vision problem might be misdiagnosed as a learning disability? Also, it’s been estimated that a whopping 80% of a child’s learning is through their eyes.

These alarming statistics are ones I learned on a kids activity book while in the waiting room at Pearle Vision. We were there for an annual eye exam* for my oldest daughter, a crucial appointment that myself and the kids never miss each year. I’m usually not one for leafing through kids activity pamphlets like this, yet the facts shared were so interesting, and jaw-dropping that I think I had the activity book longer than my kids.

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For instance, vision screenings are completed at most Canadian elementary schools – yet those screenings only detect 20-30% of vision problems. So if you are one that relies on just those for information, please don’t. Plus, 1 in 20 kids have a vision problem that could result in permanent vision loss. It’s facts like these that reaffirm why I schedule annual comprehensive exams just before the new school year – to maximize my kids’ learning, provide health and comfort, and possibly save their vision altogether. It’s not just about the health of a valuable body part, but the way they literally see and experience life.

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Since I go through this exam process annually, I can also say that where you make the appointment matters just as much. A previous eye exam elsewhere with my daughter left me more questions and decisions when it was suggested she get bifocals, yet not with a full explanation nor rationale. I was very much on the fence about this since the suggestion, and was eager to get more insight on this.

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During my daughter’s comprehensive eye exam at Pearle Vision, the doctor took time to understand my daughter’s lifestyle which includes her glasses versus contacts use, her competitive sport, and academics. I asked about a bifocal option, and the doctor explained how it works and then gave me details on my daughter’s eye health, and what she best needs. The doctor explained my daughter’s type and use of corrective glasses and contact lenses – in a way that no doctor had before.

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I was impressed that she connected with both of us, to give the best possible care. She provided tips and full insight beyond just handing over a prescription. Also for the first time, I think my daughter fully understands her eye shape, and the workings of corrective lenses and why she needs them. This is important for kids, because so many don’t have that understanding of why so that they, for example, know the importance of when to wear them versus not.

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After our eye exam at Pearle Vision, I now feel confident in the route I was taking with my daughter’s eye health. It makes all the difference when you know that an optometrist cares for eyesight, and the life with the eyes.


We left about an hour later with new corrective lenses {no bifocals!} that my daughter is really excited about, and sometimes that is half the battle as well.

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There was also a sale at Pearle Vision, so my daughter also chose a sassy new pair of prescription sunglasses, to further protect her eye health when out in the rays of the sun.

Again, 80% of a child’s learning is through their eyes and 25% of kids suffer from poor vision. Children head back to school very soon and visual tasks such as reading, writing, smart-board work, sports and using computers will be perform daily. Give their start the best possible chance to succeed by making a trip to Pearle Vision, they take the time to focus on people and their eyes.

Getting vision checked early and often is the key – arrange your child’s eye exam today!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pearle Vision. As always, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Here in our province kids exams are free, so we’ve always gone, esp since both hubby and I are blind without our glasses. My husband is also diabetic so his apts are all free as well.

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