Moments Captured at a Kids Halloween Party


This past weekend my kids and I were invited to attend a Halloween Party, mostly with friends from their class. Food, crafts, games, friends and fun – I knew this was one party to go down in the record books.

I thought it was a perfect occasion to bring along the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. My goal was to capture these special memories of my kids at a fun event with their friends and also introduce this DSLR to other Moms. After all, most have the same mission as myself – to capture everyday, special moments in their kids lives.


First, the delicious food! I loved using the Food setting in the Scenes setting, made to capture culinary photography to perfection. I really liked how the colours are crisp and sharp, such delicious visuals.


 As someone who regularly takes photos of food for my blog {my kids words: “Mom, can I eat this or do you need to take a picture first?”}, I know this setting will be used a ton.




The kids settled into some Halloween crafts at the party. Bracelet making, colouring, stickers and more.




 Since there was so much activity at the party, I mainly used the EF 40mm f2.8 STM Lens indoors. I absolutely love the Background Blur setting, just because it’s so quick and easy to use. Instead of using manual to adjust the focal length, this setting takes less time to get that photo with the nice blurring effect.


Combine that with the fact that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 has a TOUCH SCREEN {yes!}, it’s even easier to get those great shots of the fly. So, you have the option of choosing your desired setting with the buttons and dials, and with navigation on the screen. I think those just entering the world of DSLR cameras will especially appreciate this, since it’s almost second nature now to browse through a touch screen.

The Halloween party then went outdoors where the kids could run and play, and I could test some outdoors shots using the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 and the 18-55mm IS STM Lens.

The first shot I took was of the decorations outside the home. Yet first I turned on the Extra Effect Shot feature and chose monochrome. The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 then takes the photo as usual, and saves another exact photo yet in Monochrome. Right on the screen you could see side by side captures of both photos, and immediately I decided that colour in the day just didn’t do it justice. The b&w version is MUCH spookier, right?

canon OES Rebel SL1 review myorganizedchaos

There are so many other effects to choose from, it’s amazing. Plus, you have two copies of the photo, meaning you don’t need to take a second shot after adjusting the settings, also saving time in post editing to change the look. Awesome.

Back to the party: The kids ran and play in costume, having a ball. Angry Bird lived up to his costume that day, chasing the kids around the yard. I used the active kids setting to get photos at this time, catching expressions the whole while without photo blur. Run Obi-Wan, run!

kids active mode canon EOS rebel sl1

 Even Tigger came out to play with the kids, I so love getting photos of animals and this little cutie is extremely photogenic. This photo came out crisp also with some blurred background to keep the focus on the dog and not the many distractions in the background.

pet portrait cann OES rebel SL1

Next on the party agenda? A spooky Halloween game of cooked spaghetti noodles and peeled grapes in jars, to represent brains and eyeballs. 

food photo Canon Rebel OES SL1 review

Blindfolded and not knowing what was really in there, it was interesting to watch the kids reactions when their hands went into the jars. Amazingly, the girls were unfazed, almost unimpressed with the ‘brains and eyeballs’ whereas we all got some laughs from the boys reactions.

halloween games kids party

On this particular day I got many inquires about the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 along with many impressed reactions when offered the chance to give it a test drive. This doesn’t surprise me at all, since it’s the lightest and smallest DSLR int he world, yet quite the firecracker when it comes to features and ability. 


I usually carry around my larger and heavier advanced series Canon DSLR, so of course I noticed just how much lighter and compact the the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is. It packs such a punch when it comes to features and function, I’m truly impressed with this camera!

I got many photos of this exciting afternoon, making a nice collection of memories to enjoy for years to come. Old friends getting together and new ones made, even Tigger himself made a friend at the party. 


** All photos SOTC, yet re-sized for web-use and an addition of a watermark.


Impressed by this DSLR? Don’t forget to enter to win a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 for yourself, I have a fantastic giveaway up right now for one of my Canadian readers.

Be on the lookout for more photo-sharing to come, I’m capturing a ton of life’s moments to share with you all!


Disclosure: Canon Canada provided me with the before mentioned products and is sponsoring the giveaway, all opinions are my own.



  1. Wow! You really captured some great shots with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. And the Halloween party looks like it was a lot of fun. Great job!

  2. Your pictures came out beautiful! I love all of the fun details from the party. The ghost cupcakes are probably my favorite!

  3. I am amazed at the quality of photos you have taken with this camera, WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. The range in focuses and the high resolution quality makes these shots so magazine worthy (not to mention the incredible talent behind the camera)!

  4. Your photos of the party are amazing! I love how you blurred the backgrounds in some and that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 has a touch screen – very cool! I’m borrowing the cupcake decorating idea – much better than just frosting them orange!

  5. Looks like it was a great party and that is one great camera! Love the pictures that it takes!!!

  6. Wow! If you aren’t a professional photographer already, the camera certainly makes it seem as if you are. Well done, incredible photos!

  7. These are great images! I’m in the market for a new camera, and I’ll definitely be adding the Canon EOS Rebel to my list.

  8. You did such an amazing job!!!!! I’ve realized by now how utterly creative you are, but every time I read a post like this, I think, “I canNOT believe how incredible your work is!”

  9. looks like a pretty fun party 🙂
    the photo’s were freakin’ amazing, so crip and clear, loving all the different options.
    and you HAVE to tell me what the green cups were!

  10. Great shots! But um, a touch screen?!? I NEED this camera! My DSLR is almost 4 years old and I am ready for a new one. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!
    (and the party looked like a great time too 🙂 )

    1. I know right? I think that’s one of my favourite things about this camera, LOVE the touchscreen!

  11. great pictures now I really want one of those cameras. I’ve done christmas craft days with my kids and their friends but never did a halloween party.

  12. love the pictures they are so clear and crisp. The special effect features like monochrome really made a spooky effect.Also the active kids setting would be handy for my busy kids!

  13. You again made me realize a need a new camera, lol. Such wonderful pictures both in colour and black and white.

  14. Wow the pics are awesome and SOTC too! I love that monochrome effect. You’re right it does add an element of spookiness to the photo. Looks like a fun day for all!

  15. Great pictures. I love how you focus on the detail and sometimes have the background blurry

    1. You can do it without the smaller lens too, I love focusing using the touchscreen, blurring is so simple!

    1. Very clear! I think I was shooting on the medium size too, which is average. Bumping it up to large to really get the shots crisp.

  16. Great shots! And awesome ideas for a party. I’m hosting one on Halloween with my playgroup and will be borrowing those pudding cups!

  17. I love the last photo in the post of Tigger. The lighting is really nice. The camera does a great job with B&W images as well.

  18. You were having too much fun making kids stick their hands in the jars. I like how it can make the background blurry and the foreground clear.

    1. Agree, I used to fiddle so much to get the effect manually – this is beyond simple! Like the user friendliness!

  19. beautiful photos, I love the way you can focus in on one part and let the other be a bit out of focus in the background. Either you’re a good photographer or it really is a super camera 😉

  20. Cute kids, cute cupcakes, and the photos look great!

    I remember doing the brains and eyeballs thing at a school haunted house.

  21. Yes! This is the kind of photo quality I love to see! Love it! Canon does it again. P.S. lovely Halloween party!

    1. Hi Judith,
      The indoors were taken with the EF 40mm f2.8 STM Lens and I used the standard 18-55mm IS STM Lens for the outdoor shots.

  22. I love the pictures, it looks like everyone is having fun! Great ideas for Halloween 🙂

  23. just saw on pinterest for twin costumes twinkie packs and mom was the Hostess

  24. I love these pictures. There is actually a Food setting?! Wow…as if I didn’t already want a Rebel bad enough before! lol. I can picture my kids whining “Moooooooooooommmmm…stop taking pictures of dinner, I want to eat!!” lol.

  25. Great photos! Looks like a great party. Love the decorations, especially the graveyard!

  26. These are such beautiful photos! I remember the oily spaghetti trick from wen I was a kid lol Lots of fun!

  27. love the clarity and sharpness of the photos. Not to mention I love clear action shots

  28. Omg that looks like the coolest party ever!! Neat little treats and ideas!! The pictures look amazing

  29. Its not just the great camera that makes such nice pictures. A lot of it is the photographer. I can buy a great pen but I can’t right a great novel.

  30. These pictures are amazing and I want to be invited to your next party, looked so cool and fun! Is that your dog? So adorable!

  31. I love the first photo…it shows a little nutrition and a lot of Halloween fun plus yummy goodies!

  32. OMG that camera is AMAZING!!! the pictures are in such great quality. wow !! just incredible

  33. I love those pics they are so clear and bright, it really looks like they almost move that’s how clear they are. plus the party looks so cool:) Thank you:)

  34. Looks like such an awesome Halloween party! Great job capturing the moments with that camera 🙂

  35. These shots are fantastic! I have an old old well used Canon XTi it’s bulky and heavy and lacks all the modern features this camera has!! I’ve been wanting an upgrade, This is it!

    1. I have to admit, the new features and tech on this camera is amazing, I’m really liking the upgrades for sure!

  36. I love how bright the colors are in these photos. My pictures never come out this nice. The food pictures make them look like you could pick one off the page. Your Halloween party looks like a lot of fun for everyone.

    1. I’m very impressed with this camera Darlene. Really, it’s simple and so incredibly user friendly!

  37. Halloween is so much fun and you’ve captured some great memories and some really yummy looking treats with your Canon EOS Rebel! Happy halloween to you and your family!

  38. Awesome pictures! It looks like it was a great party and the kids all had lots of fun. I love that the camera has a food setting, because I also love taking pictures of food that I cook.

  39. You can really see the quality of the photos in this post, there’s just a crispness to the pictures that you don’t get with a standard point and shoot or a cellphone camera! Great shots and as others have said the party looked fun!

  40. wow, those are some great fun shots, I would so enjoy taking great photos like that too

  41. Wow! Those Halloween pictures taken with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 are fantastic! Looks like everyone had a good time on Halloween, too! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  42. All of the pics are great, but the best in my mind is the one of the little girl drinking from a cup with the table laid out in front of her.

  43. Love the shot of the boys reaction sticking his hand in the “brain guts” spaghetti! Would love to have seen a shot of the girls reaction too….I bet they were disgusted…LOL. Great pics! YOu are so creative with the decorating, and goodies! Thanks for sharing your day.

    1. No, actually the girls were almost unimpressed. Go figure!!
      That is one of my favourite pictures too, caught his reaction perfectly! Great camera!

  44. Wonderful photos, indeed! The clarity of the images is amazing – so crisp and colorful! I really love the blurring effect as well.. Very cooL!

  45. “Mom, can I eat this or do you need to take a picture first?” – I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read it. Kids are smarter than we think 🙂

  46. Such beautiful shots, the colours are so sharp & vibrant! Looks like the party was hit! cheers!

  47. Great shots, the party looked like alot of fun, we always have a halloween party for the kids!

  48. Wow that is one great cam and photographer!! Good shots I especially love the ones with the puppy so cute!!

  49. wow that looks like such a fun time and I love the detail and clarity of the pictures niceeeeeee

  50. I am really impressed with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. It really takes beautiful pictures! love this camera.

  51. Love the blurred background setting and the active one of the kids running outside wow good shooting!

  52. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blur background pics!! Plus the halloween party pics gave me some ideas for next year 😉 So thank you for that!! and is it really that much “lighter” we have a camera but after a while hanging around my feels a bit sore…so a lighter camera is a MUST!!

  53. I enjoyed the photos. Nice depth of field on some of them. BTW….the ghost cupcakes are cute.

  54. Wow what great shots you got , so clear and bright , great camera and great job !

  55. The Halloween party looks like everyone had a blast! You now have me craving Halloween candies and cupcakes at 7am LOL! I can’t believe the amazing quality of these photos with this camera 🙂 I can only wish I was as creative as that my cupcakes always look like … well we won’t go there, I can however make a mean PB cookie haha!

  56. I read a comment up above that I have to concur with – I can’t believe the quality of the pictures. They are fab!! I love the in focus foreground and out of the focus background. I SOOO need this camera!!

  57. I love your photos! The Halloween party looks like it was lots of fun! You are soooo creative!

  58. LOVE the clarity of the pictures and the depth of the details. I like that you can alter between pic effects (B&W, Colour etc) and that party looked like a whole lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your family with us 🙂

  59. The Halloween cupcakes were so cute! & I loved how the monochrome photo of your Halloween decorations turned out.

  60. Wow, that is like a ideal Halloween party!! I haven’t had the chance to celebrate like this, with the food and the game!!

  61. These pictures are awesome! (as well as the cute craft ideas & decoration ideas 🙂

  62. Great pics!! Looks like everyone had a ball (wish I had been there!) even Tigger! I am LOVING the extra effect setting and that fact that you can compare the pics side by side, what a time saver as sometimes you only get one chance to take that special shot, also not having to go into your photo program and change it there is a bonus!
    The lightness is a plus for me as arm problems prevent me from lugging a heavy camera around a no-no now, this is going on my short short list for a new camera!
    If I could take great pictures like you I think I would have to start a new job as a professional photographer!
    Will continue to follow the series and learn all about your feelings on this camera.

  63. Beautiful photos and great memories. The camera sounds incredibly easy to use and functional!

  64. I definitely need to come to your house for Hallowe’en! Amazing photos of what looks like a wonderful time.

  65. First of all… What a FUN looking party! Secondly, fantastic pics!! You are an amazing photographer!!

  66. Wow, these look amazing!!! It may be a great camera.. it sure looks it.. but I think there’s a certain degree of personal skill at play here too 🙂

  67. I loved the reaction to the “brains and eye balls” priceless! Love the camera and the pictures you captured!

  68. aside from the fact that that looked like an amazing halloween party, the picture quality is AH-MAZING!

  69. These photos are gorgeous, and what exciting ideas you have come up with for Halloween fun.

  70. Love the photos! How cute they are 🙂 Love that Tigger also has the halloween spirit, love the scarf! It’s funny my aunt’s cat is Tigger too 🙂

  71. I cant wait until my boys are a bit bigger and want to do things like this. This is the first year they have agreed to wear costumes, lol

  72. I love your photos of the party, “where was my invite btw” Those cupcakes had my mouth watering. I really wish I could capture great pics like you do. Your girls looked so cute!!

  73. Thanks for sharing these quality Hallowe’en photos with us! The party looks like a fantastic time and I liked seeing both healthy and sweet treats! Did anybody “trick” you? LOL Trick or TWEET! ♥ Your camera giveaway is so fairy sweet!

  74. Loved the boys reaction! LOL! Its perfect… and your Halloween party looks like a blast for the kiddos (very creative with the treats).

  75. Wow, looks like a great time was had by all at the Halloween Party! The pictures are amazing as well. You must be very organized to look after everyone at the party and still be able to take great photos like those.

  76. I cannot believe how crisp the colours are in the photos, especially the first food one. I stared at it for like 3 minutes straight it’s so beautiful!

  77. Wow – great pic quality and great photography! I love the quality of the pics taken both inside and outside!

  78. The pictures of the food are amazing and there are some great ideas there. I love the pudding cups and the ghost cupcakes. It looks like this was a great party.

  79. Love all these treats you made and the pictures are gorgeous. FYI I spy similar back splash in the background. Love it!

  80. Great pics! Especially love the blurring of the background aka the sweet little dog…focuses attention on him and only him! Perfect!

  81. The pictures turned out great and looks the party was a blast. We bought that skeleton this year too and love it

  82. I love your photos, particularly the one of the blindfolded boy with his hands in the jars. I also picked up some great ideas for next Halloween. Thanks for sharing.

  83. Great photos! I love the ghost cupcakes – they’re so cute! And the photo of the little boy enjoying the “brains” is adorable.

  84. You take amazing photos, I wish I was as talented. Your Halloween party was pretty spectacular also, looks like your daughters had a wonderful time.

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