The Calgary Tower {Yikes!}

I’ve lived here all my live and never went up the Calgary Tower. That fact is very odd to me. 

This Summer I decided to change that when my family and I set out to seize the Summer with While in Calgary for our weekend getaway, we took the kids up the Calgary Tower, which was built in the 60s. Pretty isn’t she?

calgary tower

 Views all around of the city of Calgary, noticing all the landmarks from high up. The kids had a total blast with many ‘this is so cool!’ phrases overheard. 

calgary views tower tour alberta travel

 We learned much of the history of the tower, how it was built, when and all that jazz. Yet I learned something about myself on this trip up 190 feet. 

That I’m terribly scared of heights.


 None of those feet in the photo above are mine … it took everything in me, to lean forward and take this photo. I could hardly go near the glass floor. I shook. I couldn’t breathe. I knew I was uneasy with heights for years, getting a little shaky when extremely high up. In fact, I used to LOVE heights, it’s just something that creeped up on me in adulthood.

So this glass floor? Confirmed it. Full.blown.panic.attack. 

I stood back biting my nails like a maniac while my kids laughed and taunted me by doing things like this: 

glass floor calgary tower family travel

 I almost broke out in sweats watching my babies on that glass floor. What have I become?!

So, I let them play with the scary floor and I did what I was comfortable with. I gazed at gorgeous views of the city of Calgary … from behind a big cement wall. 

city of calgary downtown


city of calgary alberta Canadian Mom blogger myorganizedchaos

Anyone else develop a fear of heights later in life? Ever walked on a glass floor from way up?



  1. I am with you on the panic attack. I am not sure that I would have been able to let my children play on that glass floor. You are a stronger mommy than I.


  2. I can’t do the glass floor thing. The one in the CN Tower freaks me out no end, especially when our kids jump on it! But I’m ok so long as there’s a real, non-see-through floor underneath me and something solid in front of me πŸ™‚

  3. My kids love the calgary tower especially the see through floor! I myself was scared on standing on it!

  4. I’ve been up there to eat a few times, very good food. The glass floor however, I’ve done once and I had a really hard time trying to set one foot on it. Great views of the city though! Was this before or after the flood on June 20?

  5. I hate heights! It is one of the reasons I have never gone up the CN Tower is Toronto even though we have visited several times. The glass floor would of freaked me out.

  6. Hari OM
    First – yes very pretty from down below! Reminds me of the Sydney Tower
    Second – once was enough for me up there to know it was a bad idea – not just the top, but the endless ride in the tiny CLAUSTROPHOBIC lift to get there
    Third – if you were okay looking across, it is quite likely you have developed a form of vertigo; or it’s just mother instinct wanting to preserve life!! I do get vertigo and even though I love heights, have to be very careful where I place myself in order to deal with them. You may like to read this fun post about what happens when I forget that fact…

    Have a ground-based week! YAM xx

    1. I got Vertigo really bad a few years back, it was terrible! I know the feeling and while there is a moment that is similar, I’m not sure it was the same. Yet good point though!

  7. The Willis Tower in Chicago is 108 stories high and has a glass floor like that too. I nearly peed myself, but I did stand on the glass floor for a photo lol.

  8. Aww! That sucks how bad your fear of heights has become! I wouldn’t be a big fan of walking on that glass either, and I’m not terribly scared of heights myself. I mean, I’ve bungee jumped several times and have gone skydiving, but to me that’s different because I was tethered for bungee and had a parachute for skydiving. But when you’re just standing there, on top of glass, there is nothing to protect you if for some reason it were to just break and fall out. THAT scares the crap outta me. Ugh!

    1. I did go parachuting once and had no issues! Maybe it depends on if I’m strapped to something … and yes, it’s just glass in my mind and the kids were jumping on it. AHHHH, still getting goosebumps from it all!

  9. That’s a great view! I have no problem with heights, and I love going to the CN Tower in my hometown!

    1. *phew* I’ll stand back with you Karren. Beautiful views, good thing you don’t have to go to the edge to see them!

  10. Those are awesome photos. I’m so glad you took the one looking from above their feet down to the street way below, even though you were so scared. It’s one of my favorites.

    1. Thank you!! I thought it was a cool photo, I had to try and get it. Though I did hold onto my DSLR with all my might!!

  11. That is so neat! I don’t know I would feel about actually walking on it! I would totally have a panic attack like you!

    1. Funny how something like that affects you, right? Great attraction, I’m sure many realize just how brave or not they are! lol

  12. Great photos! The Calgary tower is quite amazing! I have visited it once years back when I was there visiting friends – wow! The view is unreal!

    I don’t blame you with the glass floors – even though you KNOW they are safe.. Holy moly are they terrifying hah πŸ™‚

    1. You know it, but there’s still room for that doubt. Yep, lots of doubt with me!! My kids were jumping on it … AHHHH, I still shudder!

  13. We drove through Calgary before, such a beautiful place. This reminds me of a trip we took to Chicago, my husband wouldn’t walk out on the glass floor at the Sears Tower now called Willis Tower. The kids were so joyful to be standing on the glass and looking down, my body was tingling but I braved a quick walk out.

  14. Oh that is high up! It reminds me of the tower we went to in Chicago last year. It’s called the Willis Tower, but most people know it as the Sears Tower.

    1. I’ve heard of it before. I’d like to try, yet I’m sure I’d be even more terrified!

  15. Those glass floors give me the chills! Haha! Looks like a great view from up there!

  16. We moved here 7 years ago, but never been up the Calgary Tower either… been waiting for some family to visit and take them there… but it hasn’t happened yet. πŸ™‚

    1. You need to! It’s a pretty cheap price, and there’s a 2 for 1 coupon online to print. πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve been up to the CN Tower in Toronto. And did you know that the whole area is glass floor? They just covered a part of it for people who have a fear of heights. Don’t know if this is the same as the Calgary Tower.

    1. Entire?! WOW!

      No, The Calgary Tower just has a small portion which is glass, I like that much better!

    1. It does!! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to take in the local attractions too! Live a day like a tourist!

  18. I would love to go up the CN Tower – it also has a glass look-out floor – but I’m afraid my husband might faint up there. He is not good with heights!

  19. yeaaaa I’d go up in that tower, but no way I’d stand on that glass. I feel the same way now that I’m an adult. lol

  20. I really don’t know if I could’ve walked onto the glass like your girls did. I might get a little anxious.

  21. I actually love heights, isn’t that weird? I am a little more stressed out with my kids but I’ve been skydiving, bungy jumping etc (yes I’m a Kiwi – well I live in Australia though) So this is just what we do. Great pics BTW – Thanks for linky πŸ™‚

    1. We loved pointing out all the places we recognized from above. Great ‘I spy’ game for the kids!

  22. TAMMI!! OMG!!! You are SO BRAVE!!!! LOL! I could NOT have looked down at that floor to take a photo like you did! Damn girl YOU CRAZY! LMAO! Gorgeous photos though!

  23. The Calgary Tower is beautiful, though standing on the glass floor and seeing all that below me would have really freaked me out. Just your picture did! No wonder you had a panic attack!

  24. We did Willis Tower in Chicago over the summer and it was very similar to this. πŸ™‚

    I’m not scared of the glass box but my hubby wouldn’t go near it. πŸ˜‰

  25. So then I guess you won’t be doing the SkyJump off the Stratosphere Tower in Vegas anytime soon? Ha ha ha…

    I’m not afraid of heights, but I’m terrified of sheer drops. Meaning that I can lean on the railing of a balcony 50 stories high with no problem, but get me on the 2nd floor with no railing and I freak. Anyway, my partner and friends cajoled me into doing the SkyJump, where you jump off the top of the Stratosphere tower, 900ft high. The scariest part for me was standing on the platform, but once I calmly stepped off, it was exhilarating. I recommend that all thrill seekers visiting Las Vegas, do it. Check out my jump on YouTube.

  26. Oh my – it looks massively high when you take a pic through that glass walkway. I haven’t yet been on the one in Melbourne even though I’ve been up to the top – the walkway wasn’t in use when we went. Beautiful images. Never ceases to amaze me how high they build.

  27. Wow! What an amazing view! It is often a treat what we can find in our own backyards!

  28. I don’t think I could do that lol I’d be holding on to the wall petrified! Your daughters are very brave!

  29. When I was a kid I remember walking on the glass floor at the CN Tower. Now there is NO WAY I could that lol As long as I felt safe heights never use to brother me. But now I can’t even watch this video without feeling like I’m gonna pass out or something.

  30. Gorgeous view but my stomach was in knots looking at the one with the glass, I wouldn’t b able to look down without my head spinning!

  31. I’ve lived in Toronto all my life and I only went up on the CN Tower 3 years ago. First time and it was for Enbridge CN Tower Climb for United Way. I didn’t really get to stay and enjoy the view of Toronto. I just ran up over 2 thousand stairs, I wanted to go eat and rest. So hubby took me on my birthday and I must admit it was an amazing experience. I’m afraid of heights and I went into a panic when I tried to walk over the glass floor. My knees were shaking and I felt like my feet were stuck to the floor. lol As much as I’m afraid of heights I would love to do the Edge Walk. That would be the ultimate experience!

  32. uh, I’ll pass!! I could do that when I was way younger & had no fear like our children today lol

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