Cabbage Patch Dolls

Cabbage Patch Dolls and I go way back, I was that girl that had many friends and loved them all dearly. In fact, when many of my childhood dolls didn’t grow up with me, yet my Cabbage Patch Dolls did. My dolls {and even my hubbys own ‘Wayne’ Cabbage Patch Doll from childhood – I had to mention this, sorry hun!} are still in our family, now loved a ton by my own girls. My girls even got all my original Cabbage Patch Kids Storybooks too. So, I completely understand when a child can say, “I want a Cabbage Patch Doll”, having been one of those kids myself.

Meet the newest addition to the Cabbage Patch Kids family…the Fashionistas! My little Katie got her very own doll, named Dakota. Just like the the original versions these come with a birth certificate bearing their name name {though I have to admit to much preferring the ones with yarn hair instead of synthetic}.

Yet having that birth certificate is important to little girls, it’s one of the reasons why these dolls stand out {my original fave was named Zia Dominique}. A couple years ago when Cabbage Patch Dolls were re-released the craze was phenomenal, many parents {including myself} lined up to get a doll for their kids, just as my mother did for me so many years ago. For the kids, that dedication in finding the right doll started the love and introduction to the family. 


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




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  3. id love fashionista performer girl blue eyes blond hair


  4. I still remember waiting in line outside a hotel ballroom where it was rumored to have cabbage patch dolls so my little sister could get her present from Santa. They still hold a special place in my heart as well! And I will admit, it’s hard to choose from so many cute dolls, but I really love the look of VICTORIA LETHA!

  5. I am not sure if this is open to Canada or not – could not see the country rules sorry, if not sorry but could not help but enter this!
    My daughter would just LOVE this doll: Funtastic CPK Baby she is wearing pink, and has lovely curly hair so sweet 🙂

  6. I would love the Fashionality Performer Girl Brn / Brn

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  9. All of them . Hee. Okay, I would want to adopt Fashionality Dressy Girl Brn / Brn

  10. i will have my first grand daughter in feb, and i would pick the Fashionality Girly Girl Bl / Red, which is how her brother came out lol, so hope she has the red hair and big blue eyes!!

  11. I would love to have the Fashionality Artsy Girl Bl / Brn.
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

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  13. I would love to adopt the Fashionality Girly Girl Bl / Blond Cabbage Patch Doll
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  16. I would love to have the Country Kids “Blond Hair Blue Eyed Beauty”

    Product Code: 64280
    I would change her name to Kaitlyn Ashley
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  17. I like the Fashionality Dressy Girl Hz / Platinum Blond CPK 🙂

    justasmalltownmommy at gmail dot com

  18. Fashionality Preppy Girl Grn / Platinum Blond is the one I’d like to adopt


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  21. MANDATORY ENTRY: I would LOVE to adopt “Fashionality Girly Girl Bl / Blond
    64429-P292.” She is adorable! My goodness how Cabbage Patch Kids have come since I was a little girl in the 80’s. My gosh! They are so cute now and their clothes are adorable!

  22. I would LOVE to have the Fashionality Artsy Girl. She’s supposedly Asian but she looks very Caucasian to me and she actually looks like me!

  23. These are so adorable. I’d love the Fashionality Artsy Girl Brn / Blond
    Thanks so much.

  24. I love the Fashionality Artsy girl with blue eyes and brown hair! I know my daughter would too 🙂

  25. I love the boy ones… though he’d probably end up stuck on a shelf somewhere, so I’d pick the Fashionality Performer Girl.

  26. I LOVED my cabbage patch doll growing up – even went to Babyland General when I was a kid! My daughter would love the Cindy Chip from the BabyLand Exclusive collection (or at least I would!)

  27. I really like the Fashionality Girly Girl Bl/Blond, 64429-P2 I am following your blog publically with Google Friend Connect.

    GFC ID: dod

  28. I would love to Adopt ALISHA BECKY, she has the same Yellow Yard Hair I had as my Cabbage Patch as a Child!

  29. I know my grandkids would adore ANY of them, but i HAD to look at the original handstitched ones. *my oldest is 30 and part of that craze…but we waited til the prices came down for her first one. I looked for a preemie boy with blue eyes and found Juan! Love to have this for my new little grandson, but the price is too high for me. Maybe a plastic one WOULD be better to catch the drool. LOL.

    thanks much!

  30. I google +’d this and commented for others to come see the Celebrity CPK dolls!! eileen richter

  31. I like the doll with curly red hair and green eyes.


  32. i would love to adopt Fashionality Girly Girl Bl / Red

    my daughter would adore her

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  35. I would like to adopt Fashionality Artsy Girl HZ/Red, 64429-P317.

    She is really cute.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline (

  36. I didn’t know CPK had an online store:) I’d love to get one of the Slumber Kids for my DD. Maybe a Preppy Boy too.

  37. I love the Fashionality Artsy Girl Bl / Blond

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

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  41. I like the Vintage 64436-V980. In 1986 I got one for my son and later sold it in a garage sale. Now he has a little boy and I wish I had it for him to play with

  42. My daughter would love to win Janna Ragan! She absolutely love s this doll. I was so excited to see this giveaway cause I have not been to the Cabbage Patch Factory in GA for 10 years, we moved far away. I want so bad to win one for my daughter Veronica (5).
    (kelleynutrition at gmail dot com)

  43. I am following blog through GFC as Kelley Johnsen
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  44. I would like one of the newborn dolls, Grant Mark is cute. I have 2 boys, so if I won I may pass the doll onto my goddaughter, although I could try to convince my 4 year old that he’d like it.

  45. they are all so wonderful, I still have mine from my childhood. I would say Id love to adopt another new born.

  46. I would love to adopt the Fashionality Playground Girl Grn/Red.