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My first CAA card was given to me from my Dad when I got my first car, “you’ll need this” he said. And I did – time and time again. 

Since that day, I can’t even begin to list all the times that my CAA membership card saved me. Yet there’s one day in particular that I’ll never forget …

My oldest was just over a year old and I was going to the daycare to drop her off, then I had to work. It was just after 6 am on this frozen Alberta winter morning and – flat tire. 

Complete frustration and that feeling of hopelessness. 

No, at the time I did not know how to change a tire and with the temps in the -30s, I wouldn’t want to anyway. Especially on such a dark cold morning. Also, If I didn’t change it right, I was putting myself and my child in danger. 

Literally in minutes I was saved by my CAA membership card and a tow truck. A still recall that very nice man that worked his magic – we were on our way almost like that embedded nail didn’t happen. I remember that thankful feeling so vividly, so happy I was a CAA Member.

Thing is, many people all across Canada can shares stories like mine. 

Things have changed since that day almost 9 years ago – CAA has branched out beyond auto, insurance and travel.

Now, there’s the CAA Rewards program and the fabulous new CAA Store. With CAA Rewards, CAA Members enjoy exclusive discounts, savings and special offers at more than 164,000 retail locations and services worldwide.

Examples of savings include apparel, attraction tickets, restaurants, hotel accommodations and much more – both in-store and online.


For instance, I love to shop at since they offer free shipping on any order, with no minimum dollar spent. Yet, if I shop at Walmart online through the CAA Store, I get all the perks PLUS earn 4% in CAA® Dollars. 


Every CAA Dollar earned is equals to $1.00 CDN, and can be redeemed toward your next CAA membership renewal, a vacation, Cineplex movie tickets and much more!

A smarter way to shop {and earn}? Absolutely!

Walmart is just one example, the list of partnered CAA Rewards retailers and services is just amazing and I don’t think I have a rewards card that offers so much versatility!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to show you exactly how I use my CAA card and dish all the best discounts, benefits and savings in the Spot the Partner campaign.

I’m excited to show why the CAA membership card is more than just auto service and assistance, insurance coverage and travel.

I’m going to show you all the ways to save with CAA!

Until then, make sure to check out all the CAA Partners and exclusive savings. If you love what you see, I urge you to Join CAA and save with me!

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Join the #CAAchat Back-to-School Twitter Party!


  • When: Tuesday, August 26 2014 between 12-1 EST
  • Where: Twitter, using the hashtag #CAAchat
  • Who’s hosting: @CAASCO@MyChaos, @My3Kittens and @MapleLeafMommy
  • How do I participate: To follow the conversation, search #CAAchat on Twitter. To take part, just include #CAAchat in your tweets!
  • What can you win?: (2) $50 gift cards from Payless Shoesource, (1) $30 gift card to Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto with USB key, (1) $20 gift cards from Kernels, (1) $50 East Side Marios Gift Card, (1) Roots Wallet, (1) $50 Visa Gift Card

See you at the party and don’t forget to check out the great back to school deals with CAA. They’re even hosting a DELL giveaway!


I’m participating in the CAA South Central Ontario Spot the Partner
program with SJ Consulting. All opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Now this is an awesome program that we could use! The Twitter party sounds like a lot of fun too.

  2. I love Twitter parties. I will try to be there. I love CAA. Its great to have the assurance that if something happens you are covered.

  3. We have AAA here in the states and it is so handy for vacations. It is also nice for piece of mind just in case we have a flat.

  4. I’m a AAA member here in the US! I love our rewards and discounts- we give movie tickets every year to family for date nights because they’re such a great price! …and we can afford glasses and eye exams thanks to them, too!

  5. Well, I am always up for a great Twitter party, but I think I need to look into joining CAA. I never knew they had such great loyalty rewards.

  6. I have heard many good things about CAA! Also, I always love joining any rewards programs I can find!

  7. This is so cool and must be like our AAA. We can save a lot of money with our’s too but I always forget to show it!

  8. My sister swears by her AAA membership. She said it has saved her bacon more than once. So glad to know they have an awesome version CAA in Canada!

  9. What wonderful information… We have something like that here in the states, as well. It too, was passed down from my dad 🙂

  10. What an awesome membership to have! I have something similar and I’ve had to use it for flat tires too.

  11. We are long time members of CAA. I think I am going to have to review some of their perks/shopping. Some great deals. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Those discounts definitely pay off. Once you’re in the habit of using them, you won’t forget either. Hotel discounts are one of my faves.

  13. I’ve never been a member of CAA but have been hearing so many good things about them lately. This chat sounds like tons of fun!

  14. For years I overlooked the CAA benefits beyond the road side assistance. We now save tons on hotels, car rentals, and my favourite East Side Marios!

  15. We have RACQ here (Queensland Australia). I don’t know anyone who doesn’t sign up as soon as they get their first car. You would be crazy not to. Not to mention the member discounts (if I ever remember they are there to use them)

  16. Wow – thanks for this info – never knew that about – will start using right away! 🙂

  17. I have a CAA membership and have never used it for discounts. I have had it for a year and never think to use it

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