Bumbleride Indie Twin: the design

In my last introductory blog post, I showed you the very easy assembly of the Bumbleride Indie Twin. This time,
I’d like to share some product information,
so that you have a feel for the design of this double stroller.

Standing Dimensions: 91.5cm X 75cm X 87.5cm
Folded Dimensions: 81cm X 75cm X 38cm
Total Weight of the Indie Twin: 33 lbs
Weight Capacity: 90.1 lbs

Now, the Bumbride Indie Twin weighs in heavier than the other 2 double strollers which I had previously owned
{one was 26.4 lbs, the other 21lbs}.
Yet, this extra weight is due to its aluminum frame, and not the lightweight plastic to which I was accustomed.
And yes, it does feel heavier than the others.
But, Do I think it’s too heavy?
For the most part, not at all. While I cannot throw it in the vehicle one handed, it’s not a back-breaker for me in the least. As I have blogged about in the past, I had a double stroller where actual parts kept breaking off. So, I would much rather add an on some extra pounds, to get a sturdy, durable and reliable stroller. After all, I will be using it pretty much daily, for years to come. And, ultimately I think we all want a double stroller that will last – we want quality, right? And, from my own experiences {and my experiences only}, I strongly believe the Indie Twin would outlast the other 2 brands
that I have had, by far.
For instance, if I was to hold the handles of the other 2 strollers and rock side to side – the frame would certainly sway. With the Bumbleride, it stays firmly in place and it would take a lot of strength to make it bend. What’s the big deal? Maybe not so much now, but next year – when I have 2 very active 2 year olds rocking, kicking, jumping and fighting in the stroller…yes, I want one than can fight back, and not crumble
at the sight of a little strain.

Now, like all other Mom’s with multiples, I wish I could have started out with a side-by-side stroller right when the Twins were born. But, alas – I had to go with a front and back model {which I loathed} in order to attach both infant seats.
People with an infant and an older child will be happy to hear that the Indie Twin can carryone infant seat. If this is your situation, and if you are shopping for a double stroller, I would first decide if you’d like to have a side-by-side or a front-and-back stroller. Like I said, for myself – I would have loved to have a side-by-side right from the beginning. But that’s a whole other post in itself…

It doesn’t matter what age the 2 children in the stroller are, the the independent seating system of the Indie Twin will be appreciated. The backrests, footrests and the canopies all function independently from each other. This is essential in a double stroller, because all kids have their
own wants and needs.
While I’m talking about thecanopies, I would also like to note that these can fold completely back, or forward. My 2 other double strollers only went as far as the top of their heads..really, what is that shielding? The Indie Twin canopies can easily cover their entire face from the sun, wind and rain {and depending on the age and size of the child – possibly the entire upper half of their body}. Also, it’s a thick fabricwhich is both durable and weather resistant, yet not stiff enough to cause any discomfort or hassle. And, when you live in a cold and windy climate like I do, all the protection against the elements is necessary. So, for a well designed canopy and for quality fabric, another point for Bumbleride, as the other brands which I have had failed miserably in that department.

The Indie Twin comes with:
* Rain Cover
* Air Pump
* Jogging Strap
* Cup Holder
* Headrest and Shoulder Pads
* Infant Seat Adapter Bar & Safety Belt
Optional Accessories include:
Snackpack, Carrycot, Jam-pack, Carseat Cover {to match the stroller!}, and a footmuff and liner
{which I am strongly considering…}For a refresher, here are the main details for the Indie Twin:
* Bumbleride Indie Twin is suitable for infancy and up
* Quick release five point safety harnesses
* Standard infant headrests and shoulder pads
* Dual 360° swiveling front wheel with in-line locking option
* Carrying handle for easy transport when folded
* 12″ air inflated tires
* Multi-adjustable backrest with flat position
* Adjustable handle height from 32-45″
* Spacious cargo basket
* Zip-off canopy portion for maximum sun coverage
* Lightweight, anodized aluminum frame construction
* Easy and compact fold
* Available in Lava, Ruby, Seagrass, Spice and Vita
* Compatible with only one infant car seat at a time

My next post will be:
the functions and features of the Bumbleride Indie Twin.
When it’s put to the test against the Twins and their parents,
how does it fare?





** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own


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