Bumbleride Indie Twin ~ Introduction and Assembly

As a Mom, I understand your need to have the perfect stroller. As a Mom of Twins, I can honestly say that the desperate/confusing/frustrating search, is indeed Doubled! I have voiced my concerns {tears, whining and all} here on My Organized Chaos over my complaints on strollers, after trying out a couple. Unfortunately when it comes to strollers, there is ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Ugly’. And, I do think I have experienced them all. Finding a stroller to suit your needs and wants requires research, test drives, and asking for many opinions. Been there, done that! And, I have been on the receiving end, stopped numerous times from fellow Moms, asking me about my stroller…and wanting the nitty-gritty and honest truth about it.
Here on My Organized Chaos, I am able to give a world-wide shout out daily on my opinions on products, and now I can do the same for you again…this time with a Double Stroller.

I received the Bumbleride Indie Twin to review. Through a series of many posts, I will thoroughly explain the assembly, design and function of this stroller. I will try to explain all aspects, as I see it and provide you with enough information to make an educated and informed decision on whether the Indie Twin is a stroller that may very well be the stroller for you.

The Introduction & Assembly of the Indie Twin.

It came to my door in one huge box. I was able to drag it to the driveway for assembly, yet I could not lift it
alone due to the size.
When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised that there was very little to assemble. In the past, I’ve had strollers with all sorts of parts and bolts. The Indie Twin comes with only a few parts to put together, all Tool-free!

As I looked at the parts, and the 2 page instruction manual – I decided I could in fact tackle this alone.

I opened the main chassis and:
1) snapped in the rear axle and brake bar.
2) attached the rear tires by simply lining up the frame forks and turn the tightening clamps.
3) Front tires slid right in, twist the cap and flip the lever. If you ever need to take the front tires off, it’s just a matter of flipping that lever and unscrewing. Again, all with no tools.

Now, I just needed to attach the accessories! I snapped in the individual canopies and did up the zippers & snaps to secure the hood to the back of each seat. Included are headrests and shoulder cushions that slide over the harness straps, which attach with no re-threading of the harness straps
{phew! I always hated that part}.
Also included was one water bottle holder, that attaches to the right side of the handlebar.

And that’s it!

My final take on the assembly and first-impression
of the Bumbleride Indie Twin:

Did you notice that Bumbleride Indie Twin has a metal frame? This I was really excited about, as all my others were plastic. And, with the extreme weather conditions here in Canada, and the strain I put my strollers under – that always worried me. Having a metal frame makes the Indie Twin durable and sturdy. It adds a bit more weight to the stroller, it is heavier than my other strollers {but not by that much}.
I can lift the stroller with ease.
The Assembly was very simple, &
did I mention that I loved that it was Tool-free?

My Next blog post for the Bumbleride Indie Twin will be specs and facts on this model, and how it compares with other brands. Then, see the Bumbleride in action, complete with a set of Twins {adorable ones too, I must say!}

I chose the Lava color for my Indie Twin.
Yet, there is 5 great colors to choose from. I was tempted to get a bolder, flashier color – but had to go with the dark colors…it just goes with everything, you know!

The Bumbleride Indie Twin retails for $659 US

**And, if you are looking for specific answers on this style and brand of stroller, I urge you to email me your questions – and I will most certainly try to include it with my review.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own



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