Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller for Twins

I have had many weeks to test out the Bumbleride Indie Twin. But, in action – what do I think about this double stroller?
I’ll break down the features specific to this stroller for you and tell you my opinion:

Handle Bar: This was the first stroller that I have had with a multi-adjustable handle for height. The buttons are on either side, and I had no problems with the adjusting. Since my Husband is taller than me, he loves the fact that he can raise the handles, to make it more comfortable for him to push. It can adjust from 32″ to 45″, making it a stroller that would satisfy parents of all heights.
Canopies and Fabric: I talked about this in my last post, you can read about it here. Yet, I would like to make mention of this again, as I really do appreciate that they move independently and can go all the way back or forth. Also, they are easy to remove if you need to. Each canopy also features a peek-a-boo window on the top of them. Again, with the quality fabric, it blocks out the elements very well – and this is much appreciated for my Canadian weather.
I got the Lava color for the Indie Twin, which is a grey and black model. Yet there is a nice pattern and details in the grey of the fabric that allow for it to be anything but drab or boring.

Seating and Harness: The seats recline all the way flat, which is nice for infants and sleepy children. To change the incline of the seats, there is a sliding back seat adjuster. This enables it to adjust to any angle. I also like that they also recline independently, allowing for each child to be comfortable.
The Indie Twin features a 5-point harness, which also has shoulder pads and a pad for the strap that is between the legs. Yet, since the crotch strap and buckle are the same size, this pad can come off very easily {and I completely lost one when folding it up, in one of my first uses with this stroller} For future models, I would like to see it attached more securely, or designed in a fashion that keeps this pad on better.
Also, I really love that the strap between the legs is very long. Not once have I sat the girls down and had to fish under their bums and legs for the strap. This is especially nice when it is cold and/or when
you are in a rush {ahem…daily}.

Footrests: The footrests of the Indie Twin are very unique and the design is unlike any that I have seen. To raise, simply lift up and they click in place {you can stop at many intervals}. To lower, you have to reach 2 levers on either side of a seat. These are in a somewhat tight place, and I had gotten my fingers stick in that space quite a few times during the first few uses. Yet, once I got used to it and learned my own way of doing it easily, it’s not even an issue anymore.

Storage: This is one of my all-time favorite features of the Indie Twin. The other double strollers I had were very small, and were only able to hold a few items. Plus, they bottomed out very easily, even with very little weight in them. I have only 2 stores in my town that have double seating shopping carts {one of the pain in the butts of having twins} – so I have to shop quite a lot with my stroller. As you can guess, the small storage of my other strollers was always a major issue, and a
main complaint with me.The Indie Twin has a massive storage basket, that I can easily fit many items in. For instance, the other day I fit enough groceries in the stroller basket, to fill 3 shopping bags full. Plus, my items included a case of cola and 2-4L’s of Milk. Heavy, yes! Not once did the basket bottom-out and drag on the ground, even when going up curbs. Sweet! Yes, I am extremely impressed with the storage basket of the Indie Twin, as I am able to shop in any store again!
Also for storage, the back of each canopy features a zippered parent pocket, which I have grown to adore as well. It’s the perfect size to fit my wallet, phone and keys…and that is using just one of the pockets. Needless to say, I use these
pockets all the time.

Cup holder: My last side-by-side double stroller didn’t have a cup holder, and that bothered me to no end. I need at least one cup holder – either for myself, or to hold a drink for the girls. The Indie Twin comes standard with one cup holder that attaches to the right side of the handlebar. And, it adjusts to fit many sizes of cups. Now, the Indie Twin easily fits through any doorway {at 29″ wide}. But, with the cup holder attached, it makes the stroller even wider. This requires precise aiming when going through doorways {and I have many times rammed this cup holder into door frames}. Again, it’s something that requires getting used to, which I have. Keep in mind though, when not in use – you are able to take it off very easily. Either way, I love and appreciate having a cup holder again.

Folding: On either side of the upper frame, there are 2 triggers that are pulled to release the frame from it’s locked position. To make folding easier, the brakes must be applied {which is the long bar right at your feet}. I have found the easiest way to fold, is to put your foot on the brake bar, pull the triggers and push forward. Then, the stroller collapses forward. You give it a little push to lock into place, and use the carrying handles to move the folded stroller. This, as with any stroller, took time to master. Yet I can now do it within seconds.
I have a Dodge Grand Caravan, and the Indie Twin easily fits into the back of my Van. Plus, there is ample space to fit groceries and gear as well. With practice, I also know the exact direction to put this Indie Twin into the van, that makes it even more convenient to take out, and quickly unfold {which by the way is just a simple unfold and pull, with my foot on the brake bar}.

Movement: Ahhh, the Indie Twin is the smoothest and most graceful stroller I have used yet. You could push the stroller with one finger if you had to! The Indie Twi
n has an aluminum frame, 12″ Air tires {comes standard with a tire pump}, and rear suspension. In the past, I always had to tip my side-by-side stroller backward, when going over even the littlest bumps. Thanks to excellent tires and a nice suspension, the Indie Twin glides over them – with very little bumpity-bump
for the girls, as well.
The front tires can swivel 360° {or be locked in place with a simple switch}, allowing it to turn on a dime and maneuver effortlessly. Despite being the heaviest of all the strollers I have had, The Indie Twin seems the lightest when pushed, as there is no noticeable resistance {even with 2 children in it}.
That was quite a nice surprise!
Now, the Indie Twin is not a jogging stroller. And, usually if it’s not a jogging stroller, you can certainly tell when you try to take it out for a run. My others would shake and jolt when moving at higher speeds. Due to the colder weather we have been having, I have had to run across parking lots, down streets – as fast as I could with 3 kids in tow {I know, a Mom running to her destination – a typical occurrence!} I would have to say, the Indie Twin kept it’s cool and stable composure when taken at a faster pace. I know it’s not classified as a jogging stroller, but personally – I would not even
hesitate to run with it.

Overall, I really enjoy the Bumbleride Indie Twin, I think they have designed a fabulous stroller. There are only a couple of features that I feel would make this stroller absolutely perfect. One of my biggest wishes for a double stroller is a reversible handle, so that the children can face me or the world. So, Bumbleride – when designing the next model, please take that feature into consideration! {Bumbleride does have this feature for their single stroller, the ‘Flyer’}
Based on my own experience with double strollers, the Indie Twin is very reliable, stable, efficient and one classy stroller.

I have said before, most Mom’s take notice of the strollers around them. Like Men and their sports cars, we gawk and study the {stroller} rides that pass us by. Ask anyone I know in ‘real life’, and they would tell you that I comment on each and every stroller I see.
Well, for the first time ever, my stroller is now on the receiving end of the stroller envy.
Like one Mom said to me at my daughters’ dance class, “Wow….Beautiful stroller!” {insert wide eyes and a poke at her husband, telling him to turn around and look too}

And, I would certainly agree – it’s gorgeous and functional!
Thanks Bumbleride for this awesome review.

The Indie Twin retails for $659 US,
the website has a full list of retailers.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own



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