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My daughter is not a newbie when it comes to browsing at a Build A Bear Workshop, her father took her to build her own pink bear {Hanna} last year. Myself, I have become very familiar with the online Build A Bear store, yet I have not experienced building a bear from start to finish at Build A Bear Workshop. So, when the great people at Build A Bear offered my daughter gift certificates  to build her own bear at our nearest Build A Bear Workshop Location, we eagerly accepted. For her, well – she knew she loved the place. But for me, I was excited too – I had read about what happens in the Workshop, yet I wanted to see the magic for myself!

Walking into Build A Bear, you can’t help but to feel the excitement. Bright colors and furry-friends are all around, with kids buzzing about excited and full of wonder. I immediately thought that Build A Bear Workshop resembles what I’d think Santa’s Workshop would look like.

My daughter took a quick browse through the many bins of furry friends and immediately fell in love with a Grey Cool Kitty {though it was a close call between the Kitty and a beautiful Gold and White Unicorn}. As you can see, all the friends are displayed with their prices, the ones they choose are unstuffed – as it’s the intention for a child to choose a friend and bring it to life!

Before stuffing her new friend, there is a first display of sounds. If you’d like your bear to make a sound {completely optional}, kids can choose a sound for their friend. There is a lot to choose from; animal sounds, silly giggles and even songs like the Happy Birthday song. Isabelle chose the meowing Cat sound {how appropriate}, and this was placed into the paw of her Grey Kitty.

With the help of a very friendly Build A Bear staff {really, she was great with the kids!}, Isabelle helped to stuff her little friend, by pressing on the stuffing foot pedal. After her Kitty was full of stuffing and just right to her desired firmness {yep, she was able to say how ‘bulked up’ her Kitty was to be!}, she performed the heart ceremony.

Heart Ceremony at Build A Bear WorkshopThe Heart Ceremony is done to bring a friend to life. Again with the help of the Build A Bear staff, Isabelle warmed a small fabric heart with her hands, and clapped to start the heartbeat. Isabelle smiled as she rubbed this heart on her hair so that her Cat grew soft fur. She then rubbed the heart on her forehead so that her Cat would have intellect, jumped up and down with it so the Cat would have health and energy, and giggled and wiggled with the heart so that her Kitty would be happy and playful. As I looked on, Isabelle happily kissed the heart so that her Kitty would always know her love – then she placed the heart inside the cat and the staff finished sewing up the Cat’s back. It was a ceremony full of caring and compassion, making this Mom proud and my daughter happy.

Isabelle then browsed through the many racks of clothes and accessories before deciding on a pinky fancy dress and pink glitter heels. Oh, and we couldn’t forget that chic matching purse! All were reasonably priced, for instance, the shoes were just $5. While Isabelle was dressing her cool kitty, I walked around and noted that there was such a great selection of clothing and accessories at Build A Bear. There were sporting outfits, casual, seasonal…just about anything and everything to outfit furry friends!

Our last stop at the workshop was to make a  birth certificate at the computer stations. There, you decide what to officially name your friend. Everyone, meet Princess Cat. It was really easy for her to navigate on the Build A Bear computers, she only needed minimal help from me.

Grey Cat from Build A BearFrom start to finish, we enjoyed our road trip to our nearest Build A Bear location here in Canada. Isabelle loves choosing a friend, and bringing it to life. And, she is already talking about a new outfit for Princess Cat and Hanna. And, she can also play with her friends online at a safe online world of games and fun.

When in this Build A Bear store, there was birthday party happening there that day. I was immediately interested, as the kids were having so much fun. So, I talked a bit with a Build A Bear staff, and the parties are very popular. I can see how it would be a huge hit for parties, and it’s also affordable too. Build A Bear Parties in Canada start at around $12 per child, which is great for making some fun memories {and some new furry friends} – what a great idea, we might have to plan a Build A Bear 6th Birthday Party for Isabelle this September!!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


  1. my son just loves build a bear – it;s our special outing when we go to the mall. I love seeing the excitement in his eyes, I never want him to grow out of build a bear!

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