Build A Bear Review,

Build A Bear has become a much-loved company in the hearts of children all across North America. They even have stores in Puerto Rico, France and the United Kingdom, with more expansions expected across the world soon. Their mission is to bring Teddy Bears to life, since to kids, bears actually become a cherished member of the family. They symbol friendship, trust and comfort – so why treat them as such?,At the Build A Bear Workshop, kids can create their own friends from start to finish, choosing clothes and accessories, and even doing a heart ceremony to bring their own bears to life. Yet, If you don’t have a Build A Bear Workshop location in your area, there’s also an option to shop at, and there are hundreds of friends to choose from on the website {the site also has fun games and activities for your kids to play as well}.
For review, my daughters were sent a very special friend, a cream and brown puppy dog that is so very soft and cuddly, complete with big floppy ears.,This is one amazing Build A Bear. He even came with a hip shirt and blue jeans, laid back black & white sneakers, sport sunglasses, a over the shoulder backpack and even an ipod. This all supports his Uber-Cool look, don’t you think? And yes, his little ipod even plays music {which is one huge hit with the kids}! And his earpieces even clip onto his ears, how cute! All the fun accessories make for fun adventures with the girls. Plus, the dog itself barks too, which was such a great surprise to the girls. You have the option for any beloved friend to play sound, and all at a pretty minimal cost as well. For instance his one-shoulder backpack is just $5, and his black sport sunglasses are just $4. I recall having my first newspaper route to support my Barbie accessory addiction, and Isabelle is already saving her coins for more accessories for her Build A Bear.,

He certainly goes beyond the usual teddy, creating endless hours of play. My daughters have welcomed him into our home and he is involved in everything they do. And, Build A Bear’s come with a birth certificate as well, so that kids know that ey are all theirs.

At the Build A Bear Workshop, kids can have so much fun choosing their friends and their accessories. Make sure to check out the Asthma and Allergy safe bears, and the Limited Edition ones as well! And, purchase one of the Donation Animals, and proceeds go to various charities depending on the bear.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the brown sugar puppy! Besides an outfit I wouldn’t get any other accessories. Just more stuff for my little one to lose.

  2. I have a Build-A-Bear and I totally love her :). I built her when I visited the workshop because even though I’m adult, I still have a heart for stuffed toys. I hope to one day pass my bear on to my kids.

    On the site, I love the Wonderful in White Velvet bear :).

  3. My little grandson would love the 18 in. Marble Monkey with some cool sunglasses and sneakers.

  4. I like the River Otter and Panda Bear and the acc i like are the Hanna Montana guitar and the Hello Kitty Chair.

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  6. I love this Moose. (16 in. Hal Moose) I saw it before and would love to get him! And I think he would have the xmas tree outfit!! Hahah so cute!! I love it!

  7. I like the 16in Hopeful Wishes Teddy the most,with Sequined Satin Dress and Silver Glitter Heel.

  8. Cool they have Alvin now I think we might need to get next time were in Edmonton. We have 3 stuffies from there over the years and the boys love it when they get to go make one. Our most recent was a monkey and some days it has to go to daycare as and I have had to buckle the thing in the car as well.

  9. I love the 16″ blossom bunny and the color gingham dress with rabbit ears headband.
    pjkmitchell at hotmail dot com

  10. 15 in. European Rabbit thats the one i like
    and the hair care set
    im a fan of my organized on facebook

  11. I like the Cuddly Hugs Teddy Bear (pink). Accessories…Love the fuschia flower headband!

  12. I just love Build A Bear. Instead of giving my kids and the nieces and nephews Easter baskets of candy, I give them gift certificates to Build A Bear!!!

  13. I love the Tropical Hello Kitty, and I’d love to dress her in a hanbok.

  14. MY daughter really loves the 16 in. Beagle! And we would love to dress her in the JUSTICE Peace & Flowers Skirt Outfit 2 pc. with matching Sequin Purple Sandals!!

  15. My favorites are the Girls Golf Outfit and the Cute Cheerful Cheeks Chick.

  16. my son would love to have Hal The Moose, and wants the army uniform for him

  17. Right now my kiddos favorite would be Alvin.
    We would have to add the Alvin and the Chipmunks “You Really Got Me” Sound and maybe get a pair of cool Aviator Sunglasses.

  18. I would love to get the coyote for my daughter (Daddy hunts lol) with the camo tent! Super cute!

  19. I like the Boxer with the Buffalo Plaid Shirt and Khaki Cargo Shorts with Striped Oxford Shoes.

  20. i would get the justice peace and flower outfit, skirt and jacket top, with pink sunglasses and it would be for brittany from alvin n the chipmunks

  21. I love the North American River Otter!
    I would choose the following accessories:
    – Fishing Outfit 5 pc. (How cute would an otter look in that!?!?)
    – Reversible Bucket Hat
    – Black Sport Sunglasses

  22. My favorite is the 16″ Curly Teddy!! He needs a Houston Rockets NBA uniform!

  23. I like the brown sugar bear. And a Harley Davidson biker jacket.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  24. I love the happy hugs teddy (it looks like the Snuggle bear!) and the blue stroller for the kids to push him around in

    jmegrl37 at hotmail dot com

  25. My favorite is currently the polar bear and I’d get him the green rolled sleeve shirt and argyle sweater vest. But I’d love to get the 45 cm big ears bunny with the Darth Vader costume for my friend.

  26. I like the black lab puppy 🙂 No accessories

  27. I like:
    16 in. Blossom Bunny
    I would get it with the case & a cute outfit

  28. My favourite is the 16 inch Holly Moose and I would have my girls pick her accessories!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  29. I follow via Google Friends Connect charmtime at gmail dot com

  30. I like the Macaw and I would put it in a Hula Dancer outfit, that would be adorable!

  31. brown sugar puppy! my son has been begging to go, he’s never been and that’s what he’d pick. and a baseball uniform.

  32. I like the 16in Husky and the Harley Davidson chaps and jacket along with the hat.

  33. i like the husky he would definately need a star wars outfit for my little star wars fan

  34. i follow via google friend connect and forgot to add to my first comment above that I would add as an accessory the black & gold cheerleading uniform!

  35. I’d get the Border Collie with black sport sunglasses, black canvas high-tops and green rolled sleeve shirt.

  36. I really like the 16 in. Champ – A Champion Fur Kids and also the 16 in. Blossom Bunny. I would get them both a Rainbow Fairy Dress and Pink Glitter Heels……and a Pink Beararmoire Fashion Case !

  37. My favorite is the 15 inch MaCaw Parrot #1, and I would obviously dress him in Star Wars Slippers (lol), and buy him a plush banana.

  38. I would pick the Cool Kitty and add the Funky White Sunglasses, JONAS guitar, and the Green Rolled Sleeve Shirt!

  39. My favorite friend is the 16 in. Adorable Elephant. The accessory I would get is the Fuchsia Rhinestone Sunglasses

  40. I would definitely make an Alvin the Chipmunk with some cute blk & white high top runners!

  41. I love the 14 in. North American River Otter, probably give it some kind of sound like a giggle, honestly its so cute I don’t want to put any other accessories on it.

  42. I would get the 16 in. iCarly Bear and dress it in the Rockin Guitar Outfit.

  43. For sure the kennel pal Boxer because she looks just like our dog and knowing my daughter, she would choose a cinderella costume and some sunglasses, haha! Love them though!

  44. My favourite is Cheerful Cheeks Chick and I would get her a 3D Flower Tunic and a pair of a white flower jeans.

  45. my fave build a bear friend would be a happy hugs bear, i would accesorize her with a flat denim skirt, pink ruffle tank and pink heart hoodie with pink sequin head band and a dip dye purse.

    THank you so much for the awesome giveaway :O)

  46. I’d pick the Champ – A Champion Fur Kids… so adorable. I’d for sure pick a cute summer outfit and sandals to mach.

  47. My niece would love the polar bear with sunglasses and the Fuchsia SKECHERS

  48. I love the 16 in. Blossom Bunny and would get the color gingham dress & Fuchsia Rhinestone Sunglasses to go with it.

  49. I love the Baby Panther and would love to accessorize him with the Tortoise Shell Sunglasses.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  50. My granddaughter would like to get the 14 in Year of the Tiger, no outfit. Her best friend is obsessed with Tiger’s.

  51. We need the 17 in Bulldog to sit in our bookcase and behave himself unlike his real and lifesize canine companion Abey Baby who is always into everthing.

  52. My favorite build a bear is probably the Enchanted Pony…..I would get her a 3-pc. gold princess set which includes a gold-colored wand, necklace & cap.

  53. My favorite is the Blossom Bunny and I would let my daughter pick out the accessories 🙂

  54. We would choose the 16″ Polar Bear and get hi some stylin shoes and maybe some shades.

  55. I would get the Enchanted dragon with the 4-pc. knight’s costume the castle. Too cool!

  56. I really like the Chippette 16″ Brittany-Pink In Pawsome from Alvin And The Chipmunks-The Squeakquel DVD movie

  57. I would get Hal the moose in the christmas outfit. He is super cute.

  58. My favorite is the Fashionista Cool Kitty and I would get the Hello Kitty® Star Pajamas 2 pc.


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  60. my son would love the American Soldier Camo Bear (which is the camo bear with the military outfit)… my daughter the Fennec Fox with one of the tee shirts

  61. I’d get the Graduate Lil’ Chocolate Cub (black gown) with the gown.

  62. We love the 18 in. Marble Monkey and would get him some sunglasses.

  63. I would pick the Polar Bear and put him in the black and red Quilted Puffy Vest.

  64. 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty® Colors by Sanrio®
    Teal Flower Leggings Outfit 2 pc.
    White Heart Gem Sandals
    Pink Gradient Sunglasses

  65. I love the Hopeful Wishes Teddy and would buy him the sunglasses for all this sunny weather we are having!

  66. we’d choose the alvin chipmunk and put him (gasp!) in a cheerleading outfit with all the peppy extras!


  67. i follow you on facebook (breanna newbill)


  68. I’d like the 17 in. Happy Hugs Teddy and I’d accessorize it with funky white sunglasses.

  69. Chubby-huggy liked Scruffy Puppy. Then she would also get the red ruffle dress and for accessories, a cell phone, cell phone purse, and guitar! They even had a hearing aid accessory you can get. They have thought of everything!

  70. Very hard decision as they’re all so adorable. I would choose the Best Friends Portuguese Water Dog which comes with both full sized Portuguese Water Dog and Mini Portuguese Water Dog and animal size dog house, bowl and best friends mat. The sounds you can add are cool too! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway 🙂

  71. Justice Tie Dyed Outfit on the 14 in Owl. It was a very hard decision…I started a tradition of taking my grandson Cameron & granddaughter Alaiya every Valentines to get a Build A Bear. My grandson got a Missouri Tiger and my granddaughter got Hello Kitty so I’m sure we’ll have many more as the years go by.

  72. I’d like the year of the tiger with graduation clothing. It would make a great gift!

  73. id get the 13 in. asthma and allergy friendly™ Velvet Pup and the Wild Monkey PJs 2 pc.

  74. Red Cheerleader Hello Kitty® by Sanrio® and the plush hello kitty seat.. I did not even know build a bear had these…

  75. The 16″ Enchanted Pony is super cute!! The Justice Purple Plaid Short Outfit 2 pc would be cute on it. Thank you!

  76. I really like the Andean Bear stuffed animal. I would personalize it with the sounds “I love you” and the red puffy quilted jacket.

  77. I have wanted to get my monster a Build a Bear for ages. We live in a city right now where we can’t get them, but when we travel to Grandma’s that is always a place we want to go. He likes the stuffing machine!

    I am loving Brown Sugar Puppy and think he would look sweet in the Fishing Outfit or the Map Camo outfit!

  78. I collect bunnies so my pick would be 15 in. Lil’ Bunny Big Ears and the accessories she would need would be a dress and shoes to match.

  79. Love this store…We have lots of bears and a few wild animals My two new ones are Andean bear, Floppy Moose….great KayMI

  80. Alison would like the 16 inch Husky because it looks like our dog, Milele. We get 2 pc. BEST FRIENDS Dog Bowl Set with the bowl and mat.

  81. I would pick the polar bear (he looks adorable!) and the sequined satin dress.

  82. I like th soft wing shooting stars unicorn. I would like a red cheerleader outfit.

  83. I love the new 18″ Enchanted Dragon. Too Cute! I think he would look great in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. : )

    melissap21702 {at} aol {dot} com

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