Bugalug is a Canadian company close to home. From Calgary, in fact. The barrettes were created out of a need for ones that stay put in the hair. When a product is made well and has exceptional function, it will catch on. And this is the case with Bugalug – A very short time later you can find these hair accessories in over 95 stores across Canada. In addition to Barrettes, Bugalug has grown to make Headbands, Pony Loops and Soother Clips.

I was sent a pack of 3 pony loops, the Twilight set. They are a different hair accessory than the ones my daughter usually wears. They look like a button on an elastic. Yet, they are made exceptionally well. I pulled and tugged at every angle, this is a high quality hair product! I really like the 3 designs I was sent. They compliment each other nicely. These Pony Loops aren’t all bows and ribbons. They have a classic, clean look that would compliment many outfits, and not be the centre of attention like a huge hair accessory would.

I also got a Soother Clip in an orange, blue and green stripe. A nice design that would suit both boys and girls. But, it’s the function that impresses me most. It has 2 snaps which allow you to adjust it to suit your needs. You can·leave it long for a regular soother clip or Make it shorter. The larger loop this creates is made for smaller babies or to loop through toys, sippy cups etc. If you get 2 Bugalug Soother Clips, you can snap them clips together to get a bib clip, mitten clip, hat clip etc. I love a product that has many uses!

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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