If any of you have little girls, you’ll know that the hairclip industry is one that has just exploded these past couple of years. Unless you knew a crafty person that could make you some, before you could only find standard plastic hairclips in box/chain stores. And standard the designs were, lacking both in uniqueness and representation of fashion. Yet, as I said, today there are many brands online and found in select stores, that cater to accessorizing the hair of young girls. As a product reviewer, I have been able to sample many brands, yet there is one that will always stand out as one of my favorites. Bugalug is a company based out of Calgary, Alberta {Ya!}. I think very highly of Bugalug not only for the close proximity and supporting a fabulous Canadian business, yet the products themselves are everything they should be and more. I’m talking about function – the non-slip clips stay put in the hair, holding ground in even the finest of baby hair to the non-stop wild ride that a toddler puts them under. So, brilliant design for Bugalug. And, the styles, colors and designs make me even more impressed – since they are always one step ahead on the seasons’ colors. There is such a variety at Bugalug!

More than a year ago, I reviewed by first clips from Bugalug, and those same clips are worn by my girls to this day – never lacking in function or style. This says a lot about quality, especially when they have been occasionally chewed and sucked on {good thing Bugalug clips are non-toxic and lead free!}, and {ahem} even run over by the car. This time, my girls were able to try a new selection of clips, some Button-Top clips and the Paisley Single Embellished Non-Slip Clips. Matching much of their attire, the girls have worn their clips a ton since they arrived. They were my clips of choice for the Twins’ 2nd Year Birthday photos too.

They also got to try a Bugalug Headband, the Sparkle Tangerine Elm Adjustable Headband. These headbands are adjustable, so that babies to teens can wear them {ok, I tried it on too, I admit}. Though my girls aren’t used to headbands and they pull them out before too long, they are getting more and more used to wearing it. And, note they they pull the headband out, it doesn’t fall out on it’s own – which is a great quality in a headband. I really like the design and silkiness of this headband too, such a fashionable piece that gathers a ton of compliments.

Bugalug is more than hair accessories though, they also have just released their Cinch Belts. Made with a built in elastic, they keep pants up, yet unlike a usual belt, these are made for comfort for little ones. They have a snap closure, which allows it to be used with ease. Available in many designs for boys and girls, they are also reversible!

Bugalug is available online, and in almost 100 stores across Canada. You can also get a clip each month with their Clip of the Month Membership. Members also get special savings pricing, and can take advantage of other deals and promotions.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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