I like finding soft-soled baby shoes that are way cheaper than in stores. I think of that everytime I pass by some that are almost $30 off the rack. Are you kidding?
Bugaloo is one such company that thinks that kids’ shoes shouldn’t have to break the bank. In fact, they are almost half the price as some others!

Bugaloo let me choose any shoe from the site as a review. really, this is the hard part! There are some great designs from Bugaloo (I’ll add in here that if you buy 3 pair, shipping is free – even to Canada! Still cheaper than the ones in stores).
I finally decided on the Chloe, and I was not disappointed. The vibrant purple color is really bold, and the leather is very soft. The black and white flower design is attractive and unique, and so sweet for the ‘warm’ summer months. Actually, it’s been raining here, so it’s not so nice outside. But, if Bugaloo’s get dirty, simply wash them! They are that easy to care for.
The fit on Bugaloo’s are great, these shoes stay where they are supposed to. Even after multiple washings, they keep their form. What I like best about Bugaloo is the dark brown soles of them, they don’t let the daily dirt show!


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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