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With a name like My Organized Chaos, it’s so true that I have to be one step ahead of everything around me {or at least not so far behind I’m not running}. I believe in schedule, organization, lists and multitasking… for my own survival. For my day to run smoothly, I do have order to almost everything, and that includes being able to find things immediately. I don’t have time in my day to go searching for hats, pens, forms or even that fruit cup. Though I’m not perfect in any shape way or form, I do try to maintain the balance as much as I can, again, for my own sanity. Yet I have tools and tricks to make my day easier…

I’m not a stranger when it comes to Brother labellers, thanks to a past review, many things are happily labelled in my house. Yet Brother Canada sent me their new P-Touch Scrapbook Labeller, and probably the ‘cutest’ labeller I have seen yet. Not that ‘cute’ really does judge my entire purchasing decisions, but a little style and uniqueness does help when it comes to a product that you’ll want to use. Coming in it’s own case too, that was awesome. It keeps all your tapes and manuals in one place and easy to find: see…it’s helping with the organization already!

The Brother P-Touch Scrapbook Labeller is a compact, handheld labeler that uses acid-free adhesive labels. It uses standard “TZ” laminated tapes, which come in a variety of tape colors, widths and different adhesives. It can make the standard words to label anything, yet it can also print up to two lines of text with 3 letter sizes, 9 fonts and also has 72 built-in symbols. So, you can add personality and style to your labels.

Since it uses acid-free adhesive labels, it’s great for scrapbooking too. If anyone out their scrapbooks, you’ll know that purchasing text stickers or pre-made acid-free labels can get pricey. So, this offers a ton of versatility and will save those scrapbookers money as well.

So, what do I label? Well, just about anything: school supplies, pantry container, spice containers, my kids’ craft supplies, bins of seasonal decorations and seasonal clothing. I like that at one glance I can see what an item is, plus it really enables kids’ reading.

The P-Touch Labeller retails for $49.99 and can be purchased online at the Brother Canada website. As compared to the other Brother Labellers that I reviewed, this one packs a punch when it comes to features, is very user friendly and like I said before – it’s so darn cute!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. The first thing would label is all my craft drawers, to be quickly followed by my stash in the cold room

  2. I would start by labeling all the boxes in my basement with each item that is in them. We are trying to sell our house, but it has been 3 years and I would like to know what is in each box in case it takes even longer. Then I will move to my scrapbooking drawers!

  3. Crap…delete my entries. I didn’t see Canada only until I went to tweet the message.

  4. I would label everything, lol. Clothes bins, toy bins, pasta containers the possibilities are endless lol!

  5. I would love to label and organize all my craft supplies and also could be useful in the kitchen!

  6. I have a new found love of herbal teas and I would like to transfer the teas into small air tight glass jars and use the labeller to identify each tea!

  7. I LOVE LABEL MAKERS!!!! I would not be able to stop with such an awesome one!! The totes in my basement have been crying out to me!!!

  8. I love being organized and love labels.
    I would start labelling my teenagers room as he can never find anything.

  9. omg, i’d label my entire craft room! ink drawer, little tins of embellishments, you name it! this would be HANDY!

    (and you’re right, it’s totally cute, to boot!)

  10. I would label everything!! scrapbooking stuff, kids stuff, my classroom supplies, …. this list goes on!

  11. I would label EVERYTHING to keep things organized and in its place (if you really want to know, first place would be my craft room)

  12. I would label my storage containers so I would know exactly what was in them without having to open them!

  13. I’d label the fall/summer clothes in our entryway… though I can think of so many other things to label!

  14. I would label my kids nintendos. They are bad about leaving them places and maybe if they had a name and phone # getting them back would be easier.

  15. The 1st thing I would probably label is the label maker saying its mine, all mine LOL

  16. I would first label all the storage bins in the basement. I currently have no idea of what’s in most of them.

  17. First of all, awesome blog. I’d do all those other things for extra entries, but I’m so not a blogger/connector in that way… yet. 🙂

    Anyway, what I would label first? Well I’m an actress and I have tons of costume pieces, jewellery, hats, wigs, and props. Presently they are just disorganized and thrown in boxes so I have to go hunting for everything. So I’d definitely go through the boxes and bins I have of various acting ‘things’ and label the crap out of them with detailed labels to identify exactly what is inside each box.

    But in all honesty – I’d probably just give the labeller to my best friend Mary who is an avid scrapbooker and an awesome person. (And then I’d borrow it to label my acting ‘stuff’ 🙂


  18. I would label all of my daughters books and toys

  19. I would label my containers, such a pain to open the container to see what’s inside to discover that it’s not the container that I was looking for

  20. I Follow you on My Chaos {publicly with Google Friend Connect} -name Louise gilbert

  21. the first thing I’d label would be my colorful storage boxes in my Craft room


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    do as Robyn Lee


  23. I would start by labeling all my bins in my storage. Some are missing labels and some are mislabeled.
    Lisa_june at hotmail dot com

  24. I love to scrapbook and would probably use this for that, but I think the first thing I’d label are the bins in my storage room.

  25. First I would label the boxes in my storage closet since I can’t see through them and it’s always a huge mess around Christmas when I’m trying to find the decorations boxes.

  26. I would tackle my Grandmother’s spice rack, it’s driving me nuts – you can’t find anything.

  27. The 1st thing I would label are the bags and boxes of clothes I have that are too small for my son (waiting for the next baby to fit in them).

  28. my kids craft supplies so they know where to put things away. and their toy containers too!

  29. I would use it to organize my house 🙂 The garage specially! So perfect for organizing!

  30. I would label my new spice and baking containers so I’m not sifting through a drawer full of spices to find the one I need.

  31. what is the first thing you would label if you had the P-Touch Scrapbooking labeller from Brother?

    EVERYTHING 🙂 My kids stuff would probably be first

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