Brew Over Ice K-Cups, Keurig Brewing System

Coffee is a must-have staple for me each AM, and I’ve made it no secret that my Keurig Brewing System is one of my favorite appliances of all time. The ease and convenience of single serve coffee coupled with the quiet and sleek look of the machine itself – suits my lifestyle well. Right down to the 5 different cup sizes to choose from when brewing and the generous sized reservoir so I don’t have to fill it up after each cup. Yes, I have a #madcrush on my Keurig Platinum.

My morning staple of hot coffee is about to explode this summer with the introduction of Brew Over Ice K-Cup® packs, which are specifically designed to brew directly over ice with a Keurig® Single Cup Brewer. This makes me giddy, since I spend a lot of money each summer on iced coffees and cappucinos. Yes, I have a love for coffee hot or cold – Yum!

With the touch of a button, you can create a full-flavored, refreshing iced beverage right form the comforts of home for a lot less than hitting up your favorite coffee shop. These special Brew Over Ice k-cup varieties are available in 22 and 24-count boxes online, 12-count boxes in supermarkets, and 16-count boxes at retail stores nationwide.

These are the Brew Over Ice Iced Coffee K-Cup® Packs to look forward to:

  • Green Mountain Coffee® Nantucket Blend® Iced Coffee – 22 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct.
  • Green Mountain Coffee® French Vanilla Iced Coffee – 22 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct.
  • NEW! Green Mountain Coffee® Hazelnut Iced Coffee – 22 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct.

And these are the Brew Over Ice Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Iced Tea K-Cup® Packs:

  • Sweet Lemon Black Tea – 24 ct.
  • Sweet Peach Black Tea – 24 ct.
  • Sweet Raspberry Black Tea – 24 ct., 16 ct.
  • Unsweetened Black Tea – 24 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct.
  • Perfect Iced Teas Variety Pack – 22 ct.
  • Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea – 22 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct.
  • Half and Half Perfect Iced Tea (Black Tea & Lemonade) – 22 ct., 12 ct., 16 ct.

I’m excited that my favorite brewer now has more options for cold beverages. Saving money and time – and savoring your perfect hot or cold cup. Bring on Summer!!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Just in time too, let me know if you find sales on these k-cups. After all, you are my k-cup deal-scouting-saviour!!

  2. Ohhh yummy!! I love tim’s ice coffee. I’ll have to try out some of these sometime as well 🙂

  3. Oh, I have been wanting one of these and now I have a reason to add it to my “must get now” list! This seems like a fabulous idea for summer-seriously iced tea and summer drinks with my coffee maker? perfection!

  4. I love my Keurig and that Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea is now a neccesity for me!!!

  5. Fabulous! My husband loves Iced coffee but it’s a pain to make since I have to plan ahead to chill the coffee, so this would be a great gift for him (and me!)

  6. I love my Keurig as well but can’t find the Brew Over Ice k-cups locally. : ( But I did buy an Ekobrew filter so I can use my own ground coffee- love it! It is much cheaper than k-cups, too!

  7. Wonderful! I’m in love with my Keurig but possibly in love with Hazelnut Ice Coffee just a little bit more so having my two loves meet…Is amazing! Can’t wait to try some!

  8. Wonderful! I’m in love with my Keurig but possibly in love with Hazelnut Ice Coffee just a little bit more so having my two loves meet…Is amazing! Can’t wait to try the Brew Over Ice! 🙂

  9. Sounds mouthwatering 🙂 And ice coffee is the only one I don’t mind being not strong and actually prefer it that way.

  10. I won my Keurig a few months ago and I don’t know HOW I lived without it! It saves me time and energy especially when I have guests who want something different.

  11. Completely agree! I LOVE my Keurig and use it over ice all the time. The Half and Half Lemonade & Black Tea is SO delicious – refreshing and just a touch of sweet. YUM!

  12. My roommate bought us a Keurig and we love it! Will definitely have to try this over ice…especially now that it is getting so hot over. Going to have to try the French Vanilla one!

  13. wow this looks great I am not a big coffee drinker but I am a huge tea lover so I am very impressed on how many teas I could drink with this and my hubby will enjoy the coffee for sure! Thanks

  14. As a fellow caffeine addict I love the option and convenience–and it seems like the price can’t be beat! I was looking at a Dolce Gusto but I might buy Keurig. And I do love the ‘iced’ option!

  15. great review i wanna keurig sooo bad!! i love love love their white hot chocolate! and it sucks cause u can only buy it in their k cups! the tassimo doesnt have them! and i dont drink coffee so i wouldnt be able to live with myself if i spent that much money just for white hot chocolate! 😛 but oh boy its sooo good!

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