Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan

I admire those people you watch on competition cooking shows that can create a beautiful meal with nothing but a fork and a bunsen burner. I am not one of those people, and I’m pretty sure those reading this post, aren’t either. Bring on the great kitchen appliances and tools!

I was recently sent the Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan, a beautiful stainless small appliance that is a major helper in the kitchen.

This frypan features an electric thermostat and an optimally engineered heating element ensures even heat distribution and temperature control across the entire cooking surface. This means that heat is distributed evenly throughout the generous sized pan.

Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan is the weight, more than my other electric pans that’s for sure. Solid and durable, the surface is a dual construction of aluminium bonded to stainless which is for optimal heat retention and efficient transfer to cooking surface.

The dial has 15 heat settings including one for ‘sear’, and it’s when I saw this, that I knew what had to be made first!

Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan review

When I make pork chops in a mushroom sauce, I always had to sear the seat in a pan on the stove first, in 2 batches since my frying pans can’t hold all the meat at once. Then, I bake in the oven.

Breville Thermal Pro stainless Electric Frypan review

The Frypan heated quickly and I was searing on it in no time. Then using the same pan, I turned the dial down to 8, added my mushroom soup mixture and let the dish simmer in the Frypan for a half hour. Making my recipe in this was so much easier and resulted in less dishes!

Breville Thermal Pro Electric Fry pan

I also love how deep the Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan is, so even cooking a lot of scrambled eggs or stirfry for my family of 5, doesn’t leave me wishing for more room.

Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the non-stick coating and it’s ability to even be washed in the dishwasher. The Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan comes with a cooking surface 25 year guarantee too!

Get your Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypan wherever Breville products are sold, arv $169.95!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Oh I love that you didn’t need to use more pans and the oven, that’s great! I bet you can really create some yummy meals now!

  2. Dear Santa, I hope that you are reading this because I really hope that you bring me one of these for Christmas! I would put it to good use!

  3. with the holidays on there way there is always need for an extra pot or frying pan, this one looks good

  4. I have an electric frying pan. It isn’t this brand but works great. We take it camping with us and cook outside on the picnic table 🙂

  5. This would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen appliance necessities! I like the temperature control and the easy clean up.

  6. This looks like a great Electric Frypan. I love that it has a cooking rack. This would make a great gift.

  7. Okay, this is totally going onto my Holiday Wish List. It seems like such a great item to have on hand. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A searing option? That’s really neat – Ive never seen a pan like that! Very cool 🙂

  9. I love the size of this. Certainly frees up a lot of space on the cooktop too. Btw, hope you plan on sharing this recipe with us! 🙂

  10. Now that’s a frying pan, I would love one of those and in the summer you can cook and not have to worry about heating up the house unless you bbq. Thanks for the review, always nice to hear an opinion you trust before you buy 🙂

  11. I think something like this would be extremely useful during the summer months because the stove/oven can create some serious heat in the house. I bet with this being electric it doesn’t create that heat, but still the yummy smell of food cooking.

  12. This Breville electric frypan reminds me on the pan that my mother taught me how to cook so many years ago. It is so versatile. I’d like to win this.

  13. This seems really handy…I know my mom has one very similar and she loves it! It’ll be on my Christmas list 🙂

  14. Ooh, I’ve been wanting an electric frying pan for a long time. The Breville electric frypan looks awesome. Thanks for your review 🙂 I might just add this to my Christmas wish list.

  15. Looks like a great pan. I had a cheaper electric frying pan but it didn’t work that well. Sounds like this would be a better investment!

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