Breville IQ Kettle Pure

As much as I love my morning coffee, I have become quite the tea-fan in the last few years. It started with falling in love with green tea and calming teas that help me sleep soundly at night. Then, I found flavoured teas!

Most evenings you can find my oldest daughter and myself, chatting over a cup of tea together, talking about the day and the plans for the next. 

One thing I recently learned about teas, is that not all should be steeped in the same temperature of water. Did you know that? 

Actually, I discovered this eye-opening fact when the Breville IQ Kettle ‘Pure’ arrived for review. And this is the main great feature of this particular kettle, as you can boil water to different temperatures – which is something most kettles on the market cannot do. 

Breville IQ Kettle Pure small appliance review

Yet first let’s take a step back here and talk ‘kettles’ in general. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of them, and have always replaced mine often due to the plastic and insides scaling so very fast. As in, disgusting fast. Actually, thinking back, I must have spent a fortune on kettles in my lifetime. 

Breville IQ Kettle Pure

Comparing most other kettles on the market to the spectacular Breville IQ Kettle Pure – you can’t help but notice the ‘pure’ in the product name. This is because the kettle itself is made of German Schott glass, getting rid of plastics {and all the easy-scaling and chemicals that come with that}. Yet rest assured, the glass is durable, high quality and thermal shock resistant. 

Combine that with the sleek silver polished look of the base  – this is one sexy appliance to call home on your counter! 

Breville IQ Kettle Pure canadian review

With a capacity of 7 cups, the Breville IQ Kettle is generous in size and has displayed measurements as well. The soft lid opens at the push of a button, and not the hard and fast flip you are generally used to – but more of a controlled raise that prevents splashing and is another indicator of quality. 

Yet, let’s get back to the nitty-gritty of the Breville IQ Kettle Pure, and why it’s a step above the others. 

Another mention that: Different teas taste better at different temperatures.

Breville IQ Kettle Pure canada review

And the Breville IQ Kettle Pure has 5 variable temperatures settings so that you get the perfect boil to whatever you need it for whether that be coffee, green teas, french press, black teas, etc. Since this is all new to me, I’ve been experimenting with my favourite beverages and making them at their intended temperatures. So fancy, right? Well, if you or someone you know is a coffee-lover and/or tea-fanatic, they want the best cup possible and they will tell you they can taste the difference! 

Breville IQ Kettle Pure review

Another great feature is the Breville IQ Kettle Pure 20 minute keep warm button, which keeps the heated water at the selected temperature and can be activated before, during or on completion of the water heating cycle. I also love that the jug is cordless when removed from the base, it makes it easier to entertain or just to re-fill the jug with water without having to lug the cord around the kitchen with you. 

Additional features are the removable scale filter, safety auto shut-off and boil dry protection plus all the parts that are in contact with water are BPA free.

The Breville IQ Kettle Pure can be purchased online or at retailer like Sears and The Bay in Canada. It retails for $199 but I’ve recently seen it on sale for $149. This kettle would make such a great gift to those that love their warm beverages, and really do need a quality kettle.

From now on instead of replacing my kettle constantly, I can use that money for different coffee and teas plus drink them at the temperature they were intended! 



I received product to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own



  1. I use my kettle daily and the one I have I paid $8.00 for, I would love an upgrade πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the fact that the Breville Kettle has five temperatures settings and keeps the hot water warm for 20 minutes. Way to go, Breville!

  3. Cause mine is almost dead !! No more stop button. when i forgot it, all my cabinet get wet…..And of course i can’t affort a gorgeous one like this!!!
    Please i want to win πŸ˜‰

  4. I would love to win this kettle because my sons love having hot chocolate in the morning during the winter. The stay warm feature would be perfect because my oldest takes long showers and the water often cools before he gets to make his.

  5. I’d love to win this because my current kettle is looking pretty shabby after being dropped a few times!

  6. beyond the fact that it’s the most beautiful kettle I’ve seen (WOW!), our current kettle is on the outs and the element is quite calcified.
    this beauty would be such a welcome addition in our kitchen!

  7. I’m a tea-alcholic and I’ve been eyeing up this beauty for awhile. Perfect for the tea drinker.

  8. I would like to win this kettle because it sound like something I could definitely use. I am a tea drinker and I was never aware of the different temperatures for the different teas. People are amazed when they come to my house. I have every type, flavor, brand. I am very excited out this. Thank you for the info. Fingers crossed

  9. First off I don’t have a kettle so that is my main reason for wanting to win second is because it has great features.

  10. I love tea but most of my guests like coffee and my kids hot chocolate, I love that I can keep my water at a certain temperature and I can boil it to certain temperatures depending on who I am making a drink for and also the fact the kettle is cordless makes it easy, plus it’s super stylish and chic

  11. may be a little crazy to get excited about a kettle, but this would bring a little bling to my kitchen through a device we’d use everyday.

  12. I’d love this for when I’d make my hot cuppa tea. This would just be perfect and also looks easy to clean.

  13. I like the idea of being able to boil water at different temperatures. My kettle makes the water so hot it changes the flavour of my tea.

  14. omg yes I really need!! i love my tea but I don’t have a kettle. I warm up my water in the microwave eeeek

  15. I have a simple kettle that only has one temp. I love the 5 different temps on the Breville

  16. Love having a cup of tea at night, and my kids are starting to drink it. Did not know tea needs to be steeped at different temperatures.

  17. It looks so sleek and stylish, and unlike my current kettle, it’s easy to see the water line!

  18. I would love to win because my electric kettle just gave out and I need a new one.

  19. I would love to win because it is a great kettle and at the moment I am boiling my water in a pot

  20. I absolutely am in love with the look and function of this kettle. Just reading about it – sounds amazing all the features. But I absolutely love the see through look. My kettle is close to 12 years old and I use it daily at least 4 times. It’s getting so hard to clean as it has all the calcium buildup on it.

  21. I have started to really enjoy tea, and could use a new kettle. My daughter is having a tea party for her bday party and this would be great!

  22. This kettle is gorgeous..I’m a huge tea drinker and this would look awesome on my counter and I could get rid of my ugly one.

  23. I would love to win this, I would probably drink more tea and less coffee than, I love green tea but never seem to get my water just right and it gets pretty expensive buying at Timmies all the time

  24. I would love to win this kettle as I drink tea all the time and love to drink many herbal flavours that this would brew perfectly.

  25. oh wow this looks like one cool kettle. I wold love to own this and display it in my kitchen πŸ™‚

  26. Such a nice kettle! Would love one, haven’t had a kettle in years, I like it can keep water at temperature, it has a safety auto shut-off and boil dry protection

  27. I would love to win this kettle because our kettle is on its last legs. My boss gave it to me 15 years ago!

  28. Well for one thing, this has got to be the MOST stunning kettle I’ve ever seen. A Breville Beauty! Second, my kettle is very old & every cup of tea I make has little bits of ceramic in the bottom which is from the inside of my kettle falling apart. And I’m sure health-wise that’s NOT a good thing.

  29. I would like to win the IQ Breville Kettle because I love all the features especially the 20 minute keep warm button, which keeps the heated water at the selected temperature because I get up way earlier than my husband to enjoy a cup of coffee.When he gets up the coffee machine we have is usually shut off.I also like the removable scale filter, and the safety auto shut-off.My old coffee machine has non of these fine features that make me so envious of this kettle. Thank you for the chance πŸ™‚

  30. It’s a lovely kettle..and mine is about 10 years old and doesn’t work as well as it used to.

  31. I like that it has 5 different settings and it would look great on the kitchen counter.

  32. the kettle here is quickly dying… love Breville products – this one looks great. thank you.

  33. It’s chic and sleek! It’s a water kettle on a next level that would look lovely in my kitchen. I drink a lot of tea and hot water – this would be a nice replacement for my old school kettle

  34. My wife is a tea drinker and I think she would love this kettle to help her brew the perfect cup of tea every morning.

  35. I’d love to win this for so many reasons. I love the look of it. I love that it is cordless. And the different settings would make it ideal. But most of all I just love my cuppas during the day and this baby would get a lot of use. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  36. I like tea – a good mug to start the day makes my day so much better BUT my sister LOVES tea, she makes a big deal of it and I’d love to get her this!


  37. I was not aware that teas should steep at different water temperatures. I’d like to have this kettle so I could really enjoy a cup of tea at just the right temperature.

  38. I’d love to win this kettle because I love the look of it. It would look great in my kitchen!

  39. I love to win this kettle because we are tea drinkers and we go through a lot of kettles. First time I have seen a glass one and would love to try it. The stainless Steel one I have now I can’t see how much water is in it.

  40. I’d love to win this kettle because it’s awesome! I’ve never seen one with so many amazing features before!

  41. Would love to win because we love our hot drinks and it would be nice to be able to heat the temperature for them right instead of just using boiled water for them all.

  42. I would love to win this as I still go old school boiling water or microwaving for tea!

  43. It’s very stylish and attractive, and currently I’m just boiling water in a pot on the stove!

  44. I would love to win this as my kettle is so old and needs replacing and this one is WOW love the features it has

  45. I’d like to win it because I seem to go through about a kettle a year and I’d like to stop that trend with a good quality kettle.

  46. I would love to win for all the tea and hot chocolate we make πŸ™‚ I like the stay warm feature! That is awesome.

  47. I would love to win because I’m tired of kettle drama. (We even had one that wouldn’t turn itself off and damaged our cupboards). Also I like my tea cooler than most people do. Still hot, but not boiling hot! Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. I love to drink tea, but so often I turn it on and get to it about half an hour later when it’s already cooled off a bit. It would be sweet to have a kettle that keeps it hot.

  49. I have heard that different teas were supposed to be steeped at different temperatures but never understood how I was supposed to do that! Would be fun to have a kettle that could to do it, see if I can tell the difference in my tea!

  50. I would love to win this kettle for my mom, she doesn’t own a kettle so this would make a great gift for her to enjoy her favourite hot drinks!

  51. It has a nice design. My current lovely British kettle is nearly on its last boil!

  52. I love this kettle this so clean and sleek I had a glass one and sadly I tapped it on the faucet and it cracked…..

  53. My husband loves all different kinds of tea and this kettle has the variable temperatures for all the different kinds of teas. Not to mention that the see through look is so sleek and looks great on the countertop

  54. because we often make different kinds of tea (green, oolong, herbal, black) and we’d love the water heated to various temperatures as needed!

  55. i don’t have a kettle right now and really need one, and this one looks amazing to use

  56. I am a huge tea drinker and I love the idea of having water at the proper temperature for each type of tea!

  57. My current kettle is very old and doesn’t heat up properly so the Breville would be a dream.

  58. I would really love to win this. I am moving into my first home on May 30th and don’t have any small appliances like a microwave, kettle or coffee maker. This would be phenomenal1

  59. I use just a basic kettle every day and always have to wait to drink my tea because it’s to hot. This would be so great to have. No more waiting

  60. Hahahaha Our Kettle (Nothing special just Brook) and I am not enjoying the boiling water on the stove YUCK! Lol

  61. I’d love to win it to use at work because it’s glass. The ones at work are always plastic. I often wonder about boiling water in plastic since I don’t even want to use plastic cups.

  62. I would like to win this as I enjoy a good cup of tea and I believe that this would supply it!

  63. I would love this for my oldest son who is in his first apartment and he loves his tea and this would be a really cool kettle for him

  64. I love my teas, so this would be perfect for me. I drink everything from black, to herbal, to green, etc…. just love tea.

  65. I would like to win this kettle as we have tea time several times a day, and I love the settings and ability to keep warm.

  66. I would love to win this great product! The stay warm feature would be much appreciated in this household where I continually turn the kettle on and then get busy….letting it completely cool down again. Thanks!

  67. I just microwave my water for making tea. My mother tells me my grandmother would have been so shocked to see me do this as it is not the way to make PROPER Tea.

  68. I’d love to win this because I love tea and this would be great. I enjoy a nice of cup of tea several times threw that day.

  69. I’d love to win because we drink a ton of coffee and tea through the day so we replace out kettle more often than most people.

  70. I too am discovering a lot of different tea flavours and it’s good information to know that different types of teas require different temperatures. It’s kind of cool that this kettle is made of glass and I love that it has the auto-shut off feature – perfect for me — LOL!

  71. I have a serious tea love/addiction and steep and cold steep multiple pots a day. I think this kettle would help me to have the ultimate exeperience!

  72. I am a HUGE tea drinker. Green tea for me! πŸ™‚ This would be so nice to replace my old plug in one!

  73. We are huge tea drinkers and we’d love to win so that we can enjoy the perfect cup of tea!

  74. My partner and I are big tea drinkers but we’ve been using the stove top kettle for the longest time. I would love to win this kettle because it looks beautiful, and I love that it already has the pre-programmed temps for the different teas.

  75. It looks amazing!! and would go great with all my other Breville stuff, I love their appliances!

  76. My current kettle is so ancient. It’s time for a new on … and this is a good-looking one!!!

  77. Would love to win a new kettle as with a new baby on the way this summer I foresee a lot of tea being drank πŸ™‚

  78. I’m a tea fanatic and know that not all teas are meant to be steeped at the same temperature so I’d love to be able to enjoy my home teas at their proper heat.

  79. Like you, I’ve spent a FORTUNE on kettles. Since I’m moving from coffee to tea in an effort to be healthier I think this would be an AWESOME gift to myself!

  80. I would love to win because i currently don’t have a kettle , mine broke awhile back and haven’t gotten around to replacing it

  81. I’d love to win because this kettle looks so easy to clean! I do not have a kettle at the moment…for that reason…most seem like they would just be another chore to keep clean. but this one seems different πŸ™‚

  82. We use a kettle every day but it is not great quality. I have a hard time telling whether it is on or not and that can cause problems.

  83. Thanks for the review. you are right looks like a amazing electric kettle.
    What to snag this sweet swag as the jug is cordless.
    Like that is stainless steel my old kettle is OLD.

  84. I’d love to win this kettle because I drink a lot of tea during the day and it would get a lot of use!

  85. I would love to win this Kettle as it is similar to one I have been looking at to buy! I am in need of a new one and been looking for one just like this! Thanks for the contest!

  86. I love the fact that the Breville Kettle has five temperatures settings!!! πŸ™‚ Amazing!!

  87. Our current kettle is in rough shape after several years of usage and is in total need of replacement

  88. I love that this has settings for different temperatures and that they match up with different types of tea. I always struggle to get the water right for my white teas but I love a perfectly brewed cup of white tea (I love other teas too but they don’t seem to be as picky on temperature.) I make tea almost everyday and my kettle is an old one and it is broken and has a trick to get it to turn on!

  89. I would love to win this because I love loose-leaf tea. The directions for brewing the perfect cup call for different temps and boil lengths. My current kettle only boils. This one looks fantastic too!

  90. I would like to win as we break our electric kettles fairly easily – this looks like it would last longer

  91. the lid on my kettle literally just broke! Don’t have the extra $$$ to buy a new one, would love to win! THanks so much! πŸ™‚

  92. I use my kettle all day and every day for making my coffee (Nescafe) which I drink all day long. I love the look of this kettle and the fact that one can set different temperatures which would be ideal for me and my coffee πŸ™‚

  93. I am someone who loves to drink a cup of tea at any given time of the day, so this kettle is a dream kettle for me because it will allow me to choose the right temperature for my tea, and most importantly, I love the ‘keep warm’ function.

  94. We love our teas as well and it would be great to have this Kettle to prepare them the way they should be served!!

  95. Love Breville What a great kettle, love all the features to make a great cup of Tea. Thanks for the chance.

  96. I would love to win this because I understand that you can actually destroy green tea by having the water too hot. I don’t know what too hot is. I would with this kettle.

  97. I am a HOT coffee lover, while my husband and mother in law are tea fanatics- blame it on being Scottish! Winning this would be great, and maybe I could earn a few points with the in-laws!

  98. I need a new kettle – I have just had some stomach reconstruction surgery – and I can only drink water and TEA .. so I do see myself using something like this A LOT in the future !

  99. I would love to win because we use our kettle everyday and could use a upgrade.

  100. My current kettle is already 6 years old and I think it badly needs an upgrade! I love the features on this one, especially the different temperature settings depending on what you’re making.

  101. I love the technology in this kettle! I’d also love to get rid of my huge pure stainless steel kettle. Fingerprints galore!

  102. That is the kettle of all kettles. There’s the smart phone, smart car, this should be the smart kettle! Would use this so much!

  103. I use my kettle daily and would love the Breville. Breville Kettle has five temperatures settings an amazing feature.

  104. I would like to win this because it has the removable scale filter. We live in a small town. The water is so hard. It would be nice to not see the scale floating in my beverages. It totally grosses me out.

  105. I love that the Breville IQ kettle has five different temperature settings and love how great it looks.I would be proud to find it a place to sit on my counter.

  106. I like the fact you don’t need to take the cord when you fill it, love the stainless look

  107. I would love this for the office – we have lots of tea drinkers and this would make everyone’s life easier!

  108. I’d love to win this kettle because we make hot drinks every day, and our water is full of chemicals

  109. Time to upgrade mine is about 15 years old and used multiple times a day would be great to have an efficient fancy new one!

  110. First of all, this kettle is beautiful in its simplicity. I love that it’s not made of plastic – that’s something that has worried me, and is the reason why I use a stovetop kettle. I also love that I can get the right temperature for what I’m drinking – how amazing is that?

  111. Who wouldn’t love to win this kettle? It’s stylish, it’s practical, and it’s really, really cool!

  112. I love the keep warm timer and think Miss R actually would like watching water boil instead of now when she can’t see it happening.

  113. I love the look of this kettle and would be proud to display it on my counter when it’s not in use.

  114. This kettle looks amazing! I like the keep warm function. It would be so handy to have

  115. I’d like to win because my kettle got left too close to the element and melted! I need a new one

  116. This would be wonderful and easy to make tea, and also because I don’t have a kettle

  117. I would love to win this because who wouldn’t want a high-tech kettle? It looks amazing!

  118. I’d love to win this because I don’t have a kettle. I currently just use the coffeemaker to make hot water. Never needed one, but now that we’re drinking tea more often, this would be great!

  119. I’m a big tea drinker so our kettle gets used non-stop. It’s looking pretty worn & would love to win this – gorgeous!

  120. WOuld love to win this because I love the 5 variable temperature feature! I love my teas and fresh press, so this would bring my morning routine to a whole different level! Thanks!

  121. We love tea and all sorts of tea too. This is a very beautiful kettle. I really love the design and I know my husband would agree.

  122. I would love to win this kettle because it would be perfect for boiling water for my babies formula!

  123. I am a habitual tea drinker and a tea kettle like that would super handy for teas that require specific temperatures for optimal taste!!

  124. We drink all sorts of tea here all day long using different methods (plug in kettle, tea pot, k-cup and the dreaded microwave with a tea bag) but we’ve never put much thought into the temperature – makes total sense that some of our favourite blends taste nothing like they do when we order them vs making them at home!

  125. I love this kettle! I drink a lot of tea, and the 5 variable temperatures settings & keep warm feature will be used ALL THE TIME!

  126. It looks like a good shortcut for tea and allows you to see the level of water in the see-through sides, so you really know how much water is in the pot. It saves on keeping the kitchen cooler, because you don’t have to light up the stove, so it’s less wasteful and is greener.

  127. I’d like to win this kettle because my kettle just boiled dry today and the plastic melted! So I would love to win this to continue drinking my tea!

  128. This Has a sleek design and would be an upgrade from the one I have currently πŸ™‚

  129. Hey, I drink a variety of teas and I agree that I enjoy my green tea at a different temperature than loose leaf black tea! Bravo to Breville for thinking about us tea lovers! Bravo to you for giving this innovative kettle away! Absolutely love it!! πŸ™‚

  130. I would Love to win the Breville IQ Kettle because of it large capacity,multiple functions and its high end quality.I need a kettle and this one is perfect for my needs.Thanks for the copportunity to participate.

  131. I would so love to win this!!! I do love my tea…coffee just doesn’t do it for me!!

  132. I have always wanted an electric style kettle. This one is not only electric but very stylish and would look great on the counter. Thanks for the chance to win.

  133. I would love to win this right now cause mine just broke this morning..:-(..thanks im keeping my fingers crossed

  134. Love top quality kitchen appliances and love gadgets. This kettle combines the best of both worlds, and probably makes an excellent cup of tea.

  135. I love these clear kettle styles. So sleek. I’ve admired them for a while abd you cant go wrong with the breville name!

  136. I would love to win this for my mother in law so she has something thats easy to use and will shut off in case she forgets.

  137. I’d like to win this kettle so I can replace my 10+ year old plastic kettle, the Breville IQ Kettle Pure seems like it would be an amazing upgrade with all of its fabulous features.

  138. I would love to win this kettle. It is really nice looking and love the different temperatures. Myself and my boyfriend drink different types of tea and we are always taking the temperature in our old kettle.

  139. this is an awesome looking kettle.. and i need a new one my kettle is on its last legs

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