Breville Grind Control – Household Coffee Maker with an Adjustable Grinder

I was a die-hard single cup fan girl. That is until, we started camping this spring.

At our creek property we have a coffee brewer, the old-style fill a whole pot kind. Know what? It tastes so good! I looked forward to my freshly brewed cup of coffee each morning, even more so than usual. I decided it was time to get that love of coffee back again, the great original taste that starts my mornings off right. 

Think of it this way, when you get a blissful coffee from your favourite shop, they don’t use single cups, right? It’s that freshly brewed taste that so many love – so why not enjoy the best at home as well?

Breville Grind Control

The Breville Grind Control is a coffee machine with a build-in bean grinder. I gotta start off to say that it pretty much rocks my mornings now. So settle in and get acquainted with a pretty amazing brewer.

Breville Grind Control coffee maker review

The Breville Grind Control will brew either a single serving cup or up to 12 cups at one time. Yet don’t be scared away with anything complicated or time-consuming because it’s so intuitive. The easy to use functions allow you to choose how fine your grind is and how much to make.

Breville Grind Control - Household Coffee Maker with an Adjustable Grinder

All you have to do is pour in your beans in the top dispenser, choose your grind with the knob on the bean lid, choose your coffee strength, select how much to make and hit start. You’ll hear grinding as it prepares the beans in the hopper, then it dispenses the coffee into the included carafe.

Breville Grind Control - Household Coffee Maker Grinder

This thermal carafe doesn’t need to stay on the machine after brewing, so it can be taken to the table or outside – wherever you want. Yet, once the carafe is nearing empty, it is a bit tricky to pour because of the lips inside. Many times I’ve tried to pour that last cup and it’s spilled all over the place, so, it’s something to get used to. 

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker Grinder canada review

It’s a good looking machine that is quite tall yet will fit underneath standard kitchen cabinets. I do have to pull mine out to pour the beans and fill the water, then push it back before hitting start. It’s nice having a machine that’s so all-in-one, removing the need of purchasing a separate grinder. Plus, I’d have to pull out other makers anyway, to pour the water without a mess, so really, it’s no change. 

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker canada review

I love that with one machine I can have so many options, from coffee strength to how much I can make. You just don’t have these kind of options with standard drip brewers. I’m very much enjoying experimenting with different varieties of beans again, as well as that fresh coffee smell that hits my nose in the morning as it brews. The machine is sleek, simple to use, and I find it easier to clean compared to other brewers. The grounds basket comes entirely out, as well as the holder, for easy cleaning. The display will even remind you to clean it before another use!

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker Grinder canada review

Plus, the taste of my coffee is better now, bringing back the main reason why I reach for my coffee each morning. My summer mornings have been spent on the deck with a freshly brewed coffee from beans, with very little work involved. I’ll certainly cheers to that!

The Breville Grind Control retails for $349 and can be purchased from stores like Best Buy and Sears here in Canada. 

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker review canada


I received product to facilitate this review, yet opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Never thought I’d say this about a coffee grinder, but that is a beauty! I love freshly ground beans!

  2. My hubby LOVES to grind his own coffee so this would be perfect for him! I didn’t know there was something like this. Maybe I can surprise him at christmas with this!

  3. A built in bean grinder? Sign me up! I don’t think I’ve ever had that fresh of a cup of coffee at home before.

  4. My mom would love this – she is a huge coffee drinker. Perhaps it would make a great Christmas gift this year!

  5. Sometimes I want to go back to carafe brewers from my k cup because I always want more than one cup! Haha. This brewer looks great!

  6. A grinder and brewer all in one combo is a genius idea! I grind my beans fresh every morning and feel it really adds a depth of flavor to my coffee.

  7. This sounds like a Breville machine that coffee connoisseurs will love. Breville makes a lot of nice kitchen appliances.

  8. Oh my goodness… I tell you… I was JUST telling my brother that I need a grinder and this one looks amazing. Like it has everything I could need and so much more. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. This looks like a fantastic Coffee maker. My Sister loves coffee and this would be an amazing gift for her. I love that it has a grinder.

  10. Having freshly ground coffee in the morning would be awesome. This is so great for coffee lovers!

  11. Oh I do miss my pot coffee maker, this one is beautiful and I love the grind feature! Not to mention what the plastic cups are doing to our planet!

  12. Such a sleek design. I don’t drink coffee, but sometimes I wish I had that added energy to get me going in the morning.

  13. Oooo I need one of these. Freshly ground coffee is the bomb! I need to get a new one and this one sound perfect. Still haven’t jumped on the wagon for the k cup coffee machines. I like the grounded versions.

  14. Oh that is a nice machine! I love the “all in one” aspect, now there’s no need for a seperate grinder. It looks slick too.

  15. Oh wow 🙂 I love the idea of being able to grind my beans IN the maker! How cool is that!

  16. Coffee made with freshly ground coffee beans is absolutely a step above just using your regular grind out of a can. (although that is what we drink most often) I do have a small grinder but having it built right into your coffee maker just makes more sense. (and one less kitchen appliance) Thanks for your review.

  17. I’m a HUGE coffee aficionado so I’d definitely need this in my life. I love how nice it looks too.

  18. This sounds like a great coffee maker! Might just have to start saving up for it 🙂

  19. That looks like a great coffee maker. I love that it has different grind settings. Very cool!

  20. I am a big fan of this coffee maker. No burner/thermos pot is really good, coffee is warm without being burnt! Also I always grind my coffee fresh every time!

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