Boon Squirt baby food dispensing spoon

Very cool product:  Boon Squirt baby food dispensing spoon!

There are just some products you see, and they stay on your mind forever. Boon Inc. is one such company whose unique line of products leave a distinct impression all of its own. Just like other great products that I run into and love to feature, Boon was created when a toddler made a terrible mess in the bathtub.

Seeing a much needed overhaul (and some good ‘ol organization for the chaos), Rebecca Finell developed the first Boon product – the Frog Pod (which I think just may be the ultimate bathroom must-have for any parent). This soon led to a vast array of impressive products, ones that will change your views on other products altogether.

This will be the first of a 2 part series (which will follow very soon), in which I will review Boon products, with a chance for you to win as well. And trust me, you will want and need these items.

There is one particular Boon product that is a mealtime lifesaver for any parent. Squirt may look like an ordinary spoon. (Hey, it could even be used like one), but it has a unique feature that I find remarkable. Inside the handle of Squirt is a 3 oz bulb which is actually a food dispenser. Just squeeze and food comes out through a hole and goes directly onto the spoon. Marvelous!

Why does this impress me so much?
-Because you can fill the bulb, and take it on the go. Just Squirt and a bib – there is so much space in the bag now. Squirt enables parents to not have to carry around containers of food and extra utensils. No helpless bowl, quivering beside two little sharks. (‘Cause they always make the grab and throw!)
-Convenience is the key with Squirt, it allows for one handed feeding. (And those with more than one child will know that sometimes you need a free hand!)

I also love a few more things about Squirt. It’s free of BpA, Phthalate and PVC’s. That is such peace of mind in a time when so many other products are under scrutiny. The bulb screws on tightly so no food escapes where it is supposed to. Squirt is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. Once food is inside, please Do Not Microwave! (I used warm water to heat the food in the bulb, which worked great) Squirt also comes with a protective cap, which fits over the spoon and keeps it clean.

I highly recommend Squirt to any parent. And, it would make a great gift for the soon-to-be parent. (Start them off on the right foot, will ya?!) And, as a Mom of multiples – this has lessened the stress of trying to feed 2 hungry babies at once. And if you didn’t notice, I refer to this product as just ‘Squirt’ (not ‘the Squirt’)…’cause we’re BFF’s now, and are on a first name basis!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.